Suicide Squad and Rotten Tomatoes

So, I’m not sure if any of you saw that there’s apparently a petition to get the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes shut down because a small, but apparently vocal group of DC fans disagree with the reviews.

Now, I have thoughts on that and feel free to share yours (by all means!), but I was also curious if you saw the movie yet and if so, what you thought of it.

The movie’s practically brand new, so please use the spoiler tag.

Personally, I really enjoyed it. Fun characters, fun plot, nice music, nice action scenes… I guess I don’t expect Shakespeare when I go to a superhero flick. To me, it’s like expecting a high score form a Fast and Furious movie. They’re good, fun action movies. Those don’t tend to score all that well.

Regardless, I’m curious what people’s opinions are of both the movie and the Rotten Tomatoes “issue.”

You should make other Suicide Squad thread with spoilers…

I already watch that movie with my friends today. It’s ok…

Wait wait wait… no. No.

This is the most absurd thing I’ve read since the OW cheaters Facebook page (and good lord why did I do that?).

They should get off this planet. I like this planet. I’d like it better without people like that.

I thought that there was a way to use a tag so that text shows up grayed out.

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Are people seriously asking for the site to shut down because of a bad review? Maybe a redo I would understand, but a shut down is ridiculous. While I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet though I plan to, DC movies aren’t known to be the best super hero movies, so people shouldn’t be surprised that it didn’t score amazingly.


See that’s what’s messed up to me. It’s a reviews AGGRAGATE website. It’s not like Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a bad review. It’s just a really strange reaction. The guy that started the petition (which last I heard had over 15,000 signatures) basically said that he wanted to “send a message that we don’t agree with the critics.”

Okay? So how about you communicate that to the critics as opposed to trying to get a website that simply puts reviews in a convenient place shut down? I don’t get it.

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It’s this new age “if at first they disagree, do all you can to silence them” mentality. I’m not getting political, I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just saying that seems to be the Creed of Debate since like… 2007 or so.

It’s scarily Orwellian. Damn thought police.


Honestly, it seems reviewers/critics in general have some sort of dislike for DC films for whatever reason. I am no fanboy (I’m really not even really that into western/american comics) but I honestly think Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman are much better films than any of the MCU movies. Idk why every new DC films gets trashed on but I always seem to enjoy them more than I do it’s Marvel counterparts.

I will be going to see Suicide Squad and even though it get’s sh** reviews I bet ill like it a lot more than most other comic based films, since that happened with both MOS and BVS lol

Fast 5, 6, 7 have all gotten good reviews. They’re sitting at 77%, 69%, and 79%.

Still going to see regardless, as I’m exciting to see where this universe head towards Wonder & Justice League.

I heard great things from friends and associates who seen the movie this week. Harley Quinn and Katana were a favorite, so I want to see them used more in this universe. Very good actresses.

Will Smith Deadshot seem to be his character. Like to see more him as well.

Jared Leto Joker would have had me sold if he had more screen time unfortunately. Maybe in a Batman movie sometime down the line we will see.

Viola Davis Amanda Waller was so imtimadating. I was frightened every time she was in a scene. So powerful woman.

There were some things I didn’t like of course, but most important I had fun much as the audience did so yeah.

My score is a 7/10 not a perfect movie but no where nearly deserving as the scores people a dishing out. But hey it may be the DC fan in me, I just enjoyed Harley so much…

There were also some cameos, but I refuse to spoil those.

I also hope people understand how RT actually work before making petitions and ■■■■ like that.

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“I honestly think Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman are much better films than any of the MCU movies”

Opinion disqualified.


Eh I prefer the somewhat darker atmosphere of those films. MCU movies are fun movies and I like some of them, but those 2 movies I find a bit more entertaining because 1. They have a darker atmosphere which is a breathe of fresh air for me compared to the more lighthearted Marvel movies (Excluding deadpool obviously) and 2. They are a little ( a little) more thought provoking in a way some of the the X-men films are which I like a lot.

Obviously my opinion has already been disqualified but still lol

Personally, I don’t take Rotten Tomatoes too seriously. I mean, Ghostbusters 2016 has a 78% rating and we all know it’s an EFFING PIECE OF CRAP

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Yeah those are solid scores. I stand corrected, though I’d say that my enjoyment of those movies far surpassed even those scores. The first four did 53%, 36%, 37%, and the one that essentially relaunched the series, Fast and Furious, got a 28%. Those were really more of my frame of reference, as I stopped checking scores on those movies around the 4th one. Good to know the critics have come around a little bit, at least!

