Souls Series Action RPG thread!

Id like to use this thread to talk about ALL Souls type games. Not just Dark Souls, or Bloodborne. All games that are similar to the Souls series. Here are a few that I enjoy and are currently playing. Please list games that maybe are similar or coming soon and lets discuss and share.

WE have Nioh that just came out last week, Dark Souls final DLC coming in a month, The Surge coming in May, and of course the amazing 2D Souls type game …Salt and Sanctuary.
Ive also read about Deaths Gambit coming soon that looks great as well!


The Surge looks very interesting. I’m looking to get that.

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Dude its gonna be so awesome! Everything they did wrong with LOTF they will have corrected here and better!
This is why LOTF 2 never came out becasue Deck 13th wanted to do the Surge and left the project to pursue it alone. Not sure were CG games is now with LOTF2.

But right now NIOH is taking over the world! Sold out across the planet! (Physical copies anyways)

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I never played demon souls bloodborne and nioh but I played dark souls1 dark souls2 and dark souls3 and I consider myself a vertan of the games since I played dark souls 1 on release day.

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Well Bloodborne is the true successor to Dark Souls one as far as game design by Myazaki.
IMO Bloodborne is the best out of all of them.

NIOH is amazing!

Ive never played Demon SOuls but I did buy it yesterday for 10$ even though I dont have PS3 lol

True bloodborne has good design but I agree it’s to edgy.

I have to mention Darkest Dungeon, its basically roguelike Dark Souls, I love this game.

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Souls series…
Soul Edge?
Soul Calibur?
Soul Blade?
Yes, I do like those…


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@xSkeletalx Plays that game…Ive read about it just havent had a chance to really check it out.

No guest souls into Souls saga please



I’ve only just sat down and started to play these games properly - starting with Dark Souls 1 - really enjoying it so far - the enemy/boss design is great.
I was a big fan of the Ninja Gaiden games (the one’s by Itagaki) , the Souls games feel like the RPG equivalent.
The only frustrating thing is the inability to pause the game which makes it difficult to play with the family around.

I have Bloodborne, Nioh , and Lords all in my backlog, I’ve made it past the first boss on each , but figured I’m better off playing through them all in order.

Maybe MS should make a similar IP, something with a sci-fi setting? Like an HR Giger inspired ‘Alien Souls’ type game???


Great! And i totally understand the pause ordeal…but I think thats what makes it special as well. Keeps you on the edge!
As for A Sci-fi souls game look no further than “The Surge”…which is basically Lords of the Fallen part 2 (not story wise but developer wise this is their next game) …it come out this May!

OMG wait till you get going into Bloodborne it is soooooooo amazing! Best game ever IMO… right now NIOH is just blowing my mind. If you a fan of the Ninja gadien games then your going to love NIOH as its the prefect combo of NG and DS / BB.

I cant stop playing NIOH man… its just brilliant.

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Oooohhh Dark Souls!Aj82HV1ndOqAfUqKsVTSoorQVb8

I ■■■■■■ love the souls series.!Aj82HV1ndOqAihQzfwWTQZxghV_Y

So much…
Bless Miyazaki.


I just found out about The Surge today - definitely one to look forward to.

Darkmaus is meant to be Souls like although I haven’t played it yet, it’s been on STEAM for a while.

WOW! That looks interesting! I dont have a PC for gaming though. Have you played Salt and Sanctuary?

I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t picked it up yet.
I think Death’s Gambit is possibly the one I’m most looking forward to.

Yeah I seen that! It looks cool…but trust me when I say Salt n sanctuary is amazing! It will really surprise you… just trust me.

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I came In here thinking there was some kinda Soul Calibur rpg announcement I missed or something lol this makes more sense. Carry on. :sweat_smile:

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THE SURGE is available for Pre-Order on the Xbox store “coming soon” section!!! DLC bonus for pre-order! I cant wait!!!

Id rather have a physical copy so Im going to wait and see what Game Stop offers before I buy.

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I’m actually interested in that. Space Dark Souls that “Challenging third-person combat”? Yes please!

I like Sci-Fi. :smiley:

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