Still experiencing Eagle issues? Come let me know


Thanks for the help snickerdoodle =D Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Gamertag: JerrythePope1
Platform: Win 10
Version: Supreme

Still having issues with Eagle.



Same here for Eagle AND Shin Hisako. They are greyed out and if I try to purchase them = “you already have this” + “error, try later”

GamerTag: Cept0n
Windows 10
I think I have the SUPREME EDITION.


Gamertag: King KlaE
KI version: Supreme edition windows 10
Eagle error


Okay everyone up to this point should be taken care of. :slight_smile:


Gamertag: Wirenoise
Platform: Windows 10
Edition: Supreme

Aside from Eagle, I’m also unable to buy Kilgore and Shin Hisako. And the Terror Skin pack.


Gamertag: Brucifer906
Platform: Windows 10
Edition: Supreme

Can’t get Eagle


Same here for Eagle, Killgore AND Shin Hisako. They are greyed out and if I try to purchase them = “you already have this” + “error"

GamerTag: DreamReg
Windows 10


Same problem with Eagle, says I already have him. But I don’t.

Gamertag: SpectreGeneral1
Windows 10
Not sure what edition I have but it’s not the definitive one.


Hi! same problem, i cant use Eagle but it says i already have him
Gammertag: FARxKI
Windows 10
Supreme Edition


Okay everyone up to here should have gotten a PM from me. If I missed you, please let me know. :slight_smile:


Can’t use Eagle, Shin Hisako OR Killgore. Says I already own them
Gamertag: LinkG07
Windows 10
Supreme Edition


Thanks dude ure the boss! :))


Boss lady checking in!


I have Supreme edition for windows 10. My gamertag is MechanicalPhoto and my Eagle isn’t working either.


:)) right on!


Can’t use Shin Hisako. Her icon is grey and everytime i try to choose her, it sends me to microsoft store. I have her installed here. My Eagle and Killgore work fine.

GamerTag: EternalChild004
Xbox One

please, don’t be grumpy on me. :frowning:


This is a completely different thing happening. There’s another thread somewhere for this. Shoo out of this one! :heart:


Hello. I have the definitive edition of killer instinct on the Xbox one. My gamertag is Kinrinku. I’m not able to pick Eagle, Shin Hisako, Kilgore or Shadow Jago.


Do you have a digital or physical copy of DE?