Support KI and don't hate or we lose it

My friends and I have all been talking about KI and video games in general and how haters have a way of ruining things. Certain streamers and community organizers have begun to whine a bit too publicly and much over the current state of KI which I feel is detrimental to the game and could ruin the series. I’ve made a post about this once before, I forget the name, but search the forum. The reason I’m talking about it again is Mass Effect Andromeda. As a huge fan of the Mass Effect OT, I was disheartened by the outrage over Andromeda especially after the bug fixes (which were bad on release). The game wasn’t as horrible as people made it out to be and because of the low sales from the bad reception, the game may not see any future DLC. Despite rumors of the Quarian Ark and possibly seeing hanar, drell, volus, and elcor on this ark, we won’t get anything of the sort. I blame the huge flame war on the game post-launch. People, you gotta realize that when you disparage the game and withhold financial support for the game until you’ve got your way (which you won’t) you’ll effectively kill a series. Its now been revealed that Andromeda development and the series as a whole has been put on ice possibly because of the negative reaction (or most likely because of Anthem), but either way, fans of Andromeda won’t be seeing the Quarian Ark anytime soon. Thanks Haters!

Which brings me back to KI and Eagle. Yeah, Kilgore and Shin Hisako weren’t the most original characters being remixes of original characters, but they still play great and have unique tactics and abilities. Eagle seems to be a great new character and fully complete. I’m glad he fulfills the magic archer archetype. I know many are looking forward to seeing a full KI sequel, but with KI being announced for Steam, KI 4K with Xbox One X, and being featured in Dell ads for Spider-man Homecoming, I’m thinking it might be premature to pull the plug on this version of KI now that actual commercials are finally being aired. I’ve been asking for four more characters to fill out the character select screen and maybe one more boss character (Medusa, Joanna Dark, Lovecraftian, Sharkman) are certainly my pics (if I can get a guest can I get some Mass Effect characters since its on topic?). I would like to finally see a ladder mode with Aria, Eyedol, and Boss Gargos at the top so I won’t have to play through Shadow Lords each time I just want to get to the end fight. But those are my wishes.

I just want people to continue to remain supportive and trust Microsoft and Iron Galaxy to do what’s right by the franchise. The only thing negative talk does is kill projects and tell developers not to bother with another version. Complain about bugs sure (with Eagle’s release, I lost all my Shadow Lords content), but remain positive. IG and MS got this!


I agree wholeheartedly in regards to what you said about ME:A. I believe that people just found it as the next thing to hate because it became popular to do so, same could be said for KI. You also have to remember that if everyone agreed and did not criticize nothing would ever be fixed/changed.

constructive criticism is great. Bug fixes, recommendations for dlc or added features are examples of constructive criticism, but some of the people I’m referring to are just trashing KI and ME:A and aren’t adding anything to help the game. I love ME:A. If I was to say anything about it, it needed more memorable scenarios. ME2 had the best scenarios: hunting Morinth with Samara, Grunt, Kasumi loyalty missions, Shadow Broker, Arrival, suicide mission had just memorable scenes. ME1 and ME3 had there’s as well. ME:A was kinda lacking in scenes that made me say, “Wow! I just did that!” like taking down the Human Reaper, but fighting the Architects and escaping the vaults was close.

I just think alot of poeple don’t realize that ME is just as much about the story as the gameplay. I don’t see alot of IG/KI bashing. I see more fighting because one group does not see the point of view of another.

MS should support this game, expand and cherish this saga. Having a fighting game of your own is something special. And you can keep on making it better and building (in this case rebuilding) its legacy.

I disagree.

I love IG and most of what they have done with the game so far, but we shouldn’t just give blind praise to them. That isn’t helpful at all.

I want people to give constructive criticism and I want people to spread hype. But most importantly I want people to be honest and genuine.

I call out people who hate on the game for superficial or hyperbolic reasons. But I don’t have a problem if people disagree with me and I don’t want to dismiss them. Some players give very cynical and condescending feedback and I hate that. But some players have legit concerns that should be considered.

We all have a voice and we should all use it.


What you’ve mentioned reminds me of how Evolve was doomed by early harsh criticism, and now the devs have been pulled from their game by 2K and they won’t do anything with it so the game is dead now.


A lot of the people complaining about ki, I think, are “pros” making excuses cuz they can no longer win. At least that’s the vibe that I get from certain people that I’ve seen complain. And their “followers” are bound to blindly jump on the hate train. Well, this is just my opinion, what I get the feeling is happening with certain crowds. Me As a casual/scrub lol I have no real problems with KI. I’d be good with another season to be honest but I’d also like a new game as well. At the end of the day I just want more KI. Whether its more seasons or more games, sign me up. Oh and eagle is legit! I’m actually interested in seeing what players will do with him in tourneys!

Lol. I seen Evolve dying before it was even released. All team based multiplayer only games fail. Even Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer game bombed and AC has a big fan base. Evolve is dead because it was only great as an idea. The game itself sucks.

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Careful :laughing: Pro/competitive players can be sensitive. Some of them are very “clicky” I heard one complain tonight on a stream. This made me think that there are 2 different pro groups now. The ones who use to win “before the game changed so much”, and the ones who win now “who act just like the old ones buy complaining when someone wants their main nerfed”.

