Support KI and don't hate or we lose it

Valid point, but the game needs a bit more from previous installment, which I will go over in my video.

Honestly Ive had enough of the KI online community. Besides my handful of friends here…every person I cross online in KI is just spiteful and rude. I get more hate mail from ppl that actually win the set than from ppl I beat. They feel the need to rub it in and put you down. Its getting old and its getting to where every time I play KI i get pissed off becasue ppl send a message to say ha ha you suck!
I beat Paul B tuesday night on his stream, then he came back and tbagged me and no telling what he said on stream and ppl in the chat. But its like come on man really, whats the deal? Why do you feel the need to be an ■■■?
"Oh how dare you fight back against my day 1 Eagle!!! “
What are we supposed to do? Let you win? Let you " do your moves”? What are we 5 years old?
You picked Eagle, I didnt, Im going all out regardless of the character level.

I even got a message from a past opponent and hour earlier that was mad because I won 3 out of 8 matches ( he won the set) and he seen me on the Paul B stream and was mad becasue I had left our set and moved on to fight Paul B in ranked. The dude stalked me over to Paul Bs stream and kept messaging me that I left becasue he was going to pick his main.
SMH ok
Like really?


@FallofSeraphs76. now that is sad, to see people on that level, when i got back into the game last night, all i heard and read was, “you’re a cancer, why are you playing the game?” “go play something else and leave KI alone, we like it how it is” or if i let my lil brother play and he loses, who ever plays him teabags him or send him the usual “you suck” “loser” “git gud” ect. I just laugh every time i see someone doing this type of thing on a video game.

Odd that you guys are getting so much grief…or I suppose I should say it’s odd that I haven’t been seeing more of it myself. Perhaps it could be a regional thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but the game typically looks for players that are physically closer to your location to help reduce lag before broadening out, correct?
If so it could just be that there are more players that are jerks in some players areas than others.

I dont believe thats the issue becasue Im closer to you than anyone hear and I never run across you. Its always ppl from California and abroad.

Maybe it has to do with Omen… maybe it has to do with the fact that I win a couple and loose a few…but Ive noticed they get mad if they even loose less than they win.

Its strange. But its 99% hate mail from ppl who actually beat me and 1% from ppl I beat.

I have a 57% win ratio inranked currently so I dont loose more than i win… but when I do win…ppl get pissed.

And I dont Tbag unprovoked… I do taunt sometimes but only if its a good match or a close match.

Same as WratOfFulgore I haven’t experienced those trahstalk messages much and since I usually mute people before fighting I don’t hear them either :neutral_face:. Anyway I’m not surprised considering how toxic ranked could be and I’ve experienced it more in another game. But some players will tbbxg and taunt a lot.

I was watching a bit of that stream when I got a phone call right in your fight . I wanted to watch it but couldn’t. I don’t remember if he used Eagle first and then used Wulf. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t enjoy Omen MU at all and what he thinks of the character is clear too. And him teabaggin? that’s no news. I’m not fond of that attitude :unamused: . I don’t mind much if the players know each other or have some background story or if one started being disrespectful in first place.

People in the internet can be scary :fearful:

Yeah Paul was strictly Eagle. No Wulf. I won the 1st match, he barely won the next 2 by just out played me with fundamentals. Which is fine, the dude is a great KI player. But he didnt need to Tbag me 4 times just becasue I won the 1st match against his Day 1 Eagle. How am I supposed to know who he is going to pick? I assumed in RANKED he would have picked Wulf or Sako so I came prepared to battle!
Day 1 or not , thats his choice, Im not holding back for a Day 1 pick. He still won so it didnt matter anyway. No telling what was said either…hell I dont want to know…it will just piss me off.

