Thank you KI; My Path Ends Here



Now, don’t roll your eyes or let out a deep sigh of annoyance simply from the title. To be clear, I’m by no means quitting KI, hating on anything, nor saying KI is dead, nothing of that nature. Also, I know how some of you detest the idea of these grand “exit posts” becoming both redundant and pointless. I just figured instead of sending every individual I’ve met and play with a messaged explanation over Xbox, I would much rather post my reasonings here for all to see and presumably understand. That way, you don’t feel like I’ve intentionally attempted to avoid you or create any misunderstandings.

I’m simply validating my end of the line with such an amazing game. What I mean by, “end of the line”, I mean that as it’s time for me to move on and look solely on this game as STRICTLY casual, like I started. No online, no competitiveness, just me and the AI having a good time every now and then. Is that bad? No, of course not. I just want to enjoy other games and not feel somewhat obligated to have occasional matches with members/friends who are looking for fun or to learn my crappy Jago tech. Moreover, I have never enjoyed competitiveness, part of that is because my anxiety. Sometimes I push myself too much because I lose a few sets or so. That kind of stuff ruins the fun for me and makes me feel like a loser because “I couldn’t do better” or “didn’t do that thing when I needed to”.

I know that’s incredibly silly, but believe me when I say I’ve never been fully-competitive, it’s exhausting. The last time I took a game this seriously was Gears of War 2, doing scrims, GBs, being part MLG, etc. Loved it at the time, met so many cool people but it drained me and eventually I let it go. I still love Gears play on occasion, but not to be competitive. KI became that for me, loved it and met so many cool people, but it’s exhausting sometimes for a wimp like me, haha. I’ve been with KI and the community since early Season 2 and the old forums, enjoyed thousands of fights and hundreds of ultras. I am amazed at how much KI has made a comfortable place in my heart.

It’s crazy to think that I HONESTLY believed KI would just be there as a placeholder for something better to come. But, because my low expectations and the hard work of the developers, I was blown away when I came around to it. I was more happy with this game than Fallout and Gears, two behemoths that have a more substantial budget, with every means to “get things right”. Yet, the developers, mods and members have done everything to make the experience memorable, both good and bad. Good because of the characters, music, intensity and direction. Bad because some of the trash talkers, over-competitive players and bags of douche I was unfortunate enough to stumble across.

Nonetheless, I want to thank everyone for the matches, teachings, shenanigans, etc. You guys made every moment memorable and a blast! I won’t bother tagging everyone, but if we played and enjoyed the moment then thanks. To the developers, thank you for dedicating your time to this game. The sheer passion for wanting this game to exceed proved it can cement itself in a gamers favorite games-of-all-time list. To the mods, thanks for keeping the poison out of our community as much as possible. Passing the word of such a sleeper hit, and being there to listen when the developers couldn’t. To the members, thank you for making the fights memorable and intense! I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as decent as I am without your guidance. Moreover, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the time without the enjoyable discussions.

Thank you all for everything, this is the best community I have ever been in, one of the greatest games I’ve played and some of the greatest memories.

TL;DR I’m not saying goodbye, just wanted to inform everyone that I’m stepping away from competitive both ranked or exhibition. If I’m on Killer Instinct, I just want to play single-player, enjoy the new updates and rock out to the brilliant soundtrack. Thank you all for the wonderful experience.


FT100 me 5 cent money match m8 Kappa. It is understandable. Killer Instinct can be very draining especially at a high level. Good luck with the AI and its broken cheapness :smiley:


Be good, & drive safe homie.

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Long Emotional and sentimental posts should be in Off Topic


I’ve got some great suggestions for other games to play if you’d like to join me. :slight_smile:

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Adios amigo. May the tiger spirit bless you…

But not gargos… he is an A*******


Glad to know that you’re still sticking with the game and the forum as well. As someone that can relate to the stress / anxiety level part, I’ve never been in the competitive scene for this game and I can tell you that there’s a ton to enjoy in the single player side (as I’m sure you well know) and it’s still great talking to people about the game regardless of which side you fall on.

