Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Why? They don’t make money off of you playing the game. They’ve already made their money off of you. Not buying future seasons I understand, but why stop playing it? They don’t make a single buck off of you just for booting up the file and playing it. Not trying to change your mind, I’m just confused.


Seems like a weird hill to die on to me. KI used the Meld (somewhat poorly) every time you booted it up to try to sell you things or tell you to tune in to big events. How exactly is Capcom doing the ads? Is it like a splash page while the game is loading, or have they tattooed the Capcom Cup logo onto the top of Guile’s brush head or something?


Kinda like this:

With logos on the characters and the backgrounds


Ah. Trust Capcom to do their advertising in the most annoying way possible :sweat_smile:

That’s…not the route I’d have gone with it. Slapping logos on your characters like they’re Nascar cars is just tacky.


Where is my Ronald McDonald Urien Outfit?


was free to play.


Its matter of principle…


And continued to try to sell you things and tell you about events after you dropped $40 for the Ultra Edition and there was literally nothing else to buy. The game was nominally free to play, but lets not act like it was Candy Crush or Temple Run or something.


When buying the game, they should’ve removed those ads, that’s true.


I mean, what can I say about this? I’m actually not opposed to advertising on principle. I’m fact, I tend to like “directed advertising” as it often shows me something I’m truly interested in. I think if you are playing SFV then you might want to know about the Capcom pro Tour. So put it in the “news” section when you boot up the game.

This just seems like the best way to aggravate people and generate negative press for something that shouldn’t really be that big of a deal. And making you “pay” to turn it off (or paying you to leave it on) with fight money just rubs it in rather than making people feel empowered. Another strange decision in a string of unfathomable decisions by capcom…


You gotta admit… atleast they have a Talent for it… thats something… right ?


Well I found out that the patch that adds the ads is 18GB. In other news, my PS4 now has 133GB of free space!

But honestly, killing my bandwidth to put in-game ads in SFV? No thanks. It’s a shame, I never could enjoy this game like I wanted, and this may keep me away for good now. At least I still have Akuma in Tekken 7 as a fallback; I don’t use him much there anymore, but the fact that I can use him as a pure rushdown character will always be welcome to me. Don’t need fireballs to be viable there.


I gotta say this is the best thing to come out of this.


I’m not giving up on a game that I legitimately have fun with sometimes, that i’ve spent nearly $90 on, just because the added in an annoyance that I can turn off. I don’t even USE fight money. Specially sense they made it so you can only get it playing online, and I’m not paying for that.


Lol. You and I fall pretty similarly on this. KI didn’t get a pass for trying to sell us stuff because it was free to play - it got a pass because the way they advertised was low-pain and mostly unobtrusive. You get a quick pop up advertising whatever, you go past it, and then you don’t see it again until you turn the game on again. Slapping a giant blue logo on your characters is just tacky and annoyingly persistent, and paying FM for the pleasure of it is one of those things that on its face is sure to make people mad, whether that anger is justified or not.


I don’t know about your setup, but my entire family uses the internet here. I’m not gonna risk getting into fights just because Capcom decided to make a massive patch, just for adding tacky advertising on their characters.

Besides, as I said in my earlier post I wanted to like this game but just can’t. Nerfing Ryu into the ground is one thing, making him outright boring is another. And I don’t care for how the other characters play, so both my options and fun are severely limited. I’ve kept the game installed on my PS4 and pretty much never used it after the first few weeks (and I bought it months ago). As far as I’m concerned, removing SFV was nothing more than an act of mercy for my system.

As I said above, it’s a shame it came to this, but unlike KI (which I spent over $100 on) I felt no reason to stay here. Guess it was my fault for thinking SFV would be a better SF4 (which incidentally, KI totally is in my eyes).


Those ads look horrible on the characters clothing. WOW! At first I couldnt see where the ads were that was an issue…but once i seen it on Ryu’s gloves I was like OMG that bad…real bad.


“Unblockable” ad :laughing:


This made me bust out laughing. Thank you!


LMAO !!! :laughing:
Raging Brand Synergy !!!

Ayt for real though… should we have seen this coming ?

Doesn’t every character have a Redbull variation of their defsult costume thats plastered with The Redbull Logo ?