I am also a casual gamer, and I got bashed for supporting ideas that would help the casual gamer over the competitive player.

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I disagree, however I will admit the game isn’t for everyone, and unfortunately that could be partly to blame as well.

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Lol well I’m just stating my opinion/the feeling I get when I see some of these dudes complain. Its okay to disagree/have different opinions. Games need to appeal to casuals, not just “pros” for better sales. So I don’t see why we can’t give our opinions. Lol

We don’t need to have a huge debate about the exact line between expressing a valid negative opinion and being a hater. It’s incredibly obvious when you see it and I don’t think the OP could be any clearer.

It’s the constant, repetitious and exaggerated complaining while encouraging others to do the same and looking for even more things to complain about instead of trying to enjoy the game. Nothing is perfect. But the social media era has spawned the phenomenon that the OP describes where aggressive fans kill the thing they claim to love because they need it to be perfect or else it’s garbage.

Evolve got out in the crosshairs because of a DLC practice which is now industry standard. So instead of trying to enjoy the game hordes of people flocked to the internet to try to make sure that no one ever played it as a protest to DLC. Thanks a lot ■■■■■■■■. You did nothing - NOTHING - to change the way companies handle DLC but you killed an incredibly cool game concept that had tons of potential. Evolve wasn’t perfect but it was a heck of a lot better than many games out there. And it slowed the industry’s innovation in the cooperative and asynchronous multiplayer game space which was the most promising thing about this console generation. I have no doubt in my mind that Evolve put a nail in the coffin for Fable Legends - which was a game I really wanted to see.

So TL;DR the OP is dead right. Any argument is just about where to draw the line and misinterpreting his post to be “never say anything negative” which is clearly not what he means.


I know only rebelo and rico sauve are the real fgc ogs cuz they were known in the fgc back in SF IV.Most of these KI pros became famous because of KI, they became proud like they re too good, go to other games like injustice and sfv and get bodied hard. I saw LCD and paul B mock thompson on monday on twitch chat saying he doesnt make top 8 s anymore due to jago nerfs and jago made him what he was. Just look at the mentality of so called pros and how do u expect ki to progress with chuckle forks like that ? Bass , paul b, lcd , without ki they are nothing in the fgc yet they bite the hands that fed them.


I wholeheartedly agree. Guys, don’t think for a second MS wouldn’t axe KI like a gangreneous finger to save the rest of the Xbox body if the “fans” became so toxic it was detrimental to the Xbox brand as a whole. Anyone would only need look in the direction of the Kinect 2.0 to see KI’s fate if it became a PR nightmare.

…unless KI was making so much bank they didn’t mind the bad PR…

My post was meant about all multiplayer only games. Those games are difficult to enjoy by most people. Not because theater games are not good, but because of the other players. All most all players “unless it is a group of friends” don’t play as a team or work together at all. It is about them not dying, or getting the most points.

For me it is a pain. When I want to play, first I have to wait at the loading screen hoping that enough players join so the game will start in the first place. Then I hope they are not d-bags. Finally I hope they want to fight as a team to win.

These games would not be so bad if you could just play single and the other players would just be AI. By AI, I mean good AI, and not just some wondering Idiot.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the perfect example of a multiplayer game that can be done solo. It is also just a great game.

First off congrats on being in the top 32. :slight_smile:

Pros become very bitter when 2 things happen. First one is when a part of the game changes that causes them to start losing. The more they lose the more toxic they become about it. The other issue is when unknown players start beating them on a regular basis, and become just as popular as they are/were.

I was talking to a friend of mine tonight. We both beat 2 different pros this afternoon. I sent my pro a GG message and was blown off He could have shown some class and sent me the same message back. But I guess sense I am unknown, it wasn’t worth his time. My friend was shown all sorts of disrespect because he was winning.

I visit 3 other fighting game fourms, and without question this one has the most toxic competitive players.


I understand what you mean about multiplayer. But building communities of people who “get” that you need strategies and coordination to play these types of games can only happen over time. Evolve was never meant to be the next CoD, but lots of people acted like it was. Their marketing was not good this way because they didn’t want to turn off the pew pew market who might buy the game.

But look at something like Monster Hunter. Finding a decent group of sensible and cooperative players in that game is easy because it has a well established community if players who have been playing the game for a decade. There’s no reason the model can’t work and when it does it’s unbelievably fun.

So pretty much is don’t have an opinion, you don’t a right to give criticism, don’t express yourself and give thoughts why the game is not motivating you to play it more.

I get it that you are worried about the fate of KI, but if you don’t call things to attention, everything will be… well you know BROKEN and OBSOLETE, pretty much what i think the devs need is to reach out to everyone, not via questionnaire for for a open poll on the forum and ask us what we really want from previous KI games.

Lets face it, new things can be good, but having old things from past KI games included in this game would be great in my opinion.

What is left to be gleaned from the old KI games aside from an arcade mode (which is debatable that this KI doesn’t have…story mode technically is, but could be more cohesive and easier to use) and more finishers, which they’re working on? All the characters are here, the basic combo system is far superior to the original games…those 2 things are honestly all that’s left, and they’re here, just not complete.

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