Either way, hope you keep enjoying KI and enjoy the transition to a more stress free experience. :slight_smile:


I don’t believe you.

You’ll come crawling back.

I know it :slight_smile:


I guess this would be a bad time to challenge you then?

I’ll just walk out the door now…tiptoeing.


Don’t scare me like that. Your one of the good ones, I’d hate to see you leave


I understand and respect your decision. Good luck.

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Glad to know that you’ll still be playing allbeit casually. Well, it’s not like I was competitive anyway at KI, I’m hardcore casual since the arcade. While we never played, I hope you’ll come back at some point down the road.

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Thank YOU, friend.

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I’ll see you later good friend. You will be back, but your path goes on. You create your own destiny. Good luck, and Godspeed.


Haha, that money match was the highlight of everything. $0.51 to determine who is significantly less awful (shots fired!) Hey man, that AI is fair! First frame counter breaker success every time, without risk of counters, FAIR!


Fair enough, but let the mods do that instead of taking it upon yourself to deter from the actual content of the post, eh? :unamused:

Sounds like a plan dude! Name a few that are on the top of your head.

Yes, to this day, I hate fighting Garbos lol, I love his design, just hated dashing the whole game as a Jago looking for opportunities to DP.

Sure! I still love KI to its entirety and we still have two characters left to finish off for a potential sequel? I get to play SLs and Survival a lot more, it’s still tough on a higher level but the comfort of only AI makes it fun for me. No doubt, tech still can be relevant in singel-player and there is still a lot of discussions left in this game to keep both sides glued.

This sentence feels like a breath of fresh air the more I say it. :relieved:

If the sequel is announced, sure. I will try my hand at Jago again, but my casual-competitiveness is done for now.

LOL, took you this long to ask?! :sweat_smile:

I’ll still be around, just not online. :grin:

Thanks dude.

Of course, I love this game and the community to drop it completely. I’ll just enjoy the aspects I left untapped because my focus of online and practice. If the next installment of KI is ever a thing, it is safe to say that I will try my hand at online again.


Glad you helped me become ‘something’ online dude, much respects to everything you showed me at the start. Carry the name of Jago online for me, especially with that color 11.


Same happened to me, with Gears 4. Took a rest and I’m feeling better, I have no need to go and play competitive. I’m done with that and many other things.

About KI…Worked a lot on it and come to realize my mistakes in specific matches and some things beyond my control. Learned many things playing ranked this January for at least two weeks, but seriously. Worked on not letting all the lost matches made me feel as a disgrace or bad player.I did and tried my best so far and also worked (and had fun) with other characters.
I’ll be playing a bit more until a local tournament take place in April, where I expect to go and use all that I’ve learned so far.
For now, I’ll enjoy the view of the bugged star while I get to (maybe) play some Gears and other games but just for fun. After all, nobody pays me for this so I don’t want to push myself too hard if I’m not enjoying it or being passionate about it.

Wish you the best =)!


Well, I never really got to “see” you that much, save for a few posts here, but I do totally understand your position!

At first, online scared the life out of me and I’d only touch Shadow Survival and the single player modes, but lately I’ve been trying to put myself out there more and trying to be more friendly and involved, though I still rarely actually ask people for fights and I’m always super nervous about it, even in exhibition or with friends.

I’ll sit there, waiting for a match to start, heart thumping in my chest, hands shaky with anxiety, ways I’ve never seen myself react to a game before, but I do still want to be a part of it, so I’m trying really hard not to let the stress get on top of me!

It’s a shame we never got to play but I hope you still enjoy Killer Instinct for what it offers to you, and that you stick around here on the forums. Take care, have fun and FIGHT ON.


Good buy to the competetive scene then freind, may your path to KI from here on out be a safe and easy one.

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@oTigerSpirit Best of luck to you in school and hope to see you come back to KI sooner rather than later. Been great playing with ya.

Speaking of which I hope one of those other games you plan on playing is R6. Would be fun to get the group together to play sometime.