Take Gargos and idol out of roster?

since people are kinda complaining. how would u guys feel about making eyedol and Gargos special play events? like a few times a month? I dunno. just at a thought.

I’m personally don’t care.

im usually very understanding about FG complaints because I get salty myself but this is soooo going on scrubquotes.


You spelled ‘Eyedol’ wrong.

I’m not for taking away characters to appease the salty.


Wait, who complains about Eyedol? I see Gargos complaints all the time but haven’t seen an Eyedol complain in months.

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Making them only playable for limited periods of time would only make people more salty.
"I just lost against a Gargos player, and I can’t practice against him now because he’s not there!"
Not to mention it would mean that the characters would no longer be tournament viable because a)the Gargos/Eyedol mains wouldn’t get to get better with then, and b) their limited availability would mean that TO’s would need to ban them to prevent an unfair advantage.

If people are salty about losing against a character, they should practice against them to try and get better at the match-up. Or better yet, start PLAYING the character and see for themselves where the character struggles.


I would quit the game for good then.

"Hahahah pathetic!"


I already paid for Gargos and Eyedol, you’d better not take them from me.

Adding to that, people will get upset any time they lose a matchup they don’t understand. But the good players who are truly interested in becoming better understand that when you lose, it’s because you failed to understand something in the matchup that usually impacts your decision making process in the game. If you are playing against a character who is heavily reliant on their projectiles, but you don’t make use of a projectile invincible move to overcome this, you shouldn’t just remove projectiles from the character, you should learn to incorporate your projectile invincible moves into your gameplan.

That’s a fairly simplistic case, but one that highlights a failure in someone’s understanding. When you take your problems to the practice mode, you may find the problem you had before is much less a problem when you learn your options to deal with it, and understand how it works in order to overcome it. Gargos has good and bad matchups, and so does Eyedol, but neither are terribly overpowered. While an experienced player can make any character seem overpowered, you have to understand they put in a lot of time and effort to make it look that easy, and to understand how to train their opponents into playing into their character’s strategy.


I agree, the salty must understand that even these two titans have weaknesses. Because no matter what people say, the world will not make things easy for them.

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spelling eyedol in the subject gave me a post error. I spelt it correctly in the body. thanks.

So two characters whom I’ve already payed for would be stripped away and limited to only a few times a month because people get salty? Short answer no it sounds horribly counterproductive.

I don’t really agree either, but seeing the other side. is that IG will just nerf them into the ground anyways. watch.

I cant stand Gargos but I would NEVER agree to this…NEVER.

I just think people use too much hyperbole. Neither Eyedol nor Gargos will be radically altered. They may make a few balance adjustments. People lose their minds over every change to the game but you can still play every character that has been “nerfed to death,” according to the wisdom of the community.

I play Glacius, who convention says matches up pretty well against Gargos. I often lose, and sometimes I lose to a double minion fueled comeback that makes me mad. But I never feel like this character is just an impossibly broken experience. I’m alway just a few mistakes away from victory.

Seeing as Gargos didn’t even touch the Top 32 at KIWC, they probably aren’t too concerned. His weaknesses are already much more pronounced than Kan-Ra’s were in Season 2, so I suspect future changes will be pretty minor.

Don’t take my eyedoll I almost got him to 50


Mira is the one to watch out for right now IMO

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this is a dumb idea why would you limit people to who they can play as when the character is playable even the original KI you could play as Eyedol and Gargos whenever you wanted sure you had to have a code but you could place that code in at any time you wanted there was no dumb restrictions this is a horrible idea

No way lol

After the waiting, the begging, the speculating, the arguing etc. the community did concerning these characters even coming back at all, it would be cruel to take them away lol


Just a note that Gargos was present in Top 32 at KIWC. Amenty, Rico, and at least one other person (maybe LCD?) pulled the character out, and Rico played him exclusively I believe.

With regards to OP’s question - no.