"Temporary retirement"

Hi everyone!

Some of you may know, I had a serious injury in my arm a bit more than a year from now. After all this time, with pain problems and mobility issues, finally, surgery is happening. In less than a month, I will finally have a much needed surgery to fix this.

Erasing the pain is the main goal, and I know I will lose mobility in my left arm. If things go badly, which seems probable, I will also lose strength with my left hand and fingers. But at least I will be able to have normal life without fearing a huge pain in some arm movements

As long as my left fingers are functional, I will try to keep playing KI. “Forced retirement” here means that I will not be on my 100% (not even close) for a while, but even if they chop my arm(just saying!), I will find a way to keep playing this amazing game with you guys. This community is spectacular, and some of you really helped in my previous process of adapting to this situation. Thank you for everything guys, your positivity means a lot.

And if you see me in ranked or exibition after the surgery… don’t hold yoursefs :wink:

I would tag a lot of people here, but I will definitely need more than 10 tags and still would forget some, I’m terrible xD

Thank you a lot guys, keep the positive spirit, and…



You just break my hart with yo life story, i wish you all the best for your surgery and i hope to see you in good conditions after that ( i wil miss my aganos tho), something to never forget
“” STILL STAY BELIEVE IN BETTER DAYS “” and could God help you to quickly as possible to avoid all these pains after the operation.
See you soon bro and courage.


Feel better my man. Godspeed you magnificent guy.


Sorry to hear about your struggles dude but I hope everything gets sorted, good luck with your recovery.

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Best wishes on your recovery sir :thumbsup:


Do I have to write in English? :sweat: I can’t express the same. Will pm.
But here I’ll wish you the best Dayv0! hope you get better soon and the problem is pretty much solved. And by the way, I admire how you are dealing with it.


Aw, this post make me sad… :cry: I wish you luck!


You take the time you need, man. You know I wish you the best, I need you back at peak performance ASAP to train me with soul-crushing defeats sprinkled with humor! Keep us updated, Fight On!

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Good luck! Hopefully your arm WON’T be chopped off.

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I can’t believe you gave me a chance to use this lol


My heart can only take so much.

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good luck bro just reading this post made me quite sad

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I hope everything goes well with you bud!

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I wish you all the best, friend.

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Good luck with the surgery @Dayv0. I hope it’s quick and successful in getting you back to where you want to be. You are without a doubt the player on the forums who has contributed most to improving my game, and its always a hell of a good time playing with you. So don’t take too long coming back!


Best Wishes my friend!

It’s not the end. I’m SUPER optimistic for you!

We must have more glorious battles! :smiley:


God DAMN it :anguished: good luck man. We love you.


Good luck to you sir, and may better days come, without the feeling of pain to hold you back. Best wishes to a good recovery too.

You’ll be back on KI eventually at 100%. You can’t quit us.


BEST of luck on the surgery, man! Hope everything goes well and you’re back to playing KI in no time. :slight_smile:


Good luck Dayv0! Cheers to one of if not the best Aganos/Gargos players I know!


Damn. Well good luck @Dayv0 and you stay positive too dude!