There are all these unspoken rules that vary from person to person. But the one that really bugs me is " when is it OK fro someone to leave the Exhibition set?" Ppl freak out if you leave on their loss…hell some get pissed if you leave even thought they won the match and set!
When is it ok to leave? From my experience its never ok to leave the way they act. Either they leave or they get salty if you leave.
Also 1 day ppl are saying taunting and Tbaggin isnt a big deal and its part of the game blah blah and then the next they are pissed because they got taunted/baggged and take it personal.

Lately I’ve taken the approach of not really caring about any kind of unspoken rules. It’s similar to my viewpoints when I play poker. If I win a lot of money off of someone towards the end of a session I don’t feel bad about leaving without giving the person a shot at winning their money back. Especially if it is a stranger then that’s just too bad.

Sure it pisses me off at times when a qualifier beats me, taunts/teabags after one win, and leaves exhibition but that’s something I need to change. With friends it is different of course but if it is a complete stranger and I need to go after winning a match vs them then that’s too bad.


There are a lot of people out there (particularly on social media) who basically live to feel PO’d as much as possible and get their daily kicks via contemptuous ridicule and smear campaigns for whatever the popular targets of the time are. There’s very little you can do about them and their influence, sadly.

As for KI, there’s a few notable players specifically who I’m getting very tired of with their backward and hollow “passion” for the success of the game. I’m not entirely sure if the community is stagnating for it or not yet, but honestly I don’t think there’s much the current community can do about the situation without major support from Microsoft to help promote the game and its scene.


The community mostly is what it is at this point, for good and for ill. If you don’t want to support toxicity, then don’t patronize players and personalities that you think are toxic. Don’t watch their streams, don’t follow them on Twitter, etc etc. I pretty much only watch smaller streams these days - I found that a lot of those guys are (1) really cool, and (2) genuinely enjoy the hell out of the game. Even if they aren’t the greatest players around, I find I’d much rather spend my time with people who are clearly in love with what they’re doing. Who wants to spend their free time watching someone hate the game they’re playing? Life’s entirely too short for that.

And if the spirit moves you and you want to showcase the game you love, then do it. I basically started streaming just to provide a place for people who love KI to, you know, love KI, without all the complaining and bellyaching and negativity and such. It doesn’t really matter if I get a ton of views or not - it’s really just about playing the game and having fun with other people who also love the game. Be the change you want to see and all that.


Preach! :clap:

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Hold on cowboy. Gotta stop you there. This guy is not on that group.



Something I’d like to remind everyone is that in a competitive atmosphere you’ll see the best and the worst from the people you encounter, and something that could contribute to whatever toxicity may be present is the fact that KI is free to play so many people who probably just play it for ■■■■■ and giggles are going to be around and let’s be honest, a massive sect of the Xbox community could be pretty damned immature…

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I bought all Ultra Editions of all 3 Seasons. Bought a Xbox One just for a 6 Character Season One…

I love Killer Instinct and i supported it.

But imo the Quality of the Game started to degrade after IG took over. Im not only talking about Gameplay changes - im talking mainly about visual quality.

Some gameplay design decisions lead to visual downgrades that still bother me - Air Counterbreaker Animations still look awful.

Character Animations from the majority of the IG Character starting with:

TJ Combo looks like he has a problem with moving his upper body. Look at Steve in SFxT thats how a Boxer should be animated.

Maya still looks stiff and clunky.

Omen looks so cheaply made.

Kim Wu seems to steal TJ the show in Terms non moving upper body.

General Raam seriously who animated him.

Kilgore and Shin Hisako are so badly remixed that i cant even play the game even if i want to. Shin Hisako holds her Sword like she has a Naginata lol. Come on seriously.

Eagle looks like he has his back injured and his overall animations feel so out of place - it hurts to watch. His facial animations seem to be completely missing.

Since Season 3 close normals have nearly completely vanished. Also 6 different Auto Doubles are mostly gone.

Also many of the added moves to make the game feel “fresh” look clunky. Thunders DP followups look so bad that i laugh about them.

