Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know


Tag: DamageByAmbient
Platform: Win 10
Edition: Supreme

I got problem with all season 3 characters. Game asks me to purchase them and then shows 0x80070490 error with “user already owns content”. Please help



tag: andremarques023
platform: Windows 10
edition: Ultra

I can’t buy Kilgore (or any of the season 3 charecters) on Windows 10. It shows a “UserAlreadyOwnsContent” kinda message. @snickerdoodle can you help me with this?


I have been unable to download Eagle since release. I’ve recently built a new PC and installed a clean copy of windows, and when I downloaded KI3 I have the same issue. Thanks for the help

Gamer Tag - PostmortemPrime
Platform - Windows 10
Edition - I think I have Ultra
Error code - 0x80070490


Gamertag: HuKuBG
KI on Win10 Store
Missing Kilgore, Shin-Hisako and Eagle.
Store says i own them already,