Take Gargos and idol out of roster?


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Removing characters, to me, leaves a rather specific implication that they’re broken, which these two characters are not, so no.

No problem ShellShock5150 :joy:

lol. did I spell it wrong again lolz. DOH!

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No way, keep the KI characters in, take out those who aren’t if anyone.

Couldn’t you have picked top tier characters at least? Poor Eyedol. The only reason to take him out is that he’s a serious strain on less powerful computers due to all the particles.

lol. I didn’t pick. some people have problems dealing with boss characters I guess.

If we removed characters that people had issues with, fighting games wouldn’t exist.


You did. You made the thread. You suggested that some people have problems with them and your solution was out them only temporary.

If you struggle against snipers in cod, would you suggest to make them only avaible for limited time?

It’s a bad solution for a non existing problem.

People just have to adapt. If you put out a character, then people will complain for another.

I remember when people complained for Sadira on s1. Or Kan-Ra/Maya in s2. Or Shago in his launch.

People will always complaint about stuff. Luckily devs know to differentiate between constructive feedback and pure rants, ignoring the latters

Shame that our community sometimes doesn’t


I don’t care what u think. I’m just throwing out what a bunch of people who play the game say. my OG post didn’t clarify that as I felt it didn’t further the discussion. but here we are.

A bunch of people say the opposite

Making a thread saying “some people believe Gargos and Eyedol should be avaible all the time, unlike others suggest” would be pointless

So is this thread.

Just my opinion, even if you don’t care about it


ya. I agree. but that doesn’t change the facts that people feel like throwing a tantrum every time a minion pokes you out of a combo. or eyedols high low mix ups. but ya. fulgore does lots of these things but at lower damage output…eh, again don’t care.

I personally want to preserve the essence of these characters.

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People complain about EYEDOL’s mixup game? What?


That right there could be used for any character that people have a hard time with for example, thunder and his DP. People have voiced their dislike for it so does that mean he too should be removed from the game for a limited time? Or better yet rash and his wrecking ball which has created several threads spewing salt because people do not like going against it/ dealing with it even though it’s been proven to be very unsafe.

The question then becomes where would you (don’t mean you specifically) draw the line at. Which characters gimmicks do you put up with and which ones would you remove from the game (temporarily) because people don’t want to spend the time to deal with it.

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if you are gonna take out those characters you might aswell take out the whole cast


People complained about Fulgore and Jago too. Should we take them out of the game? No


we should not take anyone out of the game


They do only bring back Gargos and Eyedol every so often. That is what the weekly free character is all about :slight_smile:

I have waited for 3 years to play Eyedol, no, I don’t want him or Gargos removed, and I don’t even play Gargos.

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