Steam Launch Q&A


@rukizzel i bought the game in first 10 minute glad to bought KI. now my main question is should i order shadow jago limited edition figure if i buy can i use it on steam ? this is important i want that human shadow jago !!!


No - those codes are for Xbox/Windows versions of the game.


too bad what can i do for the earn them ? i really want that colors soooooooooooo badly ? is there any works or anybundle[ i do recommended bundle like everyfigure color skins i bet you fellas will sell it well] i really want it tbh. maybe later day ?


I urge @developers to put a disclaimer on what KI Gold is for because Steam ignorants now think this game is pay2win.


Sure. I hear you. Maybe try it first though, before declaring that you will or will not stick around? You’ve mentioned that you’ve been waiting for it to come to Steam. Well … the wait is over. I hope you enjoy playing KI! You still have Ranked within the Steam ecosystem, and if you want to play with the first playerbase, you have Exhibition and Lobbies. If it helps, I’m pretty sure the majority of people here on the forums will be happy to play with you and you can always request sets on the KI Ultimate Fans facebook page. Best!


Steam owners cannot played ranked cross-platform?? Wowwww that’s crazy, that actually made me not double dip and buy it on Steam. What in the world was the thought process behind that nonsense?


Most ranked ladders on steam get hacked in around 1 week.


why is the steam version so gimped? im no longer speaking out of anger. please give some sort of answer. no colors for KI players with physical figures. no F2P to entice new players, must repurchase, locked from xbone/store players on ranked.

whats going on?


1.Steam port is aimed for new players

2.New players tend to not have any figures. If they did, they would already be playing on xbox/win10 long ago, Besides it’s propably messy to make these codes work on technically new game (TECHNICALLY)

3.Steam leaderboards would propably get hacked, besides xbox veterans would commit genocide on steam players.


not just for them though. everyone paying attention to this game knows most pc players were waiting for the steam release. even then why would you have new players pay for a gimped game compared to the vets? thats just ■■■■■■■ them double.

yeah, im super butthurt about this. i ran exclusively my frost bitten bones. now im stuck with the mimic skin.

both of these are fairly ■■■■■■ reasons in my opinion. there are already people out there with stars who arent good players, they just play a lot. and xbox vets are already going to ■■■■■■■ slaughter them when they rebuy the game for the best platform its on.


is the definitive edition still full price for people will all chracters?


Colour codes won’t work on steam because they are xbox codes. They won’t work on any other network because it wouldn’t make sense for them to do so, because they’re essentially prepaid credit for a particular platform. Remember w10 is really the xbox network but on PC, so it isn’t 1 set of stuff working on 2 platforms.

The ranked thing is probably due to leaderboard issues, cos there’s no way to send messages or even search for crossnetwork players, so if you cant actually find crossnetwork I don’t see how they’d be able to show them on the leaderboard.


Just wondering are all the default colors for all characters unlocked from the start in the Steam version? Or do we need to re-buy them all with KI Gold again? I spent a ton of money to unlock all colors for all characters in Windows 10 version and I just want to know if I have to do that again in the Steam version?

Also if all default costumes colors are unlocked from the start, does this include the Color that normally requires level 50 character experience too? That would be awesome since there was no way to buy it in Windows 10 version.

One last question, the Steam page says minimum OS is Windows 7 and recommended OS is Windows 10, does that mean that the Steam version works on Windows 7? That’d be awesome!

Any info on this stuff would be greatly appreciated.



Does this mean KI is now available for Mac? asking for a friend!


Sadly no


dang, I thought there was steam on mac? i gota buddy that’s interested.


does the steam release include the gold gargos skin from the definitive edition as well or is that still DE only


I think so but there should be a link to the Q&A in this thread that will answer you question


yeah I saw the Q&A but the reason i asked is that gold gargos/platinum gargos and the SL exclusive fulgore color seem to be kept in their own little section away from the rest of the colors when these subjects pop up


So DE owners get all gold packs and terror packs free. Sod that I’m not paying more for packs when they’re getting them for free.