Souls Series Action RPG thread!


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And I have been here long enough to remember this Lol. Funny how time flies when you’re having fun…though the Lothric Lorian fight is giving me headaches! Not fun :smile: I will try again for the 38th time…


Try fire vestiges or combustion. I think they are weak to lightening too.


It never fails for me with a Souls game. I always hit the same pattern: Make it a moderate chunk into the game, get stuck on something and give up to play something else, and then come back months or even upwards of a year later and have it click well enough to beat the game, roll into New Game Plus and start PVP.

Once I get off my Monster Hunter kick I’m gonna pick up Bloodborne again. Maybe try things a little differently this go, but definitely start anew and use my newfound knowledge to my advantage!


YEah me too…Bloodborne is the only one I didnt stop and come back too. I played BB from start to finish non stop!


Yup, today finally beat twin princes after 1.5 years LOL Had to summon two phantoms, could not do it alone.


Only to beat the entire game two hours later. 1.5 years in the making :smile: I have the dlc but I’ll pass…for now… Shadow of War awaits…


DUDE!!! THe DLC to DS3 is the best part! OMG the Dragon Prince battle is EPIC…the best BOss fight IMO! The ringed city is crazy awesome!
THe other DLC Airiandle is awesome too! THe grave warden and the wolf is a great boss too!
And of course the chic at teh end and her dad…oh man… DUDE GO BACK and FINSH DS3 !!!


I much preferred the final boss of DLC 1. Don’t wanna say any more than that.

Such an epic fight.

I think you mean Demon Prince?


The DLCs for DS3 were okay, but outside of one specific fight I didn’t really feel much from them overall, the new items were good to have though. Honestly if the season pass didn’t go on sale when I bought it I probably wouldn’t have cared for it at all (it also didn’t help I was burned out on DS3 by then either).

On a side note, all this talk of Dark Souls got me back into Dark Soul 2: SotFS. I gave this game too little credit in the past, too bad about Soul Memory though, I wanted to be more involved in this game’s online mode but I don’t even get to fight invaders at this point (compared to DS3 where it happened way more often). Oh well, it’s still fun to “go clubbing” on the bosses since the basic club weapon scales so well with strength in this game.


Ive been invaded many times! And Ive fought many players in the Blood covenant duels at Titchey Greens location.


After an even longer hiatus, I booted up DS2 SotFS: and I am sitting at a bonfire but have no clue where to go next. I totally forgot where and why I got stuck lol. I have unlocked plenty of areas which makes it hard to deduct what my next move should be…luxury problems, I guess :smile:


Do you still have the boss souls on hand?

Look at your bonifires menu and see what is the last one on the menu. I can direct you from there.


Thanks! Once I am back at the hotel then I will check the bonfire menu.


Dang it…


I seen this on Facebook and figured it was a troll post. Since it says Summer 2018…I mean, may 25th is basically summer 2018 so I guess they mean July or something?


I am at Iron Passage, part of Iron Hallway Entrance, that is the last bonfire I lit. I guess that I go from there…


That’s in the Iron keep right? So just continue forward and beat the Iron King…light his Primal Bonfire and that will take you back to Marjula. That give you the key to continue forward into Shaded Woods and Open the Door to the Shrine of winter and into Dranglec Castle.

Here is the progression route.

Things Betwixt
Forest of Fallen Giants
Heide’s Tower of Flame
Cathedral of Blue
No-Man’s Wharf
The Lost Bastille
Belfry Luna
Sinner’s Rise
Huntsman’s Copse
Undead Purgatory
Harvest Valley
Earthen Peak
The Grave of Saints
The Pit
The Gutter
Black Gulch
Shaded Woods
Doors of Pharros
Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Lord’s Private Chamber
Iron Keep
Belfry Sol
Shrine of Winter
Drangleic Castle
King’s Passage
Shrine of Amana
Undead Crypt
Aldia’s Keep
Dragon Aerie
Dragon Shrine
Dark Chasm of Old
Memories of the Ancients
Throne of Want


Im finally at the end game of DS2…Im on the last Dragon memory and then all I have to do is fight the final boss at the Throne of Want. I need to do the Dark Chasm of old but thats a side area for the Dark Covenant.
Ill do the DLC before NG+ as well.

But honestly Im loving this game! I never thought i would say that but now that Im fully invested it has grown on me tremendously! F all the DS 2 haters…I was one of them once but I highly recommend giving this game a shot by beating it…I promise once you get towards the end it gets so much better.
I had a blast last night in the Rat King covenant killing trespassers…LMAO…oh man it was so much fun!


I enjoyed ds3 but I prefer DS2 more. I think if DS3 was more like Bloodborne it would be better. The game is too bright at times. I just like the darkness and pacing of DS2, Demon Souls,… more…


I turn the screen brightness alll the way down and my TV to Dark calibrated.
Ive been watching the original DS2 reveal and the game looked so much better and darker back then. But they changed it before release to the bright and basic design it is now. What could have been …sigh