Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know

Tag: DamageByAmbient
Platform: Win 10
Edition: Supreme

I got problem with all season 3 characters. Game asks me to purchase them and then shows 0x80070490 error with “user already owns content”. Please help


tag: andremarques023
platform: Windows 10
edition: Ultra

I can’t buy Kilgore (or any of the season 3 charecters) on Windows 10. It shows a “UserAlreadyOwnsContent” kinda message. @snickerdoodle can you help me with this?

I have been unable to download Eagle since release. I’ve recently built a new PC and installed a clean copy of windows, and when I downloaded KI3 I have the same issue. Thanks for the help

Gamer Tag - PostmortemPrime
Platform - Windows 10
Edition - I think I have Ultra
Error code - 0x80070490

Gamertag: HuKuBG
KI on Win10 Store
Missing Kilgore, Shin-Hisako and Eagle.
Store says i own them already,

Gamertag: MapesX
Kilgore, Shin-Hisako and Eagle greyed out
I made a post with all information and screenshots:

I’m having the same issure
Windows 10
Gamertag: ShadowSirSpiffy

Yea the fact that he can reversal Bird Bomb lmao

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Gamertag: R2007
Supreme Edition Win10
Missing Killgore, Shin-Hisako, Eagle and Shadow Jago (Not sure if Jago should be included?)
I purchased KI 31 March 2016,
Haven’t played in a long while, and just found this thread/news
Look forward to your asisst :slight_smile:

Shadow Jago is not in Supreme, you need to buy it separately.

Thank you for clarifying, i’ll await further action from OP

Gamertag: Zeipher Burger
KI on Xbox one and Windows 10, all editions except definitive
I have a bug on both versions where I have eagle already bought/downloaded, but he’s still locked in-game.

edit: went to load it up on xb1 to check which editions I had specifically (It’s ultra) and I guess he got fixed. If that was snickerdoodle, thank you!

I have this issue as well, Killgore, Eagle and Shin Hisako. I own the definitive edition on Xbox one, have downloaded and installed all the characters there. They all play fine on Xbox one. I prefer the play anywhere feature and play KI on my PC so I can use my Fight stick. When I go to sue those characters it tells me I own them and need to download them on my home device and gives an error code. Can’t seem to find an resolution to this to make it work. Hoping you can help.

I have the Definitive Edition on PC, Windows Store version. I have bought everything, including S3 Ultra. I think I should have gotten Eagle for free then? Windows Store says I own it but when I try to select him in-game I get a popup to buy him, and then an error message that I already got him. My gamertag is ‘therealdfuse’

I have the Supreme Edition including Season 3 Ultra on Win10, don’t have Eagle, Kilgore or Shin Hisako. They still say “coming soon” but when i look in my store library it says i’ve purchased them all.

My gamertag is: MiStaCizM

Seems abandoned which is a shame!

Gamertag: grimmwollf
Platform: Xbox One
Killer Instinct Definitive Edition

No Eagle, no Shin Hisako, no Kilgore. Also no gold or terror skins.

Gamertag is MetalGrunt400 , I play on windows 10 , Regular game but I’ve bought all the expansion packs, it also sas I own him already

Bought things like Ultimate Masters Pack , seasons 3 ultra edition, season 2 ultra edition etc

I don’t have gold skins, terror skins, or Eagle

Gamertag: Inuzuke
Platform: Windows 10
Version: Supreme Edition
Details: All 3 are grayed out, but when selected it brings up the Microsoft store window-thingy and then takes states that there is an error and I “already own this content” or something, then takes me to another error screen and closes the store window, leaving me sitting at character select and me still not able to select Killgore, Shin Hisako, or Eagle.
I would appreciate any help!

Gamertag: Robo Taisen
Platform: Windows 10
Version: Definitive Edition
Details: kilgore, shin hisako and eagle, store says i own them but wont let me install them. very annoying