Tekken 7

I just had a thought. What if Harada does Gon again? Bandai Namco did make a Gon platformer in 2012.

I heard some time back that the company who originally made Gon no longer exists, so unless Namco managed to get the IP I doubt we’ll see him again.

Also, Season 3 is tomorrow if I’m not mistaken, really hope they at least try to make Gigas better in terms of frame data (because new moves won’t be enough for him).

According to the copyright info from Tekken 3, he was owned by a manga artist named Masashi Tanaka (who is still alive) and Daewon Media (a Korean Animation company that is still operating). And like I said, Gon got a new game in 2012, which Namco published.

A lot can happen in 7 years.

Honestly I think after Season 1 they are done having more than one guest in a given season, also keep in mind only 1 stage will be in Season 3; if we had two guests we would get two stages, knowing their release patterns with Seasons 1 and 2.

And besides that: Not before Kiryu, k thanks. People have been wanting him since the beginning, and even I’m agreeing with them at this point (go away Tifa, be in DoA or something).


Didn’t want to double post so I’ll edit this post. Season 3 is now confirmed for September 10th release date.

I am unironically excited that they are adding more premade costume slots for everyone, we can see the extra costumes getting tournament life now. They also listed the balance changes online, Geese is getting massively nerfed again it seems.


played feng wei, current main, and im happy with his changes. lol he got buffs galore, i found myself pinching my arm. “is this happening? did a character i choose actually get buffs and not nerfs?” haha

i think im going to pick up zafina, she looks pretty wild and broken with her animations. i foresee her throwing opponents off just by her movements alone

I ended up trying out some of the new moves for some characters, Alisa’s new move (kick combo into flight mode) is dumb yet fun to use. Claudio got better frame data across the board, so I’ve trying him out as a sub character.

I did find it weird how some of the new costume presets don’t have hats though (trenchcoat Law really needs the fedora IMO) but it’s nice to finally not be forced to save a bunch of costumes to use later (especially with this game’s loading times).

Either way, this update did it’s job in terms of bringing me back, now to wait for the rest of the Season Pass.

Not gonna be able to buy season 3 for a while. Probably till after Christmas. Any chance we’ll know the rest of the passes content by then?

We’ll probably know at least one of the unknown characters, and the new feature by then, since the chart said winter release for Leroy and those two mystery items. If we’re lucky Leroy might be out before the end of the year.

Personally I might wait too, I never cared for Zafina and I was disappointed to find out only 3 non-rage moves involve Azazel’s arm (though great for people who didn’t want a complete rework of the character I guess). At least it’s only $25 this time, I remember Season Pass 1 was grossly overpriced as you only got 2 characters (Geese and Noctis) and a mode no one uses (no online made Tekken Bowl useless IMO).

Honestly, the lack of a local vs. CPU Mode for normal fights makes the whole game kind of useless. To me at least. Did they ever add that in?

I never played Tekken Bowl, the idea of bowling in a video game without a Wii remote felt strange to me (I’m young. Forgive me). But I’ll probably try it out soon, might be a fun way to waist an afternoon.

Honestly though, it still kind of feels like Tekken’s Pass is overpriced. It’s better compared to 1 and comparable to 2. But it’s rediculous compared to other FGs on the market with dlc being cheaper if you break it down by units of content.

Lmao. Whatever.

Wait. What? Why?

When I say I’m young I mean I’m like 20.

So you didn’t play the PS3 re-release of Tekken Tag Tournament 1? That was the first and IMO best version of the Tekken Bowl minigame.

Also no, there is no VS. CPU mode in Tekken 7; that’s one of the few things Soul Calibur did better this generation. Also considering the standard price of DLC characters is $5, Season Pass 3 is surprisingly well-priced (at least versus paying for them separately, where they bump them up to $6-$8 for each character).

Ok. That’s a fair point. I forgot about that pesky (standard price). I always thought that was too high.

Also, no. Never bought TTT1. I own TTT2, T6, and T7. But i’ve never played T6. It just came free with my copy of 7.

And it’s rediculous to not have a vs cpu mode. Like, it kills replayability. Especially if you don’t want to shill our $60 a year to loose over and over again online.

Tekken 7 has been too reliant on Treasure Battle instead of a traditional vs. CPU mode, which would be fine if it weren’t for the gimmick battles (turbo, double damage, aerial damage battle) and bosses (most of which can 1-shot you with their Rage Arts). Also Tekken 6 has scenario campaign, which is considered the best single player mode in the series, so maybe you should play Tekken 6 at some point.

Also the last comment isn’t really true, I’ve seen plenty of casuals online, so losing over and over again is not guaranteed if you know where to go. Also paying for XBL Gold lets me play Warframe and Path of Exile without needing a gaming PC, which is good since I’ll clearly never have one in this lifetime, so I wouldn’t call it shilling (at least not in my case).

TL;DR version: Play Tekken 6’s story mode, it’s writing may suck but it’s a proper single-player campaign. Also you can unlock the other characters for use in it, similar to Tekken 3’s Tekken Force mode.

ahhh 20. good ol days, living on the fast lane thinking i was invincible lol.

i picked up zafina afterall, namco is so terrible at making her combo ender a ■■■■■■■ just frame b1:1+2 after you have to do a dash in. like for example

DF2 > UF1 > DF1 > F2, 3 > 3+4 > corkscrewed > dash > B1:1+2. yeah have fun! lmao

I see. I’ll probably give it a go. But it’ll be pretty low priority on my backlog.

PC tekken 7 has now become home to high ranking players who create a new profile and go smurfing. now in blue and green ranks im seeing many players with insane win streaks going after the rookies and noobs. some are extremely skilled, some just know 1 combo and hope they land it. its grown increasingly difficult for me to break out and get myself back into orange ranks where they are not as prevalent. a group im in spotted a heihachi with a 200+ win streak picking on noobs and upon defeat he shut his PC off LOL.

anyway, shenanigans with feng wei continues…and zafina is still being labbed up so i can get into sync with her before going into combat. so far so good! just sucks running into these jerks and im so stubborn in trying to put a blemish on that sparkling record of theirs it costs me ranks. i wouldve been in orange weeks ago were it not for my attitude haha -_-

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I’ll have to play on the steam Version I own then. Haven’t taken my Leo online yet. :smiling_imp:

I have a Noctis too, since I’m a big fan of FF. Maybe I should beat people with my Noctis :joy:

Playing Leo, and making progress!

My main man Lars got some buffs though…

REALLY good buffs…





also king got buffs! feng wei got buffs! both my charas got buffs! also lei my 3rd, eliza, dude i am digging season 3. im not used to having my characters get love, im always used to the nerf bat.

been playing alot of feng wei though, havent gotten back to king yet but i will be. lol i been ruining people’s days with him, hes already tricky as it is and can get in on anybody. now that im plus on block with more stuff, i can really do shenanigans