Tao feng 2

Who got idea of new tao feng characters? .

That games need to be back.


That series needs a reboot

I would like to see a new Tao Feng, though it’d be nice if they perhaps modernized some of the character designs. Many of them look rather 90’s / early 2000’s, such as Exile being covered in tribal tattoos, Wulong Goth dressing like a Preying Mantis, most women looking like they’re wearing warrior lingerie, etc.

Here’s are my off the top of my head ideas for a sequel:

The Setting:

I would like to see Metro China, the game’s setting, as a rather darker, Blade Runner-esque type of place, with plenty of neon, darkness and rain, but perhaps with more Asian influences as well. I could see stages ranging from a mud-soaked bamboo forest decorated with colored lanterns to a burning pagoda in a storm to a rain filled street outlined to the brim with neon signs, etc.

The Main Plot and Story Intro:

I’d like to see the story portray the Pale Lotus and the Black Mantis as in more of a turf war, not just for different regions in Metro China, but for the soul of Metro China as well, if that makes any sense. They could both be sort of like triads or yakuza, but with one side clearly trying to help the people and defend against the other, while the other side is far more sinister in its aspirations.

I’d perhaps begin the story with Wulong Goth killing Master Sage and taking the Yang tablet. He unites it with the Yin tablet and achieves immortality. With his newfound power, the Black Mantis have spread through all of the regions of Metro China, pushing the Pale Lotus underground and nearly to the brink once more.

With time running out, the remaining members of the Pale Lotus gather and name a new Master Sage, a young, untested warrior born with the mark of the Pale Lotus. This creates dissention in the Pale Lotus at the worst possible time, as Jade Dragon, the daughter of the previous Master Sage nearly abandons the Pale Lotus to strike out on her own.

Meanwhile, as members of the Black Mantis begin carving out their own territories in Metro China, some members of the group begin to question whether Wulong Goth should have so much power, with some wanting to take his power for their own and one coming to believe that they’ve chosen the wrong path. Wulong Goth senses dissention in his ranks and becomes increasingly paranoid, recruiting new members to the Black Mantis sect, some in secret, some in the open, which creates even more conflict within the Black Mantis.

The White Lotus have begun to recruit as well, with the new Master Sage seeing potential in some unlikely candidates from within and also outside of New China, but not all of them will help him in ways that he thinks, and some might not help at all.

This is where both sects find themselves as the White Lotus begin their final, desperate push to drive back their ancient rival, touching off the biggest, bloodiest turf war in the history of Metro China. Their goal is to somehow make it through the occupied city and retrieve the source of Wulong Goth’s power, otherwise they’ll have no chance of defeating him. Loyalties will be questioned, some rightfully so, and some attacks will come from the unlikeliest of places. It’s a story of love, death, betrayal, unlikely alliances and two sides to the story that will ultimately decide the fate of New China.

The Twist:

I’d also add an outside faction near what feels like the climax of the story. Since New China is carved out of the western United States, Mexico and Canada, I would have to think that each of those countries might see the largest city of New China falling in to chaos as their opportunity to regain what each previously lost.

I could see a battle on top of the burning pagoda between Wulong Goth and Master Sage, where Wulong Goth is defeated, and as Master Sage reaches for the combined tablets, a spotlight shines down from above and gunfire rains down on him. Suddenly, Outsider forces are scouring the pagoda and each leader is forced to flee. Both sects now find themselves on the defensive from an unexpected enemy.

However, not wanting this conflict to escalate in to an all out war, the Outsiders instead deploys seven skilled warriors of their own to battle in Metro China, believing that securing the city through combat is the best, safest, and most legitimate / lasting way of achieving their ends. Of course, as with the two ancient sects, there’s internal strife over this plan that creates dissention within the leadership ranks, and not every warrior sees eye to eye on how to accomplish their goals.

The Characters:

I’d keep all of the previous characters, though I might adjust some of their backstories. Zhao Yen, for example, the guardian of the immortal temple, would be the leader of the Outsider forces and the 8th and final warrior for that faction, but also still the final boss for the game. Thought to be destroyed, he returns with his own warriors under the guise of retaking New China for the countries that lost their land, but his own goals revolve around the tablets.

