Super Couch Fighters play Killer Instinct!


They are fighting game enthusiasts, but don’t expect them to pull off pro-level gameplay. They play the games because they enjoy playing fighting games and like the entertainment, they don’t play the games to “git gud”. That said, they’re not necessarily bad at them. While Brett is more patient and wants to learn the mechanics, Michael just wants to pull off some cool stuff and have fun. That’s why I like these two together, because they kinda balance each other out. Brett is good to help Michael learn how to play the games while Michael is good to make Brett loosen up and just have some fun playing the games.

With Killer Instinct, it is Brett holding the stick with the goal to try and learn a new game and understand the mechanics, and then take it online, while Michael is mostly on for commentary and kinda ask some questions that the audience might ask, and then together find an understanding of the game.

It’s why I enjoy watching them, as well as Maximilian Dood - because they tackle these fighting games and have fun with learning them, while trying to show that even though you’re not a player who wants to tackle these fighting games to get on a tournament/pro level, you can still play and enjoy these games. ^^


Episode 8!


Episode 9.


I’ve been enjoying watching these videos, but I’m actually surprised at the amount of fundamental stuff that doesn’t seem to have translated from the other fighters they’ve played. I see a lot of instances where they’re pushing buttons on wakeup repeatedly during a match, and I’m hoping that they pick up on that, as well as mechanics specific to KI.

I hope they stick with the game, and that they’ll find the time to play in practice, or against each other, or against someone who is more familiar with the game and is willing to teach! I’m excited to watch their progress, because from what I’ve seen it looks like they’ll be pretty good at KI once they’ve got a bit better grasp of the mechanics and some of the tricks and gimmicks between the fighters!


Episode 10!


And in today’s news, Super Couch Fighters is unfortunately ending, bringing their KI series to a premature close, just as Brett was really finding his feet with Combo. If there are more videos recorded, they’ll probably post them, but Brett’s moving on to a new channel, Weekend Warriors, while Santell also has his own things coming up. Farewell, Fighters!


I just saw this. Makes me sad. :frowning:


Me as well, as someone who - as I have previously stated in this thread - followed their videos from the very beginning. Still, there’s nothing we can really do about it but wish all the best to the both of them.


Ahhhh ■■■■. Hopefully Brett can “continue” the series on his new channel.
I only watched the KI series but it was pretty fun. They were enjoyable to listen to and learn from.