Tekken 7


I know, Xiao has been my main since Tekken 3, I can’t say for sure whether I’d be here without her. But what I actually meant was, the number of characters that are easy to use vs complex characters (especially in the newcomers) seems to come out on top with the easier to use characters being on top in terms of numbers.


been playing dragunov, king, and katarina.

dragon, i suck with atm. hes real good though lol

king is my main. been giving ppl rides leading to concussions. fought a lucky chloe who did infinite low kick to mid kick spinning thing. ok, fuckk you, i kept doing down 3+4 > 4 > 4 > 2. got 2 straight perfects.

katarina, im having alot of fun with her. king is more difficult to use in some ways but i perform better with him. kat though, i can appreciate her simplicity and counter hit style. her DF 3+4 is so good, has long range for a sweep.


Not really. Then again, no one in Tekken is super easy to use due to the game’s complexity. There’s only difficult and less difficult.


Or, if you’re Eddy Gordo, press kick a bunch of times and achieve what other characters have to do around 12 separate actions for. I’ve fought too many button spam Eddys on my couch to agree with your statement, quite literally hammering the 2 kick buttons and randomly wiggling the directional pad to create an endless, annoying stream of pure random offense. :stuck_out_tongue:


People just need to git gud


Well I spent a full day in ranked and saw mostly Katarina, Josie and the occasional Law, so it doesn’t really seem like anyone wants to take the time to learn anyone overly complex. shrug


And they need to play Eddy.


To learn the matchup. Exactly.


Too many complainers complain about the same old stuff. I dare anyone to play as Eddy in Tekken 3 and Tekken 7 by using “Slippery Kicks (Breakdancing Flare because Breakdancing has nothing to do with Capoeira)”.

You’ll see the difference between easily annoying and punishable.


I don’t play Tekken 7, but if I had to choose people to play, I’d play:

  • Lee Chaolan (My Main)
  • Heihachi (My OG Main)
  • Leo
  • Akuma


Leo is dope.


It doesn’t make for particularly fun opposition online, unfortunately, which was something I was acutely aware of being likely to happen if I did happen to venture online, same select group of characters, same tactics, not a great deal of thinking, quite a lot of pushing buttons. (Plus I’m struggling to make my fight stick be very effective against online opponents, they’re performing infinite block strings and I’m struggling to even side step or interrupt them, I really miss my ps2 pad!) I should probably pick someone who’s less complex just to use my fight stick, but I really don’t wanna. :confused:


No Dragunovs? I went over an hour of just Dragunovs


Maybe a few, nowhere near as many as the characters I listed, though.

Also, this is happening:-


Not sure I feel about this being DLC insofar as previously Tekken games used to pack so much onto it’s discs inclusive of the game’s asking price, as opposed having (joke) game modes like this one sold off as separate DLC, but I guess I’ll wait and see how much this will be sold off for.

If it’s more than around £5, it’s too much in my opinion.


At this point, f.uck pricing. I’d rather go bowling irl while listening to the Tekken 3 soundtrack instead of buying this for any price.

Tekken 7 is getting boring in comparison to Killer Instinct.


Exactly, I guess it’s very wishful thinking to imagine this being free DLC, it really should be, however, much in the same way there are no longer a tonne of characters you can unlock via completing arcade mode, which used to make it infinitely worth doing with every character.

I remember the days when I had a notepad to record how many single playthroughs I did with Xiao to unlock her school uniform in Tekken 3, I really want a fighting game to be able to motivate me in that way again one day, but developers seem to have lost sight of how to properly motivate players to play offline modes for extended periods of time, instead removing almost all the substance from offline modes, then releasing additional content for money because we aren’t allowed to have nice things anymore.

If I really wanted to play Tekken bowl, I can easily go and dust off my PS2 and crank it up, no skin off my nose, I’m just tired of modern gaming’s money grubbing business practices, is all.


Not what I had expected, but kinda neat. Had tons of fun playing the original one in TTT. I’d rather have had Kunimitsu as a playable character though. XD


S h i t L o o k s C r i s p


I think next guest is Guilty Gear or Blazblue character…


Plot twist…Goku for Tekken 7