Straight Forward Characters vs "Gimmicky" Characters

Gimmicky really isnt the best word to use for this. What I mean is characters with special attributes like Maya and her daggers, Fulgore and his pips, Spinal and his skulls, etc

My question is what do you all prefer? The type of characters I’ve mentioned above or more straight forward characters lik Jago, Sabrewulf, Hisako, TJ Combo, THunder, etc

For season 3 Im actually hoping for another rushdown character myself that is pretty straightforward. Maybe Gargos xD But thats just my opinion. What type do you all like best?

That’s gonna be Kim Wu. She’s always been straight forward

I agree that gimmicky is a pretty loaded word. I mean, you list Hisako as one of the more straight forward characters, but her wrath meter could be described as gimmicky, and it also changes up a decent amount of what she does when it’s full versus when it’s not.

Honestly, I think that some of the older characters (namely Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Sadira, Thunder and even Orchid to an extent) could use a little more to spice up their movesets. I’m not calling for drastic measures. Some of it might even be cosmetic or providing a few more options off of regular moves while scaling damage and balancing accordingly.

Most people tend to disagree with me on this, and that’s fine. But when you match up a character like Cinder or Kan Ra or Aganos or Aria against some of these earlier characters, the game starts to feel a bit odd.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it feels like you’re playing two separate games. It’s not THAT extreme of a difference. But I feel like there’s a divide, and that there are some characters that might be a little too far out on the edges of the periphery at each end of the spectrum.

So yeah, for me it’s not a matter of gimmicky or not. It’s a matter of how much can each character do and how much does that have to be balanced by damage output? Again, I’m not calling for drastic changes, but I do feel like the spectrum could be adjusted with a sort of pre-season 2 rebalance with an increased focus on adding more style and flash to older characters.

It’s funny, I main Glacius. He is actually very straightforward and basic - but before Spinal got released he attracted a ton of salt because he’s a zoner. He plays differently, but besides shatter being unblockable he doesn’t bend or twist the “normal” rules of the game at all.

If you asked me in a vaccum, I would prefer a game that had basic and special moves. No meters no pips no floating yahoos or “flame on” mechanics. But frankly I think KI handles these things really well.

I like Gimmicks, makes the character unique. This is why I miss when Fulgore can charge at any point in time, sure he didn’t get meter from traditional means but man it was different for the time.

Gimmicky, always.

I love Aganos, ARIA, Fulgore, Kan-Ra… Both their design and gameplay. Gimmicky all day!!

I find a mix of both is good and as for the straight forward type characters, I don’t like them being straight forward meaning over simplified since there still should be a learning curve or skill involved. I love the mechanics that were introduced with Spinal, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, Maya, Aganos, Hisako. I just don’t feel that every character needs a special unique bar, it is cool that Aganos, Maya, Hisako, Fulgore have unique ones but doesn’t mean everyone from now on should get one.

@ Kixmix

I’m the opposite actually; I think everyone having a unique “bar” should be the norm. For example, you can have an on-screen indicator in the hud that shows how long Thunder can use his specialized dash (the one that’s outside of instinct), have green skulls on the bottom of the screen (in addition to the ones that float over his head) similar to how Aganos’ chunks are shown, or have a “flame” bar that shows up when someone gets hit by CInder’s burnout enders. Some of it may not really be necessary, but I think it would make the S1 characters more consistent with the S2 characters overall as well as just give additional indicators to help newer players follow what’s goin on much more easily.

Obviously a mix…

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The game needs more straightforward characters at this point, S2 was a gimmick season.

It’s not easy for me to take a character and classify them in this manner. I think it’s a bit oversimplifed. For instance, Sabrewulf seems pretty straightfoward until you factor in Feral Cancels. Kan-Ra might seem “gimmicky” but at the end of the day he’s a zoner with a debuff. Hisako seems straightfoward but Wrath is a game-changer. Fulgore, at the end of the day, is a robo-shoto with some garnish.

It’s all terribly subjective. For me, there’s no characters in this game that have too many bells and whistles… ARIA would be the closest thing to “too much” for me, but it makes sense for her character and role in the story.


Of course the original core 6 to KI13 are the most tight and least “gimmicky.”

Accusing others of being gimmicky because they aren’t as core as the OG-6 would likely lead to the accusation of too many clones if there weren’t such “drastic” attributes associated with said others.

Learn to love it or accept that you only like the core archetypes. Or drive yourself insane peeing against the wind wondering why the ocean hates you.

… I love Fulgore n Spinal, the first of the gimmicks :smiley:


I like straightforward characters with a kink or two. The basics and then a nice litle feature that opens to experimentation inside the basic ruleset.

But if you give me a Kan-Ra with a gazillion setups and special properties, or a Cinder with a million possibilities between setups, air, ground, burnout and pyrobombs, I cry and roll and call my mom and feel lost and say this is not KI anymore.

I think season 3 will have more straightforward characters than season 2. Rash is pretty basic and I would imagine that they won’t do anything too crazy to Kim-Wu. I just hope they keep up the creativity of season 2 with their own characters. It’s fun to watch what pro players can do with those.

I don’t think Season 2 was gimmicky, I liked the mix very much. Season 1 had Spinal and Fulgore so it isn’t like DH wasn’t doing interesting features. IG continued and balanced it out between the full cast. I hope they continue in this manner with Season 3. I can see Kim Wu being made out as a Balanced fighter with good juggle opportunities but I see her with a regular shadow bar and no special bar. I can see a special bar being done for Gargos though

I want characters that do things… :alien:


And stuff! Don’t forget the stuff!

That’s what makes KI the great game it is.


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Things and stuff are my favorites.


There is just no telling what we’re going to get.

Like a box o’ chocolates

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