Souls Series Action RPG thread!


No, iron passage comes after Brume Tower.

Also, I checked under Shulva, Sanctum City there are three areas, and I only unlocked one: Sanctum Walk.

I have yet to go to two areas before Iron Passage/ after Shulva Sanctum:

Dragon Shrine
Shulva Sanctum
Brume Tower
iron passage
Then DLC area (Frozen Eleum Loyce)


Apparently it was because they made the game on PC first, then realized the console versions couldn’t render all of those shaders and lighting properly and had to tone everything down to make it work on consoles. Shame though, a lot areas in DS2 look either washed out or empty without the advanced shading, but I guess it was either that or another rushed PC port like DS1.


Man thats DLC stuff…where are you at in the regular progression that I listed above?


Time to stream a bit of Dark SOUls 2 Scholar of the First SIn! Im heading straight to the GIant Lord Boss fight and then onto the end game…Throne of Want.
I may do some Twinkling Titanite farming and Rat covenant trolling as well.

Here we goooooo…


I just bought a PS3 for DEMON SOULS!!! Its was regualr $109 at Game stop but its was $20 off…plus I had $25 in points plus I traded in 3 games for $24…so basically it was $40!!!
My son grabbed MK9 with his allownace too!

Also had GOd of WAR on preorder so IM about to stream that as well…but DEMON SOULS! I can finally play it!!! oh yeah!!! Ive had it for over a year sitting on the shelf. Ill finsih DS2 this weekend and now to complete the series!!!


I think you mean Demon’s Souls. :grinning:

But seriously, Demon’s Souls is still a great game despite how older and rougher it’s mechanics are compared to later Souls games (no sliding/jump down ladders, more limited checkpoints, etc.). I hope you can find why so many people preferred DeS over Dark Souls in certain aspects, it really does certain things very differently. It’s a shame you had to go to that great of a length just to play it though, worse part is I may have to follow that path as well. I still hate how Sony’s lack of faith back in 2009 is forcing people like me to go treasure hunting to play the original Souls game (a life I had long abandoned in the PS2 era of gaming).


$89 right now at Game stop for a PS3 slim. Cant beat that. Trade in a few games and chip away at that price. Demons souls is also only $12 I think.

IM looking forward to it for sure. God of war was pretty Epic last night! The controls are a bit basic though and I dont like how the camera can get you turned around backwards…its very unnatural many times during combat. I cant believe it got 9s and 10s in reviews with that kind of camera mess.


Ok so I started Demons Souls over the weekend…WOW! Its great! And it is hard as hell! OMG no check points or bonfires. The 1st area is massive with many paths and ups and downs. It nearly broke me as the stress of loosing my souls and having to start over from the beginning if I died was intense!
But…I finally made it to the boss and I beat him first try…barley.

I was so hyped up screaming YES ! YES!!! LOL!

I see so much of Dark Souls in this game that DS1 is ■■■■ near a copy of Demon Souls in many aspects. But the entire leveling up and saving aspect is very cloudy as I have no idea what to do or where to go.


Demon’s Souls, like DS1, focuses on having a lot of shortcuts revolving around one single checkpoint, but unlike DS1 you only get more checkpoints by beating the boss of each area (for example killing the boss of area 1 gives you the checkpoint of area 2, etc.). It should be noted DeS is more linear than it appears to be, as it boils down to finding the boss/shortcuts to the checkpoint, then killing said boss to unlock the next major area of the level you are in (like DS1 but instead of open-world it has each zone divided into large level chunks).

Leveling up is done by talking to the Maiden in Black but only after you kill the first major boss of the Castle zone (which you did already), similar to the other Souls games that aren’t DS1 (for some reason DS1 is the only one where you don’t talk to an NPC to level up). It’s a little more confusing initially compared to the other Souls games but it opens up more as you progress.


Well I defeated Elana the squalid queen last night. That was a tough fight! Tough area all around but I enjoyed it. Now its the Cave of the Dead and then onto the 2nd DLC… Winter Shrine or the Iron king DLC. We shall see. I may go ahead and defeat the Throne watchers and Nashandra so I can buy Twinkling titanite and Chunks.

I really want to get the Chaos flame spell but you have to get 150 points in the Blood covenant duels. That’s a lot of duels!
That’s one thing I don’t like about covenant rewards in Dark Souls…by the time you get these things you are burnt out on the game and it doesn’t have the same excitement as when you didn’t have it.


Testes… Testes… 1…2


Anyone here planning to try the network test? I’m curious but I know it’s going to be a lag-fest and apparently it’s also going to be heavy on co-op (which I have never done before in a Souls game) so cold feet on that too. Still, I did recently get back into DS3 so I might try it regardless.


Yes…you can only play the first area. SO you can roam around and summon, invade or help others beat that first boss.

@TempusChaoti Hey man, can you use your MS strings and find out why the heck Dark Souls 3 hasnt received the “patch” that PS4 Pro received to unlock the frame rate up to 60fps? DS3 looks so much better on PS4 pro than on the XBox X. Im so dissapointed in the difference. I thouhgt for sure the X was going to look amazing and it looks like Thanos’s ball sac chin! lol
I cant beleive this game isnt “enhanced”…who do we have to Stage Ultra to get Bandai ot From soft to do this? lol


You’re fortunate that my boss used to work for the man who runs Namco Bandai, so he asked him. He’s great friends with From (naturally) so we’ll see what response we get back. Depending on which XDK Souls 3 originally shipped on, it’s either easy or not easy at all to enhance the title.


LOL no way! I was just messing with you! ha ha!

So what does that mean “which XDK Souls 3 shipped on”?

It came out in March (Japan) and April ( USA) of 2016. So that would be the standard Xbox since the S model didn’t release until August 2016?

Thanks Adam!

BTW someone said that DS3 on the Xbox still runs at 900p. Not sure how true that is but that’s what they said comared to the PS4Pro version running at 1080p or close to 4K with unlocked framerate.

Here is what they said on some topic about the Quality on Xbox X

DS3 on X is locked at 30, but unfortunately has no other advancements over base xbone and still is 900p.


XDK = Xbox Development Kit
It’s the revision of the internal software that companies use to develop games for the Xbox One. It goes through updates just like the dash does several times a year as new features are added or more efficient ways of operating are integrated. Sometimes there’s big architecture changes that are made in an XDK update which changes a lot of fundamental design and structure of the code you’d write to make a game work or be more efficient in how it runs. So, if the XDK that From used was really old, the amount of rework they may have to do in order to provide an updated version could require major code changes that would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to do, which is why they may not update the game. Also, it could just be a business decision - it’s really up to the individual companies to evaluate all this and decide for themselves what’s best.


Wow! Thanks for the insight. Very interesting to learn these things. If I had to guess your prob right as they will not spend the money to update it being the DS remaster is coming out. But if it was easy now would have been a good time or some time after DS remaster has released to keep they hype train going.
Fingers crossed!


Streaming Dark SOuls 3 on the XBox X. New character, Pyromancer with the Deep Axe. Unfortunatley the servers are down …AGAIN! Thats twice in 2 weeks DS3 has been down and DS2 was down for 8 days!!! WTF Bandai or From???

Anyway…come check out the stream!


More DS3 stream inbound now!