Let’s not put this on the social justice crowd. This behavior shares a common root with the lot who started a petition calling for Nintendo to cancel that new Metroid game: aggrieved juvenile nerds trying to elevate their hangups about creative works to the level of humanitarian crises.


I wasn’t pointing at any one group in particular. I was making a generalization, which applies to the opponents of the SJ scene as much as anyone else. Don’t go pointing fingers and saying it’s my finger.

Ah, sure. It seemed vaguely like a shot at political correctness to me, which is like a rallying cry for the alt-right these days.

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It’s more a shot at those who plug their ears and chant LALALA until the thing they don’t like goes away. That’s both sides, and it’s pretty gross. And it extends beyond politics - we see it here, with the scenario outlined in this thread.

It’s more a cultural phenomenon than a specific political tactic.

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Meh, even if they got a million people to sign it, who would be responsible for closing the site down…seems to me to be an act of futility.

I’m a huge comic fan, got bookcases full of the hardcovers from all publishers, marvel is my favorite though in comics and movies.

That said, I’m really rooting for DC to get their act together though since its another flavor and diversity makes the industry more succesful and fun.

So far marvel has done a great job of building up their universe, they took their time, and could take their time, because they were first. I feel DC has been trying too hard to catch up, instead of playing by their own rules. That and Snyder is a visual appealing director and I love his style, but he isnt the best at telling a story, especially when it comes to the more personal parts…and makes questionable decisions (seriously, letting your dad risk his life for a dog when you are practically a god?).

What DC really needs is someone who knows these characters and guides the studio like Kevin Feige does with Marvel. And it seems they are doing just that by giving Geoff Johns an important part in the dc movie side of things. Really looking forward to Wonder Woman and Justice League though, trailers looked great, so eventhough DC universe is off to a rocky start, I’m still enthusiastic.

As for Suicide squad…it was an awesomely fun movie, with some shortcomings. The characters were awesome though and carried the movie, they are a great building block for a sequel or other dc universe appearances. Joker, while not as awesome as Heath Ledger, definitely brought his own flavor to stand on its own and cant wait to see more. Harley and Deadshot were spot on and really awesome and fun (yes, even in a DC movie), while still keeping the admosphere dark. And I thought El Diablo was pretty cool.

The movie just started too strong and awesome (focussed on the characters) and couldnt keep it up…basically the whole plot was (without spoiling anything) get from point A to point B and beat bad guy…
The bad guys had some horrid effects/colors/lights and the ending reminded me of the ending of ghostbusters one, but not in a good way.

That said the movie was a lot of fun and gets a 7,5/10 from me, for giving me a fun night out with friends, and I would see it again and buy it on blu-ray like I do all Comicbook movies (except for that latest Fantastic Four movie).

Like someone else said here, we dont go to comic/blockbuster movies for the shakespeare, they need to have good characters and be fun (haha fun or badass fun, either is fine) and Suicide squad is just that. A great story would just be the cherry on top.

I’ll just say this: If you like the movie, and disagree with the critics, then disregard what they say and just keep on liking it. A movie, game, book, or any other form of media being a critical/financial success should not effect whether or not you get personal enjoyment from it.

There are movies that were panned by critics at the time, but have become cult classics, and in some cases risen to be considered some of the best films in their genre, like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (one of my favorite films of all time). Conversely, there are properties that were immensely popular with critics and audiences, but now a lot of people will look back and cringe, like Signs.

And I know I’ve personally enjoyed games that reviewed poorly (like say, Brink and Doom 3) and disliked games with lots of critical acclaim (like the Tomb Raider reboot and Burnout:Paradise).

If your personal preferences and critical opinions don’t align, that’s okay. You can like something “bad”, and dislike something “good”. Just don’t be surprised if you get funny looks when you bring it up, keep a stiff upper lip, and continue living your life as normal.

Petitioning for a site that hosts opinions you disagree with is the exact opposite of what you should do. If anything, it only makes the haters seem more justified.