Tekken 7


The geese is leese


Not the lie the countering montage made me laugh


And he has his own stage like Akuma. Namco deserves all of the money.



Evo stop spoiling me i cant take it anymore

EX fighting layer (showing off Darun Mister and Skullomania)!
The Massive BB crossover game (with persona and others)!
MVCI jeddah looks really cool!
Trunks looked badass!

and Now Geese in Tekken!

Street fighter better show more than Abigail
and I don’t know about Smash probs nothing announced


Tekken with Geese
BlazBlue crossover
DBZ by arcsys

Now all we need is VF6 boys!! Do it Sega!!

(Sorry couldn’t get myself to add MvCI to that list. That’s coming from a huge crossover and tag battle fanboy)


Let’s get Yoshimitsu in KI, and the web-wide FGC orgasm can reach its peak.


Already had that as I forgot about skullomania. Lol


Geese looks well-represented too. I was honestly expecting Iori, but good choice on their part


geese in T7, i can dig it lol


I don’t use Geese at all in his home games but damn, I couldn’t imagine a better pick for this game.


Harada san, so gangster…watch this folks:


Tekken 7 was $15 off this weekend so I picked it up on Xbox one. I fired it up and while it’s pretty, I could pick Jun and beat the computer using all the same moves and ten hit combo that I used back in the day.

Anyone want to tell me what’s different in this game?


Bounds are completely gone, Rage Art is now a new feature in Tekken in reminisce to Soul Calibur 5, the main is good (if you get past the terrible English voice actor in cutscenes), the character stories are short and not very impressive and Geese Howard is a guest character.

It’s a good game but not the best Tekken in my honest opinion.

Don’t even get me started on customizations.


You could? Am I missing something cause I don’t see Jun Kazama in this game, would be excited if they ever made her come back, though.

There’s not a lot to shoot for but unlocking customisation, though. :confused:


She isn’t.


That was supposed to be Jin.


Oh I almost forgot. No Tekken 2 characters.


Poo. :confused:


Hmmm interesting.

KI character in Tekken anyone?


Or Yoshimitsu in KI!