Souls Series Action RPG thread!


I run my back light at 82 and my brightness at 48…so my brightnessis more of the back light than :brightness" or the black level. But I agree… the other video I couldnt find when I posted this they have it very bright too.
Owell… cant wait to see for my self!
now…back to DS1 and SHrine of Amana…ugh…its tough!


Good luck. I couldn’t stand DS2.


I didnt like at first either but once I got powerful enough and some cool armor and weapons I like… its now fun. The later areas are much better than the earlier one. Its great!


It was less the weapons (I got a Greatsword, so I was set), and more the feeling of movement. It doesn’t feel as deliberate as 1 and 3. It feels like I’m running and rolling in water.

I’m glad you like it, but I just can’t. Maybe if I was playing with someone, I could get over those things. I beat the Old Iron King, Sinner, and Freya, so I feel like I gave it a fair shot. I dunno.


For me Dark Souls 2 didn’t truly open up until well after I had beaten the main campaign and found out that the Caestus and Club weapons have A-scaling on Strength, and having a fist weapon build that could actually do good DPS in a Souls game allowed me to see Dark Souls 2 in a very different light as a result. It is still the clunkiest game in terms of feel (the run penalty for letting your stamina run out is still my most hated mechanic in Ds2) but once you understand the flow of combat a lot of the issues can feel way less worse the more you play the game (though personally I just wish it didn’t take so long for me to get used to).


It gets better afte those bosses you mentioned. Thats where it picked up for me…but it was a struggle getting up to those points.


Damnn 2nd half of the Undead Crypt isnt playing around! Geez its tough! But in a good way!


You mean the bit with the statues that spawn Pryomancer Reapers if a bell rings? Yeah, that bit was a real treat.

Real talk though, even though it’s widely malligned I still love the Hell out of Dark Souls 2. Scholar of the First Sin was my first journey into Dark Souls and there’s still some aspects I really love. Each Souls game has their own distinct feel, and something about the environments and mood in DS2 just feels surreal, almost dreamy (the repeating textures might help with that lol). I also just adore the way certain weapons handle in that game, like the Greatsword UGS.


Yeah, the bell ringers and the Dark Reapers. Plus the DOrr shield knights, the invaders that come out if you light the torches on the bridge and the infamous Crypt skeletons. I could just run through it and be done, but I want to get all the treasure and check every corner of every room.

It was probably best for you being you started off with DS2.that way the mechanics of 3 and bloodborne didnt spoil you and make 2 feel clunky.
I actually would recomened new comers to start with 2 and then got to 1 , 3 and BB so they progress along with the games mechanics.
I preordered Ds1 remastered for Switch and Xbox yesterday…IM looking forwatfd to it. SO far all the videos Ive seen it looks great.


I should get on grabbing that. Though I need to wait to get paid again. Spent a good chunk plus some trade in getting some stuff for my PS4
Wondering if I’ll actually follow through with my STR build this time or if I’ll just do Silver Knight Spear again because it’s lovely lol


Are you playing Bloodbrone yet?


Now that I have a working PS4 controller I’m going to start my playthrough in earnest!


Streaming Dark Souls 2 for a bit tonight!

**** Fighting the Royal Ageus Knight was fun! But damnnnn!!! King Vendrick is no joke! I thought he would be easy… I died twice before I had to shut it down for the night. Apparently if you have 5 Giant souls in your possession he is weaker. The less you have he is 10x stronger per giant soul. I dont recall even having any Giant souls? hmmmmm?


Oh yes, the business of the Giants souls is… complicated. There’s a lot yet to do before it’s really a good idea to fight good ol’ King Vendrick proper. You’ll find out about those special giant souls soon enough, so you can just ignore Vendrick and then come back when you’re ready if you want to face him.
And even then, the gear/soul you get for defeating him… Isn’t necessarily with him either. :wink:


Hmmm… yeah I gave up on him after the 2nd death. I dont like how you are supposed to cmoe back to places like that…its too hard to remember sometimes to go back.

But the Ageus Knight was a great battle…I really enjoyed that entire Undead Crypt area.


Well I got my copy of DS3 the Fire Fades edition for XboxX today. Unfortunatley Game Stop Online sent me a ratty disc case with a huge black sticker over the cover and lots of dirty glue on the cover as well. Luckily I have a great relation ship with the manager and employees at my local Game Stop and she gave let me swap the rattty case out for a nice clean one to slide my Fire Fades cover into. :slight_smile:
The game looks and feels great on Xbox. I had only played DS3 on PS4 since release so it feels great to play on Xbox with my elite controller.

Anyway…back to DS2 and Adalia’s Keep…streaming now! Honeslty Im really starting to like DS2 more and more… it gets a bad rap. And I was one to give it a bad rap for the last year…but now Im chaning my tune quickly.


This sums up your entire process with Souls style games! Remember when you hated the Souls series and I pushed you towards Lords Of The Fallen when it went free via Games with Gold? It’s nice to see how much fun you’ve had with this style of game since giving it a try.


Damnnn this dude spawns from the Undead! I havent heard form you since the dark ages! lol


I’ve been around, still watching and everything. Just been pretty busy.


Coffee and Dark Souls time! My favorite part of the night! Guardian Dragon here I come biatchhh!!