Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know


I have the physical version



Did you redeem the code that came with the game?


No. I bought the game off of EBay and it just came with the disc in the case. When I put it in my Xbox it gives me everyone, besides those 4 I mentioned.



Unfortunately with the physical DE, in order to get the other characters, you had to redeem a code that was included in the box.

If you purchased it second hand and that code wasn’t there, you’ll have to purchase the characters separately.


Just redownloaded the game (supreme edition) and I can’t purchase/download Shin Hisako or eagle. I bought and downloaded kilgore back in the day just fine. same error as described above. Tried to purchase but says I already own and came up with the same error.

Gamertag: BallisticSalsa
Windows 10
Supreme Edition



Thanks very much in advance for helping out.

Gamertag: PhoenixSeven81
Platform: Windows 10
Edition: Supreme Edition (with Seasons 1-3 purchased)
Issue: I cannot purchase Eagle. The system says I already purchased him when I try to.


Hey, I’m also having issues with Eagle, when I try to purchase him I get an error saying I already own him, but I cannot select him. I’ve purchased all other characters and seasons already.

Gamertag: Kitanvail
Platform Windows 10
Edition: Supreme Edition


ThrashHeavy recorded this fun little bug:


I have the issue that microsoft store says that I already own the product and cant purchase them, it happens with:

Skins packs (Gold and Terror ones)
Shin Hisako, Eagle and Killgore

Can´t purchase them beacuse it says that I already own them but they doesn´t appear to use them.

My gamertag is DarkHollow48, Platform PC from the Microsoft Store Windows 10, I own the Supreme Edition since 30 march 2016.

Hope you can help me @snickerdoodle , thanks in advance.


Just an update of my case, while trying to look for a fix I found that in the store the items appears as owned but that I can’t install them in my device, just in xbox one.

I tried to unlock the content with a friend X1 and indeed the content was unlocked in his console, but remains locked when I play in my pc.


Mmkay I’m caught up to here I think. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you got to me :frowning:
I experimented and tried to even gift the characters to see if I can work around it but the same issue cropped up where it says I already own them.


Gamertag: LehnsherrE
Windows 10
Supreme Edition

Eagle’s been greyed out forever, listed as “Already owned by you” when selected but won’t unlock due to errors


@snickerdoodle It worked! Thank you so so much for this. It was driving me insane. You’re the greatest


Sorry if it’s a bit late, but still can’t use Eagle.
Windows 10.
Bought him from the shop.
Gamertag: KO Express USA


Gamertag: xStoneAngelx
Platform: Windows 10
Game version: Supreme Edition (purchased through windows store)

I’m having an issue with unlocking Shin Hisako, Eagle and Killgore, all three characters are grayed out even though I own them. When I click on them I get a message that says I already own them but they remain grayed out. Any help with this issue will be much appreciated.


GT: NudiiiPS3
Version: Definitive edition, Windows 10

I have the same problem but only with Shin Hisako :disappointed_relieved:


GT: Laxxe23
Platform: Windows 10
Game version: Supreme
Eagle is not playable and purchasing is telling me i own it


Gamertag: dino1Z7
Platform: Xbox One
Edition: S3 Ultra Edition

I can’t play with Shin Hisako, only her…


Gamertag: TJBeastmaster86
Platform: Windows 10
Edition: S3 Ultra Edition, all available characters bought as well

Eagle is greyed out, says I already purchased, then error. Try again later.

Just bought the definitive edition while it was on sale through the Microsoft store. All characters owned and unlocked.