Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know


@snickerdoodle I cant play with shin hisako, i previously could play with her, I bought her a week after its release, now it sends me to the store and says that i already own this product and if i want to buy it for someone else.



GT: Thymeless
Platform: PC
Edition: Ultra

Can’t buy Eagle. Played him during his free period and would love to revisit. My Shin and Killgore are fine.


GT: Vayne4800
Platform: PC (Windows Store)
Edition: Supreme

Windows store says I own Eagle. Ingame it says he is Available for purchase. Even trying to purchase fails as it states I own him already followed by another message stating an issue from MS side.


GT: Funrasmus28
Platform: Windows 10
Game Version: S3 Ultra

Can’t play with last S3 characters, please help

Thanks in advance


GT: Death By FRODO
Platform: Windows 10
Game version: Supreme

hello @snickerdoodle, I see this is an old thread hopefully you are still responding :slight_smile: . I have been wanting to purchase and play Eagle, Shin Hisako, and Kilgore for half a year now and have been waiting with each update if my purchase for any of them will go through but keep getting the error that I own them. any help would be appreciated.


GT: Agent Jin
Platform: Windows 10
Game Version: S3 Ultra

Eagle is unusable, and gives already owned message when attempting to purchase. Thanks a lot for all your help here!


Gametag: MechanicalPhoto
Platform: Windows 10
Version: Supreme

The store says I need to buy eagle but once I go to buy him it says I already own him.


Gametag: GreenPonyKnight
Platform: Windows 10
Version: KIDE
Windows store says I own Shin Hisako. Ingame it says she is Available for purchase. Even trying to purchase fails as it states I own her already followed by another message stating an issue from MS side. I had this problem with Eagle, but it was fixed after I bought DE.


Gamertag: Gaming Turtle
Platform: WIndows 10
Version: Definitive Edition
Eagle is no longer having the issue but Shin Hisako is. Character shows available but if I try to install her, it says I need to purchase the character. If I try to purchase her, it says I already own her and it presents an error. The character is available to use if I use the Xox One version.


Can’t access Eagle, Killgore or Shin Hisako. They’re listed as available, but when I try to purchase them it says “You already have this”

GamerTag: Saraquael
Windows 10
I have the supreme edition.


Cannot access Shin Hisako when connected to the internet. I have her purchased when I go into the store

GamerTag: Karapdor
Xbox One / Windows
Ultra Edition with Kilgore, Shin, and Eagle Purchased separately.


Gamertag: Mossman8124
Platform: W10
Version: Supreme Edition

Hello. I also don’t have access to the last three released fighters. Like many of the replies above have stated, when trying to purchase them through the game, Windows Store claims I already have them. Hopefully this thread is still being monitored. If so, thanks for the help!


Gamertag: Sniffulls
Platform: W10
Version: Ultra Edition

I have access to Eagle and Gold skins on my XB1, but on Windows I can’t select or buy them (because I already own them).


Gamertag: Fudidarus
Platform: W10
Version: Supreme Edition
Details: I cannot select Kilgore, Eagle, or Shin Hisako - However the store page says that I own all 3 characters. Even so, I cannot select them.


Hello, I cannot select Eagle. He is greyed out, but it says I already own it. Please help!

Gamertag: dreamscape3000
Platform: Windows 10
Version: Supreme Edition



Gamertag: GrimNightmareX
Platform: Windows 10
Version: Supreme Edition
Details: All 3 are grayed out, but when selected it brings up the Microsoft store window-thingy and then takes states that there is an error and I “already own this content” or something, then takes me to another error screen and closes the store window, leaving me sitting at character select and me still not able to select Killgore, Shin Hisako, or Eagle.
I would appreciate any help!


Gamertag: EPICNESSftwZ
Platform: Windows 10
Version: At this point I forgot, haven’t been involved with KI for a while
Details: After seeing some KI gameplay recently I decided to jump back in and play a while, when I entered Training mode I wanted to learn Shin Hisako a bit since I enjoy regular Hisako a lot. I saw that Shin Hisako, Eagle and Kilgore were grayed out which was weird because I remember playing Kilgore at some point. Then I check to see if I can buy them and the store states that I already own these characters and the only option on the store page is to buy them as a gift.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have the supreme edition and cannot access Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle. It says I already own it but cannot install :confused:


On PC btw forgot to add


Tag: nagdagwag
Platform: Win 10
Edition: Ultra
Details: When I try to purchase Eagle, alongside Kilgore and Shin Hisako, in practice mode and other modes, I get the PUR-UserAlreadyOwnsContent error code 0x80070490. After coming back, I figured this would’ve been fixed by now, but I guess the bug just wasn’t worthy of anyone else’s time. How long has it been since the new characters were released? Not enough complaints to justify it, I suppose.