Tekken 7


you what is comedy gold? landing 2 RDC with king back to back. lolol poor victim.



I reached Tekken God Prime with Eddy offline last weekend. I’m no longer waiting for Geese Howard.


Just bought Tekken 7 today and have been in the dojo with Claudio. The combos seem to be not so hard to execute in practice but when I went into the arcade mode I had a hard time pulling off any of them. Still not used to the Down + Forward/Back, Up + Forward/Back, or “Rise” + LP/LK/HP/HK.

Anyone have any recommendations for good beginner characters? I’ve heard Claudio is a good character to start out with.


It usually doesn’t matter what character you pick in Tekken because they’re all really complex in different ways (some more than others). But, I’d say a Mishima would be a good character to start out with just because of the familiarity.


im currrently using master raven. shes so much fun to play, but i do not recommend her until later. she has a huge toy box to pull from, im still fumbling out there. but when i get sync’d with her, the carnage that i unleash is just glorious. if you continously catch them in the oki, that bar gets erased.

beginners try:

-paul phoenix, his death fist hurts
-jack7, good reach and dmg
-katarina, easy to play, counter hit style
-eliza if you got her. her frame data is wonky but
you fuckk ppl up. and she has DP to combo off of


Let’s not forget this important news update today.


That’s cute. I was expecting more geese information but this is also cool. More costumes is always good especially one that seemed to change Lars ultimate move. The pro wrestling tie in is also cool.


So far Tekken has two NJPW wrestling outfits as of now.

King - Okada
Lars - Tanahashi

Fun fact, both wrestlers have faced members from Bullet Club.


Cool rage art but I don’t main Lars.


Neither do I. I can’t wait to see someone with a Kenny Omega inspired Rage Art.


Bryan lol


Next DLC character is Noctis from Final Fantasy XV


I’m so hype for Dissidia NT!

From what I could gather from the trailer so far, he looks like the Apprentice in SCIV where he jumps with his warp and then he can do different stuff while he jumps.


FINALLY a guest character I care about!

This looks really awesome and I can’t wait to play as him! :smiley:


Two sword characters. Too sweet!!!


Noctis uses a plethora of weapons, but yeah, he mainly seems to use his sword.


I’m itching to call him Shago 2.0 when Spring 2018 hits!


Well, he does indeed seem to be better than Shago in every way.


It’s so cool!!!


3 sword characters. Don’t forget about Master Raven