Steam Launch Q&A

Have the info 10 minutes early!



coughs marketing?


"however, you cannot invite friends to compete in Exhibition if they are not on the same platform. The easiest workaround for this is to create a lobby, name it with specific parameters, and have players search for that lobby."
Not to be a mood spoiler but this is a huge bummer. I hope that at some point, this gets sorted out.


Without invites running online tournaments will be a bit of a nightmare :expressionless:


Glad it’s launching, but goddamn it if there was ever a time NOT to do the “launching today!” thing, it was now.

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do we really have to buy the game again? i heard people in the test got copies for free. how do i get my steam copy. im fully willing to buy the game for my friends but i refuse to play if i dont get what i paid for.

“all Gold and Terror skin packs will be free for KI: Definitive Edition owners in the coming days.”
"(if you’re a DE owner – just reiterating)"

You said two times “Definitive Edition owner” so my question might already be answered and this might make you waste your time (sorry if that’s the case) but are S3 Ultra Edition owners included, like it was the case for Eagle back then ?

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offers water for that nasty cough

Totally get it, but it is sorted out. We aren’t set to add any additional features.

It’ll be tough. That’s understood.

There’s a million sides to this with a million points to each side, so for brevity’s sake, “we understand that not every option is the best option for every person.”

They sure did. That was their reward for helping. Has nothing to do with purchasing.

No waste of time, promise! The promotion will only be applied to DE owners.

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Just wondered is the NDA now lifted ?



My friends right now:


So then just to confirm the upcoming gold skins will be free to DE owners correct?

That is correct

will crossplay ranked be added? this makes or breaks whether i stick around or not.

To those of you on social media (I’m not), please spread the word that KI is now available on Steam. I know that if some of the diehard SFV players out there gave KI an honest try, they’d be pleasantly surprised.

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See above, but that answer is “no.”

Don’t have Steam, but if issues with the game arise, to whom would that be directed to? Steam support? IG/MS? A combo of the two?

We have set up a Steam section here on the forums, and will also be patrolling the KI Steam Community, as well, helping as much as we can.

have you played ranked at all lately (like in the past few days)? … there’s a ton of players on the current xbox/win10 ecosystem and steam’s ecosystem is filled with a ton of potential KI players as well.

i’ve been waiting for the steam release. like a majority of the PC players. you literally can not defend being pulled away from 2/3rds of the player base. you cant.

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