Steam Launch Q&A


It’s a bit of a downer that there’s no ranked crossplay but I understand why. After all, crossplay between Steam and XBL is still in its infancy. I do hope that the steam release raises the games profile some more and breathes life back into the game’s offline tournament scene.


Everybody move aside, time for important stuff: when more Jago nerfs? 110


I only have the xbox one stick. So until they add xbox one support I probally won’t buy the steam edition. I already have the windows version.


No corssplay rank!!! That sucks. And not xbox one arcade stick support. :frowning:


Sorry, what are you asking?

Must unlock again. Achievements, too.

Gold Gargos is not included


That was a deal set up for Xbox One and Windows

Players can be enticed no matter what!

Totally understand that it’s not optimal for some…but no one is making you move. It’s all about choice.

Design decision. Many have touched on why.


no gold gargos? bummer.


If there was a $10 dollar bridge option to get all the stuff in the DE edition for people who bought the all Season 1-2-3 characters bundle before DE was a thing that wouldbe nice.

Like how games have an upgrade to deluxe option for people who bought the standard.


Man, this whole release is very bitter-sweet for me… Having to double dip, more free stuff for DE owners, Steam not getting everything that the other systems got.

I’ll have to wait for a sale to consider buying it again.

I’m happy for ya, devs, but… gosh…


It’s on sale right now from what i understand at like 25% off.


Okay, thanks for the quick reply. I think I will just stick with the W10 Store version since I invested so much money into unlocking all the colors and accessories already.


Thanks for the answer.

Now, I just need to buy the definitive edition for that sweet physical soundtrack, the skins will just be the cherry on the cake.


Just saw it. Not a bad deal but I’ll wait a little longer due to being strapped on funds after nabbing Pokken DX.

Thanks for the heads up on it though. I’ll have to keep a look out more often.


Will the Omen colors be free?


i would gladly buy KI-gold if you guys add figure colors in game !(shagos plz) (also why golden gargos not included)


They are in there!


Probably because you can unlock gargos’ skins anyway.


This will attract more players


after an absurd amount of grinding


steam version includes astral plane too ? @rukizzel


First of all, I want to say thanks for releasing KI on Steam. I’m happy you guys made the decision to do that and it will undoubtedly help the game’s growth, even though it is not really cross-play in any workable way.

I want to offer some constructive criticism, however.

First of all, I can’t believe you guys went from refusing to tell us anything about the game’s feature set or launch date to literally releasing the game without warning. We have been trying to tell people to get excited for the Steam release for a long time, and we’ve had nothing to tell them. Not even an estimated window aside from “some time this year”. So, for 4 or 5 months we’ve had to deflect questions about that, and then you release it within 2 weeks of MvCI coming out, a game that is taking up most of the FGC’s time right now, and then you also do it without any real warning? I dunno what the plan was, and maybe your plan has nothing to do with the FGC (which is fine, I suppose), but I find this whole course of action just really… difficult to understand. We’ve tried to do marketing for your game, been unable to, and then you release it without any marketing right in the heart of Marvel mania. Maybe it’ll all work out but I feel like you guys hurt its chances to succeed by doing this.

The second thing I want to be critical of is the way you ask us to do cross-play. I’m not going to say you should have done ranked cross-play (I can imagine the technical challenges here of unifying the Steam/Xbox leaderboards - perhaps this isn’t very easy). I am mostly okay with just lobby/exhibition crossplay.

However, I will say that “make a lobby, ask your friend to search for it, maybe he’ll find it idk” is a horrific implementation. This is a solved problem in a lot of different games (Rocket League is the biggest one that comes to mind immediately, which is the poster-child for cross-platform play right now); you simply assign a small 4-digit alphanumeric code to each lobby when a user makes it, and then users on any platform can either search for lobbies like they currently do, or they can enter a code to immediately find a specific lobby.

I also suspect that implementing this feature is actually quite light on development costs - it doesn’t seem like any extra server load to also store an extra string with each lobby, and it would involve developing 1 or 2 new UI elements for displaying the code in a lobby (with a “hide/show code” button, so users who are streaming can keep private), and a UI screen for typing in a 4 digit code and displaying “code not found” if it doesn’t work. Searching for an existing lobby based on a code seems trivial, since you can already search for lobbies based on other parameters.

I feel doing it this way is 100% mandatory to be able to tell your users that the game is cross-play in good faith. You guys (and us, as the forum community) are going to have to field so many questions about “how can I play with my friend on Xbox/Steam?” and the answer is going to be wholly unsatisfactory to the point where I feel many users will feel ripped off.

It seems you guys are done with the game, based on Rukari’s responses in here, but I would really, really, really urge you to consider implementing this basic UI to help cross-play actually let people play specifically with their friends in a reasonable way. I’m not asking for ranked cross-play, I’m simply asking for a well-known implementation of lobby-based crossplay, that has proof of working just fine in many games, make our game better.