Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know

Hey all!

I know there’s a few threads kicking around for the Eagle issues but I’d like to try to consolidate it all into one. I have gone through the others and sent a couple PMs already but I have likely missed people and that’s not ideal. So I’ve made this thread!

If you are experiencing issues with Eagle, please post in here. I’ll need your GT and I’d like to know what platform you’re playing on and what edition of KI you own.

This thread isn’t for other issues and if you post about things that aren’t Eagle, I will be grumpy. You don’t want me grumpy.

And now…I wait! :slight_smile:


Hello. My gamer tag is GattlingCombo. And I have the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition on Windows 10. When Eagle was FIRST released, I was able to use him for a little while. I came back like a month or 2 later and I haven’t been able to use him since. He is grayed out at the character selection screen, and when I select him, I get an error and the game says I already have him.

Real Deal. Snickerdoodle fixed my ■■■■ up. Spread the gospel, the messiah has finally come to unlock killing robots, dead kids and Native badasses.

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GamerTag: Karr80
Bought the Killer Instinct: SUPREME EDITION on Windows 10.
Eagle is greyed out and when I try to purchase him I get the error that I already own the character.

GamerTag: LatencyZT
Purchased Killer Instinct: SUPREME EDITION on Windows 10 on March 29, 2016
Eagle is still greyed out, and I receive an error when I try to purchase him.

Send halp plz

i have the definitive edtion Eagle is still unavaliable and the golden skins too, when i choose him to purchase, in the transaction pop up shows ‘‘you already own this content’’ but eagle still bloqued,idk why gamer tag ; TAKEM666


Platform: XB1
Edition: S3 Ultra
Details: Eagle is only available every OTHER time I boot the game up.

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Gamertag: Yaypandaslol
Platform: Windows 10
Edition: Honestly not sure, bought it awhile ago. Was pretty sure I bought all the DLC?
Details: I cannot select Kilgore, Eagle, or Shin Hisako - However the store page says that I own all 3 characters. Even so, I cannot select them.

Alright. I think I’ve PM’d everyone that has posted up to this point.

If you’re still having issues, I’m still taking posts! :smile:

Not having issues with Eagle, but something that may be related… there seems to be something odd going when the game launches. The part where it’s “syncing to Ultratech servers” never seems to finish, and will just repeatedly give me the option of either continuing to attempt to sync or to skip and get into the game anyways. I’ve not had any issues yet just skipping and playing the game… I am on the Steam version though. Any chance this inability to sync DLC/shadows and the issues with Eagle are related?

0% related.

Gamertag: Happenstance420
Platform: Win10
Edition: S3 Ultra Edition

Gamertag: Awcko
Platform: W10
Edition: S3 Ultra
Details: Eagle (as well as Kilgore and Shin Hisako) are marked as available instead of owned on the W10 version of the game, but pop an error claiming that I already own the content if I attempt to purchase. Tested on my X1 and all three characters work properly and are available for play.

Alright, should be caught up again.

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Are the solutions being resolved, or are you still just collecting data and forwarding it to people who are trying to figure out the issue? It would be cool if you guys found a solution (also, will there be a way to fix all people who have this problem, including those who haven’t found the forums?).

The issue is being resolved.


Cool, that’s great to hear. I hope there will eventually be a way to solve it for everyone, including people who haven’t posted their gamertags here, but I don’t know the details about what is causing the issue.


GT: Graythol
Version: Definitive edition, XB1
Cant access eagle. Wont allow me to buy him either…

I have also been experiencing issues so i hope this gets resolved once and for all!.. :frowning: