Steam Launch Q&A


Was waiting on this…in the best possible way!

Totally hear ya, and anyone else. Not optimal, but here we are.

3 months, and I only mention that because I was literally counting. Also we are happy that it released after MvCI and not on the same day, because that was an option. We look at all sorts of things, but this window of time between september and end of november is never fun. So would the team have liked this to come out in August like planned? Of course. What about June like initial predictions? Hell yes. Again, here we are, adapting like we always do. Navigating land mines as best we can.

Sounds like our definitions of success are different than yours, or others in the community.

The rest of the post is spot on, but ultimately it comes down to development. I know you know plenty about it, so I will spare your time with any pie analogy, but nothing is as “simple” as you want it to be. Again, get it. Not optimal. We do what we can to push forward with whatever we have available. Doesn’t always make everyone happy. Doesn’t always work out 100% (depending on who you ask).

Wish I could explain more, but simply cannot. Hope this doesn’t come off as a “you’re wrong” type post. It’s not that. Sadly it’s not a full out explanation of things, either. Just a chance to respond to something that deserves a response, no matter how ambiguous it is.


I never said the Steam version won’t be successful (I sure hope it is). All I said was its chances of success were hurt because of no marketing, which… I don’t think is an unfair or untrue statement. I imagine our definitions of success are pretty similar.

I’m sure the team would have wished the game didn’t launch near to another fighting game, and maybe they just had to go with however it worked out. I understand there are challenges there often out of the dev team’s control. However, I think I will always be puzzled by the team’s insistence on not telling us anything along the way, all the way up to “surprise, the game’s already out!” I would have taken a “we’re hoping for this month, but we can’t guarantee it yet because of factors beyond our control, but it’s not long now!” which helps us spread the word a bit. I was expecting the release to be in November/December at this rate, and suddenly it’s out and it feels very jarring.

I fully understand this, and I don’t have insights into your dev schedule or budget. But as a result, I don’t really have any choice but to tell people that Steam KI is not cross-play in any workable way. There is no ability to search for a specific user. The only way to play with your friends directly is to do some unorthodox method which isn’t even guaranteed to work. I cannot in good conscience tell my friends that there is cross-play here, because in 2017 the term “cross-play” carries certain expectations. If the team is unable to meet those expectations because of budget or time or whatever, that’s extremely unfortunate but it also means the fans need to be honest with each other about what the game offers, and this is not cross-play.

Again, the reason I said things like “I imagine it’s light on the dev costs” in my previous post is not to suggest that you the devs can snap their fingers and it’s in the game. I said it because I want to be clear that I am being cognizant of developer time when I voice frustration… I am not saying “the full game needs to be cross-play in all modes, do it or ELSE.” I am suggesting an alternative that maybe the MS team didn’t know about which would have fewer costs than just simply demanding the whole game be cross-play.

But as I said, perhaps that’s not in the cards. And if it isn’t, no amount of me suggesting quote-unquote “easy” solutions to fixing the problem will help. But if this is the game we’ve got going forward, then I will be clear in telling people that there is no workable version of cross-play in the game, and if you buy the game, you should expect to play only with other Steam users.

I will, of course, still recommend the game because I like KI and want it to succeed.


I love the video on the steam page.



Dissapointed here, bought the Supreme Edition on May 2016 for Windows 10, so today… no Shago, no Eagle, no Shin Hisako, no Kilgore, no Gold/Terror skins. I get that the DE cost less being released later, but I don’t get why I can’t receive the same as DE when I paid more…


It kind of is for Shadow Lords… unless you like grinding.


I can’t wait for those characters!


This complaint I don’t get. You’ve been playing the game for a year and a half way before a Steam version was announced. You really don’t understand why you can’t get those chars for free?


Eh, all the comments are about how its not free to play anymore and how Win10 people can’t get compensated. Pretty gross that they can’t just enjoy it for what it is.


No, I understand that it’s not crossbuy with the Steam version, my complaint is that I dont get the same as the Definite Edition (for Windows 10) when I paid more. I don’t even get Eagle…


Those characters weren’t even a thing when you bought it… (Except for Shago).


They didn’t exist neither when DE came…


To my understanding, people who bought the definitive don’t get the season 3 right?


I’ve got a question @rukizzel, is the Steam version going to ever get the permanent double XP boost the S3 Ultra edition owners got…or any other versions besides S3U for that matter…as a separate dlc add-on?


Nothing planned atm.


They got all the 29 characters (including Shago), DE got Kilgore and Shin Hisako today (in case they didn’t purchase them earlier)


Since the Steam version comes with all the released skin packs bundled in, does that indicate those are done as well or are more still coming?


Valve will issue you as many keys as you want to provide. It costs you nothing. So, if the three editions are par and crossplay, they’re essentially the same game. If this is about giving players choice, why do people that can prove we bought it on windows store or xbox live not get a key to the new platform as well?

Don’t make me to keep using windows store man. Come on. Literally costs nothing but the time it takes to issue those keys.


Ok, just curious.

Oh, also what about being able to edit menu navigation layout for a keyboard? Is that something that could possibly be looked into?

I mentioned it in the a previous thread, but for the sake of others that aren’t aware, when you’re using a joystick/controller layout that is mapped to the keyboard, such as with a 2-player arcade tankstick or a joy-to-key app, a good deal of the navigation controls change when you use local 2-player.
For example the joystick control for player 1 is changed from up, down, left, right, to WASD, and even if you change the in-game controls, the menu navigation is locked down as WASD etc. And if your setup doesn’t allow for convenient keyboard access it becomes a real problem.


so…okay, the game does not work on windows 7 or Mac, windows 10 only…

What advantages does putting it on steam provide then? How does this grow the community if it’s being offered to people who have windows 10 anyway, and thus have been offered the game for a year now…?

Who is this for? What steam diehard fighting game community is there, that loves games like KI, have windows 10, but say, “if it’s not on steam, then i won’t play it”.

or am I missing something?


I don’t like to be a negative person. I really don’t. It’s great that the game is now on Steam. It’s less great that it’s a hodge podge of different purchase options that are difficult for people to sort out - hence all the “If I bought S1 Ultra, and S3 Ultra, but S2 Combo Breaker, do I get the gold colors when I buy the Steam edition” type questions. It’s also a pretty big bummer about the lack of any sort of matchmaking between Xbox/Windows Store players and Steam players. It’s one thing to keep the random ranked communities separate, but I have a hard time believing anyone will be able to find their friends. Which I guess is fine. I mean, SFV has seamless ranked and exhibition play between PS4 and Steam so I know it’s possible. But plenty of other games don’t have any cross play at all. KI, functionally, has no cross play between steam and other versions. You would have to get lucky to be able to play with a friend. Baffling to me, but oh well.

As far as colors and skins, yeah, I can see why people feel bummed. But I’m hard pressed to really care at this point.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the one final salt in the wound of the whole Xbox One Fightstick fiasco. So, the 360 stick and Xbox One stick I can use to play KI on Windows 10 Store edition won’t work on the Steam version, but my other sticks will… It’s all so random and confusing.

EDIT: The game is already on sale on Steam for $10 off ($29.99 until October 4).