Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


I feel like if you make branded costumes that players can choose for their character to wear, that’s in a different category than this.


So a new character has been leaked for SFV Season 4, and I think a lot of people might like this.



Not sure if it’s because ppl already suspected it, but overall reaction vids were kinda lackluster.
Reaction by crowd at Ono san’s announcement was pretty boring :frowning:


So Evil Ryu gets a new look and a new name… meh
Just disappointed there wasn’t a Season 4 silhouette panel released alongside it.


Like, I understand. A lot of people like this kind of character. But, when we get so few characters and have to pay $20-$30 for six, I expect them all to be a bit more unique.

Also, when I first saw the name but not the gameplay I thought “Kage-Maru from Virtua Fighter?” Please tell me I’m not the only one.


New trials are a bit tasty there’s some new tech too.

Any word on when we’ll hear more pertaining to S4 characters?


All people who complained about KI S3.5 remix characters and jumped over to SF5 should apologize.


Sadly life never works that way. But the hypocrisy is strong in that front.

I actually like Shoto characters but evil Ryu has always been a step too far for me. I might play this game more if it was on Xbox, but it just doesn’t capture me the way KI did and I wouldn’t play it over Soul Calibur VI - even with that games online problems.

Still, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad game and I’m pretty impressed that Capcom continues to support it, even if they keep making strange decisions.


Kage is ok. Like, I love the moveset and crazy execution, but the character design itself… Not a big fan.


I think at this point everyone just has to admit to themselves that Capcom is making the game they want, and to either love that or leave it. I myself find a lot of their decisions baffling, but after seeing how ■■■■■■ a community can be if you make it a point to listen to/interact with them, I confess that I’m happy to see the devs making the game the way they want and not apologizing for it.

Granted, they make what I consider a lot of bad design decisions, but they make those decisions and don’t back down from them. Sad as it is, I think that’s kind of how you have to be in this business. Harada was on to something with his “don’t ask me for ----” mantra. They have made SFV more dynamic and interesting, but they’ve done it in their own way.

I do think they’re ham-fisted as all get out though with the way they do a ton of stuff, and I think they suck at communicating what they’re doing and why they’re doing it that way. They could still make the game they want while giving people the chance to understand what exactly they’re driving towards with things.


In my opinion Capcom sees SF5 as sinking ship and uses this game as guinea pig for various marketing experiments to see how far can they go before consumers run out of patience.

Monster Hunter World is currently their golden goose and they have other good game incoming that will keep them afloat, SF5 is small fry compared to these.


Interesting as to why they didn’t reveal the whole roster straight away, I wonder what they have planned?


Well, there’s no season pass. So I’m guessing it’s just 2-3 additional characters for 2019. Maybe fewer. You’ll notice they aren’t referring to it as “season 4” in their announcements.

So, as seems to be typical with Japanese game companies, my guess is they are avoiding the negative publicity of announcing that there will only be a couple more character by just saying nothing.

Not to be a pessimist, but this just seems more likely to me than that Capcom is keeping secrets because they are waiting to reveal a wonderful surprise.


Must say that I was looking forward to the release of Urien and Sagat but ended up playing neither. And spent about 50 hours or so to date mainly going through the various single player modes.

I just don’t like the roster nor the gameplay. I like watching the top guys play but I do not enjoy playing as much as I had anticipated.


I will probably only be 1 more character. There is only 1 spot left on the character select board that evens the field out. Unless they add 5 more characters? Who knows?

I just bought Kage with some PS wallet money I had left over. Im about to try him out now! I dont play SFV enough to be any good but every now and then I like to play the game for fun. I like to collect fight money and buy stuff with it… especially the Missions for Fight money… those are always fun.

Is it just me…Or does the DFV audio sound like its clipping? (Too loud and distorted)


As disappointing as it is that this installment is passing while still being smaller than USFIV, I cannot say that it’s a bad thing. It’s console exclusivity, strange clay-like art style, gameplay shifted from the SF norm, and transparent micro-transaction system are all things that can’t simply be patched out and changed. They managed to control the damage as much as possible. But to truly repair it, as with MvC, they need a new title. Unless Sony buys them outright, I don’t think Capcom will ever try exclusivity again. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they abandoned the seasonal model for something more akin to what they were doing in the past, but still as digital expansions rather than full $60 releases with no other way to upgrade. At least, that’s what I think they should do.

I also think it would be a good idea to move into a different artistic direction with the next installment. The characters have always been anime-esque, and I think an art style similar to Arc System Works’s titles would fit Capcom’s Fighters well, while still looking timeless for more than a week.

They’re next strategy should be as follows. Start with a new Darkstalkers game. Following the advice laid out, or at least learning from their past mistakes. Whatever they do, it needs to be good and earn back the trust of their own community. Then it’s time to dip back into Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom. By this time we’ll have most likely learned what shape the next generation of consoles will take. And whether that’s another PS4 Pro and Xbox One X situation, a PS5 and XBox Two situation, or something in between, these new systems will have a lot an added power and it’s in their best interest that they use it.

Sad to say it, but Capcom’s endeavors on current gen hardware have thus far been a flop. Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake appear to be a step in the correct direction, but we’ve yet to see if this will transfer over to the fighting game devision.

For Street Fighter the fixes are simple. They need a new and better art direction, they need to return to a gameplay style more reminiscent past titles while still keeping the few things here that did work. Thet need to be better about how they release their content, and still make a profit without coming across as greedy. Street Fighter games have always been expanding platforms. We already expect that. This just came across as too micro-transaction-ey. And they need to either ditch the idea of a cinematic story mode, or actually hire good writers so that the campaign will actually have quality to it.

For Marvel vs. Capcom, the problems were mostly SFV’s with additional problems from Disney. They wanted it to launch close to Injustice 2 to either compete with it or capitalize on the market. Because of that time crunch, they were barely able to make a game at all. While the fighting mechanics were great, probably the best in the series, the art style couldn’t be fully realized due to time, leading to awkward realization of the actually really great concept art. What’s worse is that due to the Fox embargo AND limited time, the characters that had to go were favorites of series veterans. And too many characters were lifted straight from the previous title as a time saver. Basically they tried to sell an early beta build as the full game. What they need to do to fix it, especially sense the embargoes are no longer a thing, is finish it. Refine the art so that it better reflects the concept peices. Get some actual writers to make the story mode. And include more characters period. Fan-favorite veterans AND brand new characters. This could either be a new title, or sold as an expansion to the first game. Either way, I think they know what they need to do. They just have to actually do it. And let’s hope they do it soon.


Lots of your points are valid, but you really can’t talk about Capcom’s lackluster performance on current gen hardware and not mention Monster Hunter World - which is an absolutely smash hit. Not a game for everyone but the bestselling game Capcom has ever made and it has taken a franchise that was a popular handheld franchise in Japan and previously a niche title in the west and really brought it into the popular western consciousness. So basically the opposite of what they’ve done with SF V…


I keep forgetting Monster Hunter World even exists.


It’s Capcom’s current most successful franchise. It’s basically carrying the company at this point. And DMC5 will be the last effort in trying to bring Capcom out of almost being bankrupt. If DMC5 fails, Capcom might have to close down entirely and sell their IP’s to other companies.


What about the RE2 remake?