Tekken 7


yeah. It’s good frame data is out there- but still unacceptable to not have it provided in game.

I did some more research on it and found Harada giving some awful excuse for it:

“It is of course possible to display the frame data within the game but I wouldn’t do it…If players could easily have access to such data within the game, it will allow players to uncover and find out the intricacies and details about characters and their moveset much faster which can lead to an impact on the game’s lifespan,”

That’s just awful reasoning.


Well, this is where I’ve been since shortly after Steam release and I can say I’m enjoying it quite a bit, the combat feels tight and I like how they’ve added actual hit boxes to match characters limbs rather than well, boxes.

It has the lovely ol’ Tekken flow of old and a butt tonne of customisation, story mode is good aside from captain mc-boring-voice narrating the still images, which just made me skip them all and extremely cheap bosses, even for Tekken standards, I’d prefer a boss more in line with the Kazuya/Devil fight of old rather than “there are 10 million conditions on this fight, enjoy!” I’d rather that was saved for something with slightly more special conditions than story mode, it seems fighting game developers have forgotten how to make a good, solid boss battle without it feeling cheap these days, but anyways, I digress.

I’ve not been in the mood for online lately so I haven’t played any of the online modes, but treasure battle is a bunch of fun and it’s nice you win something other than money or level, which goes alongside the other treasures you win, instead.

That said, I could do with a little more to do offline, aside from treasure battle and a woefully short arcade mode with no character ending to speak of, there’s story mode, vs CPU, practice and “character story” which as far as I have seen is 3 screens of text, a short cut scene and a fight followed by another cut scene. It’s like they concentrated all their creative efforts on the Mishima family and decided to pretend no other characters existed, which is a real shame as some of the earlier entries in the series (Tekken 2 and 3) have some of my favourite (and most comedic) endings ever included in fighting games. :confused:

All that said, I’m mostly happy to be able to have my hands on a new Tekken title and to finally have one on the PC after years of waiting, it’s like an old friend coming to visit and bringing cake. :smiley:


This is my first tekken. We should play sometime. What’s your steam id?


im going on hiatus from KI again, ill be joining the T7 frey


You already found me, it’s just Nitric, profile picture is the same as here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried my first bit of online tonight, maybe it’s just me, but using a fight stick feels completely un-intuitive for Tekken, it’s great for KI, but Tekken with it’s subtleties, not so much, methinks I may not be venturing online too much. :confused:


My hitbox feels great for Tekken. So by extension, keyboard might be really good for Tekken.


Sounds confusing, I might try and wrestle with Steam pad haptics first, though that could well be even more confusing.


Well folks. Yesterday, I unlocked all of Eddy’s unique costume sets, plus his hit effects.


i played several matches and wow, the netcode is damn good. not a single fight did i experience any latency issues, i am impressed. using the stick is easy for me and i just need to start training for tekken again.

i havent played this series in a serious way ever since tekken tag in the ps2! i dusted off my old main, King and i pulled off his throw combo on some poor sap killing him out right on first try lmao, it really is like ridin a bike, but i got so much to learn. game also appears to be complete, so im happy for the 50 i threw down


I’ve only played tekken 7 offline so far, just sitting in practice mode trying combos etc, Devil Jin is my main (mostly because of his Tekken 3 moveset) and I plan to learn Bryan Fury at some point, they were my favourite chars in Tekken 3.

I would love for Lei Wulong to be added at some point.


… and uninstalled. Online too erratic, RA mechanic is pretty bad, game overall doesn’t feel as deep and rewarding as KI. Also, I really hate anime and lots of characters have this anime feel to them. I mean, you can pick a serious-looking character and then ■■■■■■■ Rucky Chroe is juggling you with her furry feet. Urgh. Got to Tekken God Prime vs CPU and Expert in regular ranked. Probably had enough.


Online? Erratic? XD. Online is just as boring as Offline after a while. Nothing but boring players who trying to spam King’s Low Kick, play as Akuma only to back up when facing Eddy, etc,.

I’m better off not playing this game until the DLC characters show up.

(Edit: I had a better time playing KI Ranked Matches.)


[quote=“NitricZenith, post:122, topic:3285, full:true”]
it seems fighting game developers have forgotten how to make a good, solid boss battle without it feeling cheap these days, but anyways, I digress.[/quote]
You say it as if the term “SNK Syndrome” hasn’t existed for years. And you can’t tell me this isn’t the coolest thing to come out of this character.


How is the RA mechanic bad? And not as deep? That’s just false. Different hitstuns (nosebleed stuns, vomit stuns, etc.) throw escapes, stance changing moves, different states (crouching, while rising, wavedash), counter hit properties, special move properties (homing, screw, launcher, power crush), I can go on and on about how intricate and complex Tekken is. Sounds like it’s just not for you.


How is the RA mechanic bad? It’s bad because once a player gets rage the game goes from an interesting battle into a turtlefest where everybody cowers waiting for a mistake. It loses its offensive flow.
Different hitstuns - if only I knew what they were since I’m new to Tekken and the game makes no effort of teaching them.
different states, throw escapes, ch properties, special move properties - every fighting game has these.
The game feels small


It has but not literally every developer used to employ those kinds of bosses as a lazy way to create a sense of difficulty, least of all Tekken which never had anything like that in any of the entries I had previously played. (Tekken 1 through 5 and tag.)

Also I can’t agree with your second statement as I’m one of those folks that would prefer if Akuma wasn’t here at all. I can also do without a good 90% of the new characters, too, I don’t want Vanessa’s “press 1 kick button 20 times and a combo magically happens” style when there are great technical characters like Lei Wulong still missing. :slightly_frowning_face:


Turtlefest? Depends on the player. This can happen with any game that has super moves. Sure Tekken doesn’t have a tutorial which sucks, but it still doesn’t change how deep it really is. CH properties are a lot more than just a damage boost, they can pop up opponents, apply special hitstuns, allows certain combo strings to turn into a natural combo where they normally aren’t.

I didn’t even scratch the surface of all the different mechanics in this game like wall jumping, buffering throws with King and other grappler characters, just frame inputs, chickening, crouch canceling, clean hits, low parries, all of the different wakeup options when getting up off the ground like rolling or spring kicking, etc., etc. The game isn’t small, but it is 100% the game’s fault for not teaching these, though there’s nothing stopping you from looking online for tutorials.


Katarina you mean, and she’s meant to be a beginner friendly character. Lei is a completely different beast when it comes to complexity.


Her design is so dull she’s lucky I even remembered her name had an “a” in it, she stands like she’s crapped herself, too. I have nothing but vitriol for the new female characters that aren’t Kazumi to be honest, maybe Master Raven can get a pass for looking sorta like Maya.

I understand the need for beginner friendly characters, only the balance seems a bit too tipped in favour of beginner characters rather than the more complex ones this time around.


Are you sure? Xiaoyu is one of the most complex characters in the game and she’s widely accepted as an A-S tier character including King, Master Raven, and Yoshimitsu. Katarina is actually on the lower part of pros’ tier lists.