Souls Series Action RPG thread!


I am a god, or maybe a Great One, at Bloodborne. Maria: first try, first playthrough. Orphan of Kos: first try, first playthrough. I’ve been tearing through the game on my 2nd character: a bloodtinge build, and it hasn’t been as hard as people make it out to be.


Ugh I hate that thing almost as much as Ludwig. Impressive!


Ludwig, and Laurence especially, gave me a lot more trouble than Orphan of Kos. I do like fighting phase 2 Ludwig though, and to an extent I like fighting Orphan of Kos too, mainly for the challenge.


I had the complete opposite experience. For me Ludwig and Laurence were pretty easy yet Maria oh you have no idea how much I love yet hate that fight. It’s fun to play and she’s pretty fair but if you mess up the timing just once it’s over, same applies to the orphan but just cranked up a ton.


Interesting, if I recall CI Games is listed as the publisher of LotF on the Xbox store (and I think Steam as well) but if what you said was true about the different direction than I wonder what that could have ultimately meant? Maybe a grander scale high-fantasy setting, or a more darker horror type of game? And that of course says nothing of the gameplay and what they may have wanted to branch into.

I did see potential in the first LotF as well, but their first entry in this game (if it ever does become a series that is) was very rough in terms of gameplay and performance; I actually re-installed LotF this past week and the framerate gets pretty bad in some areas, also the combo system and general gameplay feels far less polished compared to The Surge. Still I do see a reason for this to become something bigger in the future if they wanted to, IMO it doesn’t feel like Red Steel where the first game was so poorly received they made the sequel as an “in name only” game in a completely different universe.

I guess I expected the drone in The Surge to be more like the magic gauntlet in LotF, where the gauntlet was a reliable sidearm that could be upgraded to do most of the work. I do remember the drone’s knockdown being good in late-game fights, but as I mainly used the implant that converted energy into health I saw very little use of the drone as a whole (also I only ever had the laser and knockdown skills for the drone). At the same time I also remember hearing about people making crazy setups with the energy system, so if you say that drones are worth using than I’ll believe it, as even long after completing the game I still felt I saw very little of what the game had to offer.

With that said, I recently finished Bloodborne after playing only that for the past few days, I was surprised at how similar yet very different it plays when compared to every other Souls game From Software has made. Between the faster pacing, the smaller yet more unique selection of weapons, and the darker and uneasier feeling of the atmosphere it honestly felt like I was playing a more grounded version of Devil May Cry at some points. If their new mystery project does indeed turn out to the Bloodborne 2, than I would be curious how they would expand on this specific gameplay formula.

And speaking of formula, is Nioh worth it? Now that I have a PS4 I’m planning to start with the system exclusives first (I know Nioh has a PC release now but I don’t see myself getting a better PC anytime soon) and I heard good things about the “Ninja Gaiden Souls” approach that it went for. They did drop the price to $40 for the base game which seems reasonable all thing considered (though I would still have preferred a physical copy of the Complete Edition for convenience’s sake, if it exists).


NIOH is def worth it!!! Dude… you need NIOH!Its just like DS but with the speed of BB, but the more complex combat of The Surge. The only down side to NIOH is the weapon and armor level up system…it can be quit confusion and boring. But it doesnt really matter because you constanly pick up new weapons and armor like every 5 seconds and they level up as you level up.


You mean Nioh has a Diablo-style equipment system where you just swap out items constantly to stay viable? And you said Surge-like combat, so there’s a real reason to do finishers like how Surge has you cutting up enemies to get their equipment parts? I’m a little too used to how Souls games let you keep one weapon and armor set throughout the whole game and still stand a chance (I beat Bloodborne’s main campaign with just the Kirkhammer and Yharnam Hunter outfit for example), but as long as it’s not too obtuse or obnoxious like some old ARPGs I’ve played over the years I’ll give it a shot.


Nioh has a very nice “active reload” system with how they use stamina, which makes the fights more engaging. You generally carry two weapons and have multiple stances for each (each weapon has at least two decent stances) - you can “stance dance” too if you want, but it’s not absolutely necessary all the time.

Some of the optional missions post-credits are brutally hard. Like throw-your-controller levels of pain.


Nioh doesnt have finishers, but it does have a huge “skill tree” with different moves you can assign to your combos and parrys. Plus you have the ki management for stamina and up to 4 tool belts to cycle through.

Just have to lay it to understand.


Lords of the Fallen Complete edition is on sale right now for 6$ on Xbox store! You cant beat that!!!
Dont listen tot he haters …this is a great game in the Souls style genre.


Has anyone seen this game for the switch???OMG!!! Castle of Heart…side scrolling Dark SOuls game! I have to have it but wondering if anyone has played it.


IM back on Dark SOuls 2 SOTS the last few days. Im inside castle Drangleic and at the door of the Dragon riders. So Im not far from the end of the main game. I had to take a break from The WItcher 3 as it was getting too dialogue heavy and not enough combat. After I finish DS2, DS1 remake should be out and I hope to buy a cheap PS3 and finally play Demon Souls.

*** Castle of Hearts , which I mentioned above the other day…is pretty good. Its basically Ghosts and goblins or castlevania but with a Dark Souls type of art direction. Its not bad for a handheld 15$ game.

** Whos getting DS1 remastered and which “systems”? Im getting it for the Switch and the XBX.


I certainly hope to. My only major complaint about DS1 was performance so I hope it’s fixed with the remaster!


Performance is definitely fixed in the remaster. Notably, the area in Undead Burg with the 3 hollows on the wooden platform no longer jerks the framerate. So it’s very possible Blighttown and The Great Hollow framerate issues are fixed.

As a side note, I’ll probably get the remaster on Steam. I’ll probably buy other version when I get the money, but Pc is my main gaming platform, mostly for the free multiplayer.


So far the 30 mins previews Ive seen this week look great…Im a bit disappointing though that it didn’t turn out to be a remake in the DS 3 engine…that would have been Fn EPIC!


Yeah. Remaster /= Remake.

The one I hope gets a full remake is Demon’s Souls. Unfortunately, I’m probably gonna have to suck it up and buy another PS3 to play it again, or wait until emulators/computers are good enough to run it.


I was looking at PS3s last night… $93 is the cheapest it gets at game stop for Preowned and thats IF your local store has that cheap model. Other wise its $120


managed to start up DS3 but forgot the button layout and used up my potions accidentally… right before a boss fight. So, turned off my xbox and will try again to remember the controller layout in 3 months…LOL


Ive watched a few of the DS remastered 1st look videos and it looks really good! I mean…its not what I had initally thought it would look like…but now knowing its just a remaster and not a remake… it looks really good comapred tot he Backwards compatible version on XBox.
The bood effect is way better, the bonfires look better and the leaves andgrass actually move in the wind now.


The problem I have Vaati’s video (and many others’) is that the brightness is turned way up. I would have liked to have seen it running at recommended brightness to not washout the game. So, if you like how it looks now, be prepared for it to be darker if you play at recommended settings (even on console).