Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know


This doesn’t appear to be the same issue as everyone else. What happens when you try to buy Eagle on Xbox One?

The issue in this thread is PC only.


I had sent you a PM about 2 weeks ago. Can you check again please?



didn’t remember to post here til just now but

gamertag: DE Climax
platform: win10
edition: s3 ultra I think?
details: i haven’t checked in like a month but last time i did eagle was unavailable to play or buy


Gamer Tag: Aloha Mars
I have Win 10 KI with the S3 ultra edition (the one that came with all S3 characters alongside all the S1+S2 ones)
It says I already purchased Eagle even though I click the option that says purchase. I already got Shin Hiskao and Kilgore from earlier


I too am having issues.
Gamertag is KaliaktheBlue
S3 Ultra edition (I think)
Details: I bought all three characters but Eagle remains unplayable and if I try to buy him again it claims I already bought that item.


Gamertag: Evil Hayato
Platform: Win 10
Version: Supreme
Greyed out in character select screen and errors if i try to purchase.


What platform are you having this issue on?


I’m gonna PM you, I have questions.


Windows 10.


Does it happen on Xbox One as well?


I uninstalled and reinstalled, the issue persists.


My GT is BlackJack six, and my console is Xbox one. I have the KI: DE on disk. I try to download the three extra characters, but it wants me to pay. Are they no longer free?


Gamertag: Dedlyz
KI on Win10 Store
Missing Kilgore, Shin-Hisako and Eagle.
Store says i own them already, Characters are listed as available to buy.

Xb1 version does not have this issue for me.



Did you redeem the code that came in the box with your physical copy?


That didn’t answer my question about Xbox One. :slight_smile:


Mmmm, no. I got it used and there was no code. So, it sounds like I’ll have to buy them then, huh?


Unfortunately, yes. If you bought a second hand copy and the code wasn’t included, there’s not much we can do to assist with that.


No worries. Thanks.


I didn’t see that directed at me, but I play on Windows 10 for PC, I don’t have access to an X-Box One so I don’t know if it works or not.


Had my brother sign me on his machine, and Eagle is playable. But not for PC.