Super Couch Fighters play Killer Instinct!

These guys are awesome, and they have just now picked up Killer Instinct. I’ve enjoyed watching these guys since day one of their channel’s lifetime, and I wanted to share this with you guys. ^^


Hey I really enjoyed that! Nice to see people new to the game experience it for the first time and figure it out on the fly. Are any other parts available yet?


No, they just came out with this one today. But I will try and remember to continue posting their episodes in here as they are put up. ^^


Thanks, man! I’ll try and keep an eye out as well. Might even look back in to their archive a bit and see what else they’ve done.


Second episode:

You can just see the moment when the combo system starts to really click with Brett and it is one of the most wonderful things to listen to; this is from someone who’s been following their channel from the beginning and, in fact, used their Dojo series to start really playing fighting games as a whole.

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Third episode. ^^

Never heard of these guys up until i read this thread, but it is always cool to see and hear players mess with new games. Just wanted the first two and it’s a treat to hear (im guessing) pretty seasoned fighting game players embrace a fighter that does something pretty different from what they’re used to.

Fourth episode is up. ^^

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First time watching these guys. It’s a really great series and I look forward to the next one. I do wish that they collaborated with someone like Sajam who could keep them in track though. KI has so much to get your head around despite its brilliant dojo mode, still fun watching someone new play KI regardless.

Going to be such a wake up call when they head online and face players who aren’t Jago :joy: hopefully they still end up enjoying it.

Makes me realise how much I’ve taken The dojo for granted too. Been playing KI since launch in 2013 so I forgot just how great it is for new players.

Episode 5!

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Episode 6!

special cameo by @NWOChr0n0s312, i see.

I feel a sense of being mocked. :thinking:

Not really. Mockery isn’t my strong suit.

Pretty nice series, I like how he’s figuring it out as they go along but at this point you really need to know what each character can do (at least the basic traits and abilities they have) to really go online.

I dunno. I think I appreciate this little series for doing just that because that’s what I did. But granted, I’d watched and covered KI since S1 up until I bought it at the start of S3. I went a LONG time getting my butt twomped. I think it’s because of that, somewhat, that I get behind this series. They are clearly not new to fighting games and their intuition on characters with just a game or two of observation is pretty ■■■■ spot on.


7th episode. ^^


I’m not a Glacius fan, so it’s really weird to ‘root’ for a Glacius.

@Paramisery getting screen time, too.


Just finished the episode. Interesting to see the Glacius pick, seems like he enjoys zoning and footsies based gameplay.
I can’t help but feel frustrated while watching though, I know Brent(?) can be a really good player because he ucan learn and understand the basics really well and knows how to play patient, its just that he lacks the character and mechanics knowledge. I hope they keep on going with this series, maybe go into Exhibition and find people willing to help them learn instead of just looking for the quick W.