Killer Instinct PC can't play Kilgore, Shin Hisako or Eagle

I bought KI SUPREME EDITION on 4/5/2016 and Microsoft Store says I already have all characters, but I can’t play them. When I pick one, store page opens up and says I already bought it. Here are screenshots from the store and the game.
(sorry for my English, i’m from Russia)

Same for me, help please!

If I’m not wrong, only the definitive edition owners get these three characters, but I’ve heard of some issues on PC version. I think there’s a thread covering this matter. Good luck!

It’s okay if I have to buy them, but as you can see on screenshots, it says that I already have characters and doesn’t let me do that.

I never faced this issue since I play on Xbox one, but I heard some people reporting that reinstalling windows 10 and/or system drivers has solved the problem. I hope you can figure it out. Good luck!

Ir you have a exbox 1 you have to restart the console and log in again man try that I dont have the game for PC the reason I’m telling you cus that happen to me already like 5 months