Steam Launch Q&A


Boy I sure do, just, despise the Definitive Edition, having been a Day 1 PC S3 Ultra edition buyer. Oh, but I didn’t wait a month to get everything the game was offering post S3 for free.


Also @Infilament you lie. What if people who got the steam version want to learn Kilgore, Shin Hisako or Eagle? smh false advertisement.


Checked the active player count. 170 players peak. Surprise/no announcement release might not have been the way to go.


I forgot how toxic and intolerantly blind the Steam community can be, the comments and forum posts there are ridiculous. Complaining about the already insanely good pricetag, complaining about no free-to-play option, complaining that Win10 doesn’t get compensation, complaining complaining complaining. One guy even tried to say its a remaster of KI gold and that he’ll stick with his N64. Another guy trash talking RARE for the way the Steam release was handled. These people are incredibly intolerant and just throw out drooling rage as if they might actually know what they’re talking about.

Are you surprised though?

KI has NEVER gotten a shred of support when it comes to advertisement. If it wasn’t from word of mouth from the fanbase keeping the game going nobody would even know it exists.

When I heard the news today I hit up all of my Facebook friends who wanted KI but didn’t want an Xbox, my Discord servers, Skype, all of it. We’re the only advertising KI gets.


If it tells you anything, when I was testing it out this past week I actually made several attempts at hooking up with my son through the lobby method. And while the Steam side of things only had about 60 players, the XBL side had plenty of opportunities to get that proverbial missed high-five and unintentionally hook up with other players, and we found each other no problem every time. But of course this doesn’t exactly factor in a ton of Steam and XBL players all trying to connect that way all at the same time. :confused:


So what is the parameter that you set to differentiate your exhibition lobby from any random exhibition lobby?


Mostly, we just picked one of the more uncommon lobby names (I think it was “Let’s Experiment” but it could be anything) and only set it up for 2 players. That was about it.



Fair enough. I wish everyone good success in playing games with their friends. And I mean that with all sincerity.


One obscure commercial that doesn’t even list the name of the game in it doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was there ever a definitive reply as to why there is no ranked cross play? Is it because of PC cheating potential? A lot of the whining on the Steam page is because of the lack of ranked cross play. I have no problem with playing ranked with other platforms, why is this a thing?

Also the Q&A states it comes with all skins in one section, when in fact it does not. All of the color 10/11s are not included. Then later goes on to state they are not in a later bullet point. Might want to update that. Also, just sell us the skins please, I’ll gladly pay $10 for the set. :B


The only way this is possible is for the company itself to run their own friends list servers and do the matchmaking themselves. Notice that Marvel does not have cross play because they just use the Xbox/PSN/Steam friends lists directly, not a “CFN ID” like SFV does. Also notice that SFV’s servers are frequently down and terrible, because Capcom has to maintain them themselves.

Also note that Rocket League, a game with something like 30 million lifetime players, also doesn’t have party/friends list systems because they handle invites directly through the individual platforms. (Although, they announced this is changing early next year)

KI uses Xbox gamertags for their matchmaking, so everything is tied to the Xbox architecture. Unless they wanted to gut the whole system and recode their own friends lists (which is undoubtedly a huge amount of work), this won’t be possible.

This is why my suggestion of assigning a 4-digit code to the lobbies would work. Effectively it’s a temporary username for the players in that lobby, which lets people find each other without having to maintain permanent friends lists unique to this game. You just say “I want to play with player A7T4 right now”, and another player on a different system signed up to be A7T4 a minute or two earlier. Then once the lobby is done, that name disappears.

(My guess as to why there is no ranked crossplay is similar; they have to maintain a leaderboard which means basically having a joined list of all the usernames on both Xbox and Steam, and I imagine there is a large technical challenge in this. It is much easier to get individual sessions to talk to each other, hence the lobby/exhibition crossplay, than it is to unify the architectures of Steam/Xbox to do a joint ranked leaderboard.)


To be fair though they have had lots of ads for KI over the past few years in the one place where it matters most: the XB1 home page, where KI’s all like “Hey there, I see you just bought yourself a shiny new Xbox. Well here’s a game you can play for it…oh don’t worry, you don’t have to buy it right now…you can have Jago on us.”


True enough but there has never been any big campaigns for it, unlike other Microsoft owned IPs like Halo, Gears, Fable to an extent, etc.

If they make a Sequel to this game they had better step it up in the advertising department and release the PC versions alongside the Xbox version to really give the game all the backing it needs and deserves.


So… will we be able to name lobbies in the future?

Cause the tournament scene online is going to be super awkward without a good way to do lobbies.


I’ve already heard a story about someone who set up a lobby expecting his friend to join. They didn’t find each other right away, and instead a different player joined the lobby. The host had to kick this player, who then sent him a salty hate mail saying he was a jerk for not playing.

I foresee a lot of this until people just give up on trying crossplay and/or play another game. I really wish it wasn’t like this, but unless the dev team decides it’s worth the energy to add the system, I think this is gonna be pretty standard stuff.


Pretty much, its crossplay with randoms. If you have no other expectations than that it’s perfect but if you want to play with friends or organize something crossplay its a nightmare.


To me (and I imagine to most people), cross-play means they can play a specific person on another platform without herculean effort/a bunch of failed attempts in between. And this is extra expected of KI, I think, because ranked is the mode where you go to play randoms and there is no ranked cross-play. So it’s just “exhibitions but with randoms” which is okay, as long as they advertise it correctly. Just calling it “cross-play” implies certain things that I feel most players are expecting. It will be unfortunate when they realize that playing with their friend on a different platform is really difficult.

But hey, if you just bought the game on Steam and all your friends only play on Steam, then the game should be normal for you.


Sadly all of the people arguing on Steam think the game will be dead in 2 weeks without proper ranked crossplay.


I hope they’re wrong but it’s not up to us.


have the definitive edition and killgore didnt show for free today, got a error when i tried to selected, anyone with this problem?


I’m Lost…So I can’t invite a Steam friend to play?