Tekken 7


Bigger plot twist…SSJ Blue Gogeta.


It’s Namco Bandai who is making the new Dragon Ball fighting game along with Arc System Works.

That’s what they will be discussing.


well it finally happened. having a mirror equipped preventing post round teabagging caused an arrogant opponent to teabag mid fight. ate a full throw combo from my King for his stupidity and lost the match. revenge denied, ■■■■ off lololol


Well I manage to play Tekken 7 and I must say this. The game’s story is decent. Gameplay is well, whats consistent with the tekken games I played.

The customization is boring! Even TTT2 had better customization. Though I suppose the DLC might make it better.

the roster isn’t that great when it comes to variety. Heck I’d be sticking to it more if that devil kazuya form becomes playable as DLC and obviously my disappointment with the game is no Alex (which and me pick up TTT2 at the time)


Devil Kazuya is actually playable in the game.


how to play kazumi mishima: do her backhand chop repeatedly, grab. backhand, backhand, backhand, grab. rinse repeat. ok, im using king so guess what? shin kick shin kick shin kick middle punch. then i mix it up.

yep, i beat the opponent to death with just that. these tekken guys are real cocky! they smell a rookie and they immediately go for gimmicks lmaoooo


I’m talking about the story form. Playing it in multiplayer. If there was a way to do so, or wait till the DLC comes out I’ll be pleased.

I wans’t talking about the transformation.

Heck devil Jin and Jin are one in the same and their seperate characters.


The story form is just a costume with a different Rage Art cinematic.


If only there was a way to unlock it.


And Nina’s black leather and Jin’s Desert costume. Harada stated that he is discussing with the team about those costumes in particular.


When I found out this costume wasn’t one you can choose to wear, I screamed. I was so mad that they would do something like this. If it becomes a paid DLC, I’ll be so angry. It’s in the f#cking game!


Sounds like an overreaction. I don’t know why it isn’t a real costume, but I doubt it’ll be paid DLC.


When it’s already on the disc, and they want you to spend money to unlock it… then it’s not an overreaction. It’s a proper reaction to be angry.


its her default costume from the old games, ■■■■ better be free lol


But they never said they wanted to spend money to unlock it, soooooo…


If you read my comment again, I wrote that I’d be angry IF it becomes paid DLC.
I never said it would be either.


I hope can play as that version of devil at least. Aside from Alex and True Ogre, Devil is one of my favorites. but characters usually stop appearing because due to the stories.


Never mind.


Geese is next guest character!


And I’m done with Tekken.

My friends bought me Tekken 7 Collectors Edition as a birthday gift… kinda sad to tell them their money was a waste.