The Pale Lotus and the Black Mantis both have six fighters from the original roster. I’d up that number to ten each, and with seven new fighters from the Outsider faction, the total number of playable characters would be 28.

New Characters

Black Mantis:

Deadly Nighshade: A witch with power over plants, flight, and mind control plus the ability to transform. She has quickly become one of Wulong Goth’s most favored allies, though some within the Black Mantis wonder if it’s loyalty, love, or something else entirely that draws them together.

Wraith: An exhumed, reanimated zombie-like warrior brought back by Divinity to fight for the Black Mantis at Wulong Goth’s behest. He’s a toxic, infectious, grotesque mockery of a man, but one can’t help noticing his stunted attack style that appears almost as though he’s actively resisting the control of his master. If only he could speak.

Monkey’s Paw: A monkey style martial artist with mystical powers and an uncanny connection to the animals themselves. This warrior was Wulong Goth’s first secret recruit when the Black Mantis began to expand. Loyal only to Wulong Goth, he questions the loyalty of Deadly Nightshade and the hold she has over his master as well as less predictable allies such as The Fatalist and Exile, but he’d never do so openly.

Sidewinder: A gadget using bounty hunter from the outskirts of New China, this warrior was hired in secret by Wulong Goth to hunt both enemies and allies alike. His loyalty is never in question however, as Wulong Goth knows that he only answers to the almighty dollar. Unbeknownst to Wulong Goth, Sidewinder is both a former dragon monk and the former lover of Jade Dragon.

White Lotus:

Magus: An elderly user of the arcane arts with both mastery of the elements and his bejeweled, trifold staff. This recruit was reluctant at first, but saw the need to intervene when his hovel was destroyed and his forest claimed by Monkey’s Paw and the minions of the Black Lotus. A bit of a curmudgeon, he reluctantly fights with the Pale Lotus to get back what’s his.

Silent Shadow: A ninja sought out by the new Master Sage over the objection of Fiery Phoenix and Divine Fist who utilizes both stealth and an ■■■■■■■ of ninja tech to both disorient his opponent and put them where he wants them. They believe his fighting style lacks honor. He believes that they lack the will to do what’s needed to win.

Weary Traveler: A self-taught prodigy in the art of drunken Kung Fu, this young woman left New China at 15 and wandered the world for ten years, seeking not just a good fight, but the right fight. Returning to find her country in chaos and her entire family butchered by The Fatalist and the Black Mantis, she believes she’s finally found what she seeks.

Charon: Upon learning that Divinity has sided with the Black Mantis, the gods have tasked the ferryman of the dead to don his black cloak and use his chain lantern for the Pale Lotus in an effort to level the playing field, but to also secretly recover the lost tablets that were never meant to fall in to the hands of man.

The Outsiders:

Red Dahlia: A female Canadian special forces expert with lightning fast hand to hand combat and all around movement. Seeing her face means death for nearly all that come across her in battle. All except for Fierce Tiger. Although the mission is to end the warriors from both sects, she is especially looking forward to testing her mettle against her enemy once more and finally ridding herself of the shame of her one and only defeat.

Razor’s Edge: An expert with a variety of knives, this soldier enjoys spinning them in his hands as much as he enjoys throwing them, and stabbing opponents up close after planting them where they stand. He believes that Wulong Goth’s mantis helmet would look great in his trophy case, or perhaps Iron Monk’s head.

Landstalker: A native American tracker with a near preternatural ability to find his enemies, he uses the power of the void to both summon allies and the energies needed for victory. But the void is a gift not to be trifled with, and he sees both Wraith and those that brought him back as abominations. He will give them to the void as a gift for their transgressions.

Live Wire: An explosives expert with a hair trigger, this soldier deploys everything from shock mines to grenades to flashier incendiary devices in an effort to overwhelm opponents. He seeks little more than the chaos his explosions cause, and Zhao Yen has given him the green light to cause as much havoc as possible.

Sever: An MMA grappler that focuses on short range, hard hitting strikes coupled with joint locks, multipart throws, and attacks that utilize a combination of the two. Her goal is to defeat Exile. Everything after that is just part of the mission and a cherry on top as far as she’s concerned.