The degrading in quality has become so bad that is not even funny to me. I paid a lot of money (more than on a Triple AAA Game - just saying) just to see the game getting visually worse each Season.

Dont get me wrong - Gameplay is important but also is the presentation.

I dont care how the budget for this game was - the fact that i paid 120€ for all 3 Seasons is enough for me to complain about the current state of the Game.

And dont get me started on the bs like the Gold Skins.

I dont expect anyone to share my opinion on here but i wanted to voice my opinion how i feel about the development of the Game throughout 3 Seasons.

As a big KI Fan I got seriously disappointed over time and i hope the next KI title gets the treatment it deserves (especially visually).

When i look at Dragonball Fighter Z at 20% development status then it hurts to see a KI in this state.

Season 1 was so well made visually and animation wise. The Retro costumes in S1 are my only gripe with S1 visually.

Peace Out


Your opinion matters, I could not agree with you more.

I have no patience for politics.
Bottom line, get in Riptora’s way
and get shredded…

Join the Dark side.

Looking forward to DBZ as well. :sunglasses:

I think the problem for some people is that they don’t recognize when they, themselves have crossed that threshold. Video games (obviously) bring out a lot of passion in people and technology has only given us more direct ways of communicating that passion, for better or worse.

Plus, and maybe my perspective is flawed, who knows, but the social media aspect of our culture is veering toward a polar hyperbole where something is the best ever or the worst ever and the more people get clicks, likes, subs, etc and have that opinion validated, the more they feel like the leader of the mob or important or at least validated enough to where they feel justified in wanting to force the change that they feel is necessary.

Or, conversely, they use their pulpit as a method to lead some sort of exodus, not necessarily toward a different game, and maybe it’s not even intentional. Maybe their issues don’t bother them as much as the people watching, but the more they complain, the more they enflame.

That’s not to say that they shouldn’t use their voices or that, as some have suggested, no one should have an opinion. To me, that’s a tad hyperbolic in and of itself. C’mon. We all have opinions here and we all voice them, so let’s dispense with the idea that anyone here only wants MS/IG to be praised to the heavens.

But it would be nice, at least in my opinion, if some people took the time to form their thoughts in a way that was more constructive. I get that people can become angry if they feel they’re being ignored, but really, at the end of the day, MS / IG have a job to do and they’re going to do it to the best of what they think as many people as possible might want or even what they want as artists, designers, etc.

We can give feedback until the cows come home, but if they see things differently, that’s their right and I’d humbly suggest that we either get used to whatever’s bothering us, keep voicing our opinion in a positive, coherent way, or find something else to do with our time if it bothers us that much.

How about we do that, instead of torturing ourselves and enraging others by leading some sort of crusade against people just trying to make a living in a brutal industry where almost everyone is disposable to some extent. It’d be nice if people spoke from a place of searching for solutions and reminding the developers when needed, perhaps while openly respecting the fact that they have things they’re working on, presumably on a tight schedule.

Sorry, maybe my thoughts are a little muddled here. They’re pie in the sky, I know. That’s not how the internet works, but it’s not how we have to work. We have that choice, at least for ourselves.

TL/DR: We all represent this community, from the EVO champ to the guy or gal that just picked up the game yesterday. Maybe some are poor sports, maybe some like to rub it in, maybe some are up their own asses with how great they are and maybe some play games like jerks, but a cloud of toxicity surrounding a community can be harmful, so maybe try and do your own small part and help someone, or ignore jerks, or spread the good word, or maybe criticize the game in a way that’s helpful, even if you’re frustrated, because negativity begets negativity, especially on the internet.

I think we’ve all seen enough good things (and even good people), ruined by communal negativity, regardless of whether it comes from a place of love, passion, resentment, anger or disappointment. I think all the OP wants is for people to keep this in mind and maybe try to be cognizant of when you might be crossing the line or spreading more negativity then you might otherwise intend, even if you feel justified in some ways.