Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Thats not a flaw… thats a Successful Throw Bait… I’m assuming they chose to do it with The Heavy Buttons specifically for that very reason, to make you whiff an attack with a lengthy animation… After all you could just Option Select if they did it with Light Buttons.

A courtesy that was never extended to many other moves that have the exact same problems… sigh… leave it to Capcom to remove a feature that might cause an issue but not standardising it so that it’s consistent. Many of SFV’s overhead command normals have the exact same issue you just described… when I’m trying to steal turns with Ryu’s Standing Medium Punch its way to easy to accidentally do his Forward Medium Punch overhead. Samething with Kolin when I’m trying to cancel Ice Ball from Standing Medium Kick. Its way too easy to accidentally get the over head instead…

Street Fighter just isn’t consistent with alot of things…


So apparently Sakura got a Buff…

She can cancel her nornals into her V-Skill… which was never good to begin with so really its not a buff at all. LoL… its literally like a slower more useless version of Akuma’s Demon Flip… atleast Akuma’s got multiple versions of this move so he can always make sure it never misses.

But poor little Sakura always leaps over her opponent because the V-Skill Jump Distance is Fixed and really long…

In AE Kolin got a buff to her Hard Vanity Step… she can adjust how far it goes… useful because she literally only has one version of thia move that she can do meterless…

I don’t think Sakura needs to steer hers because hers doesn’t cross up like Kolin’s does… she only gets frontal options so it would be better to just shorten the distance ir just lower its height low enough so she can push people even as they crouch… which would also inadvertently double buff both strike Options giving her better advantage on block… and making them hit sooner in the air… actually such a tiny change could legitimately make her broken if its not implemented carefully.

I have an idea…

Make it Throw invulnerable on Frame 3… then her V-Skill will be her throw bait… not fast enough to actually punish throws but it would make Opponents stand up long enough to prevent her from rocketing past them… there… that fixes everything… well… kinda. :slight_smile: me Am smart !!!


So apparently Sakura’s Tengyo Haduken (Anti-Air Fireball) is +4 on block… great !!!

Unfortunately its hitbox is super picky and won’t hit crouching opponents. I was thinking maybe you could use her Overhead to scare people into standing up… but without the ability to combo into her Overhead its just not going to stick.

Luckily it seems like Micro-Walk Backwards is becoming a thing so one could exploit that fact and… the only issue is Sakurai has nothing that would make the opponent want to do this… she’s got no medium to medium frame traps and good old fashioned Stubby Buttons and insane push back essentially Replaces the need for the opponent to walk backwards.




Take The Throw

Thing has to stop.

Like its just such a horrible mentality… granted its not entirely the Community’s fault… SFV just doesn’t reward players for doing the proper counter. But the community should definitely not be giving this “Take the least damaging option” any more traction… its Wrong !!!


Finally spent another 10 hours playing the game after going nearly 1 year without touching it. Enjoying the game from a casual point of view.
Now I have to select a character and restart laddering.


It can only go downhill from there…


I know, lol. I might take a break again :smile:


I’l definitely be back on it when Season 4 Drops… we all know Makoto’s coming !!! :wink:


I’d love to see rolento


I want to see Twelve, Poison, Sawada, Retsu, Abel, and T. Hawk

It would be cool to see Gill and Seth added so each arcade mode can have their boss. Maybe Evil Ryu, Violet Ken, Shin Akuma, and Oni as bonuses.

I’d also like to see a season of guests with Heihachi Mishima, Terry Bogard, Skullomania, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Monkey D. Luffy.


Advertising? Where is this game going?
I started playing again recently but surprised by this :frowning:


I’ve deleted the game from my console. Not going to support it when Capcom is pulling this crap.


Why? You can turn them off. Without paying. Plus you’ve already spent the money on it. You already supported them. Like, we’ve gotten to the point where you can’t make money off a game just selling it standard price. And gamers are so entitled that they just assume they should get all of the content for free and don’t buy DLC. They have to make money somehow.


I bought their products and supported them in the past. I regret that now. But I can’t see into the future, I can’t tell what they were planning to do. And I disagree with their decisions. So now I’m not going to use their products anymore. I won’t play the game. And unless they change their stance on this, I’m not going to buy their products in the future either.

What you and others choose to do is up to you. That’s not up to me and I don’t really care either.


Wait… whats going on now ?


They have put ads in SFV. Into the game. To support their tournament scene. You can turn it off, but then you will earn less Fight Money when playing the game.


To be fair, you don’t earn less fight money than what you do now. You just get a bit “extra” so to speak. It’s only like 12 FM I think? So not by a lot. Plus, this is only happening with certain events and things they want to advertise.

Plus, the option to turn it off is there as well. But that’s ok! Just providing information. :slight_smile:


Oh that is so Heart Breaking… :frowning_face:

Especially for a game you have to payfor.


Yeah, that’s the thing. Had it been free-to-play, it would make sense. But it’s a product I already paid for.

But ah well. All they do is convince people not to play their games or buy their products when doing something like this.

I’ll miss playing Cammy, Cody and Rashid though. And if there is a season 4 with characters I like coming in, I’ll miss out on those as well. I’ll survive though. Plenty other good fighting games I can play instead. ^^


Honestly it’s no real big deal, it’s not like you can’t turn it off or you get a Maccie D’s ad at the VS screen. I’ve been saying for years that E-sports are a double edged sword, but this isn’t really that bad.


I fully understand this, and I’m not going to go rant about it endlessly. To me, however, it’s more a matter of principle. Accepting this or looking the other way is just opening a door for game developers that I personally feel should stay closed. Hence why I won’t support it. Overall, it’s just disappointing to me.

But anyways, I’ve made my decision and are moving on to other games.