Los Dos: Two twins that fight as one, with the caveat that one of the twins is a spirit tied to the body of the other by an ethereal string. It’s unknown whether both twins support the efforts of the outsiders. The corporeal twin seeks out Vapor to be free of his brother, while the other twin’s motives remain unclear.

Copperhead: A snake style martial artist that grew up in Metro China, but fled when he was gifted to the Black Mantis as payment for his parents debt. Upon coming of age, he joined the special forces in an effort to regain access to the city and recover the tablets, but his purpose for them remains a mystery.

EDIT: I also just looked up the review of Tao Feng on IGN and wow, they gave it an 8.7! @TempusChaoti, do you think we could ever see a sequel to this game? Seems like there’s a lot of potential here, no? I know Studio Gigante isn’t around anymore, but it’d be awesome if MS had two fighting franchises. Perhaps KI as a 2D franchise and Tao Feng as a 3D franchise? Watching videos of it… I mean… It’s an original Xbox game and it still looks like it holds up pretty darn well. What do you think?

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It’s perfect!!! Someone needs to setup a petition for that.


Here idea for the fatalist arch rivals new females character based on Taylor Earhardt yellow wild force ranger they both to be like Sonya blade & kano.

It be epic ice character vs fire character to be like sub zero & scorpion.

Elemental tribe clans based on bionicle would be nice & awesome.

Since mortal kombat have 2 weather god like raiden & Fujin How about Lei gong & Fei lian two Chinese Weather God

Can you let me know if you got rest idea characters if you please.

Characters dont have

Ice .

Blonde Female characters im sure she based on Taylor Earhardt yellow wild force ranger.

muay Thai based on Michael jai white .

Commando based on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cebilaity rather based on bruce lee or chris Pratt.

Since mortal kombat have elemental ninja how about elemental clans based on bionicle.

Horror characters will be werewolf, vampire , pharaoh like the mummy also wendigo.

Sci fi , aliens & robot oh cause iron monk is Robotic cyborg fighter he remind me of cyrax i was thinking about new cyborg as sektor

circus of horror , gypsy , whip cracker , clown and other circus characters.

Aztec with Mictlāntēcutli power & spirit.

Shogun samurai ronin like kenshi

Medieval with archer characters.

Any more idea of new character names ? .

Firey Phoenix as liu kang how other female to be love interest to Firey Phoenix they both be like Liu kang & Kitana.

Is red dahlia sonya blade of tao feng? .

Maybe she be based on dana mitchell from power rangers lightspeed rescue she be rivals of the fatalist because the fatalist is merchandise just like kano & the fatalist is kano of the tao feng.

Who got idea of new tao feng games.

Any idea of new character similar to mortal kombat characters & Factions.

There is already an existing Tao Feng thread. Merging this one into that topic.

@JOHNNYWALKER27 You’ve been posting lots of similar posts and new topics where ones already exist. The forums don’t have a ton of traffic these days anyway, so there is no need to “bump” items to try to get additional notice. If someone finds your question relevant or engaging they will respond. Please also try to find existing topics to post into before creating new ones.

any idea of new Tao Feng character and factions similar to mortal kombat

Yeah I can see that being intresting.

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Fierce Tiger sim to. Tanya.

Jade Dragon sim to. Jade.

Exile sim to. Kintaro.

Zhao Yen sim to. Sub zero.

Divine Fist sim to. Kung Lao.

Vapor sim to. Tasia .

Divinity sim to. Ashrah

Fatalist sim to. Kano.

Geist sim to. D vorah.

Fiery Phoenix sim to. liu kang.

Master Sage sim to. Bo’ Rai Cho.

Iron Monk sim to. cyrax.

Wulong Goth sim to shinnok.

Any idea of new characters and factions similar to mortal kombat?.

I wouldn’t mind if a game were made that did a better job with the limb break system, but reviving “Tao Feng”, let alone creating a sequel to it? Hell no. Just too generic a game.

I got idea Hollywood characters.

Since Johnny cage is based on Jean claude van damme & Fei long from street fighter is based on Bruce lee .

I was thinking for tao feng 2 Hollywood actor fighter be based on Ryan Reynolds.

A big no.

I take it this is the game your talking about?

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That right