Souls Series Action RPG thread!


I already have the Bloodborne card/board game…but I just stumbled upon this on the Gamestop website…lol… comes out 4-4-18!


Oh and this tooo!!! Im getting this sucker now!


I know @FallofSeraphs76 already posted about this in another thread, but I’m really hoping the rumors about a Demon’s Souls Remaster come true.
Its 10 anniversary is coming up this year so it would be fitting. . :slight_smile:
…note: I’m going to need to about f itting being listed as a swear by the forum engine :joy:


I truly hope so it’s the only one I have yet to play and am dying to play especially after watching VaatiVidya‘s latest video on a shared timeline granted there’s a lot of plot holes but it’s still a cool theory.


I have the Demon SOuls game disc but noPS3 to play it on…IM such a fan of SOuls series I bought Demon souls just to have it and I was itching to buy somehting lol


If I recall the only way it could happen is if Sony has the sole publishing rights to the Demon’s Souls IP, because of the deal they made with Namco and Atlus to publish the PS3 version of the game in the UK and US respectively. Basically, Sony’s lack of faith in the international success of Demon’s Souls is the main reason we didn’t get a PS4 re-release years ago (and apparently Demon’s Souls is the highest selling game that Atlus never made, funny how that works).

Similar story here, but I was able to play a little of it on my family member’s PS3 back in the day, before they eventually moved out of the house. Even to this day I’m surprised with how completely different that game’s atmosphere is compared to the Dark Souls trilogy, there was just something special that IMO no other Souls game that From Software has made was able to replicate (which is funny since supposedly DeS was apparently awful during development, before Miyazaki’s team was called to help salvage it).

Honestly if I were in that position I would try to find a factory-new PS3 (assuming they still exist) since it’s probably dirt-cheap now to get one, or worst case scenario to buy a preowned PS3 instead and just never use it online (I have trust issues with these things). I too hope that PS4 re-release isn’t just a rumor but I’ve been waiting years for confirmation, and at this rate going hollow from lost hope probably has a higher chance of happening to me now.


Used PS3 goes for 84$-120$
New PS3 are way too expensive since they treat them like relics price wise

Im just going to get an 84$ PS3 , play DS and be done with it…eventually


Unfortunately, with the servers shut off, you’re going to be missing out a lot. Messaging in Demon’s Souls was highly important for many of the areas - I think they were purposely more enigmatic in many ways so that messaging was more critical.

Also, you’ll miss out on one of the coolest uses of summon stones ever… although they reused the idea in DS3.

The Queen’s Tower is one of the best laid out 'souls levels ever, from first encounter all the way to the boss, so that at least is worth experiencing - online or not.


Just rub it in some more why don’t ya lol, seriously though I hope that game gets a port to the X1, I need me some demon souls.


I never cared much for the summoning is DS1 , 2 and Bloodborne. I ddi however use the white stone a lot in 3 as I would help others beat The Dancer multiple times in a row for 60-70,000 souls a pop. That would help me level up very fast or buy things I needed easily.

As far as messages go with helping you solve a riddle or problematic area… cant we just use a guide if we get stuck? Its almost the same thing?

I just dont see it totally ruining the game…but I get your point for sure.

Lets just hope that this REMAKE is in fact DEMON SOULS.
Adam, cant you pull some super DEV strings and see if you can get some in side scoop on it?? lol

PS… honestly I dont understand why PS hasnt put Demon SOuls on the PS Now list. The game is actually on the Japanese territory list. You can play it if you want to go through the trouble of Japanese accounts and Yen money transfer and reading dialogue in Japanese. Just not sure why they cant put it on the US PSnow.


Oops, didn’t know about new PS3s being treated as antiques, in retrospect it seems obvious. But yeah, I’ll gladly go to that Gamestop where I saw that $90 used PS3 if it means experiencing stuff like Queen’s Tower again, I remember staying there for several minutes just seeing the amazing skybox on the second major area. It also felt very spacious considering many areas in DeS were so small due to hardware limitations.

As I said earlier, Japan is the only region where Sony themselves published Demon’s Souls, so that’s the only region in the world where the legal red tape doesn’t apply. Apparently the situation was so muddied Sony themselves basically regret not publishing it directly outside of Japan, considering how influential the Souls series later became with Dark Souls (and how famous it made Bandai Namco).

Can’t happen. Just like Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls was made by Japan Studio, a first-party development studio made by Sony. It’s like saying Smash Brothers will be on a non-Nintendo system someday (which also won’t happen).


Just can’t let a guy have hopes and dreams can you :confused:.


Man get you a PS4! They are super cheap lately. You can get one for 189$ if you find the right deal. And if you trade in a system to game stop right now you get an extra 7o% credit.

I cant imagine not having both systems… I just cant miss out on some of those exclusives and lets be honest…Xbox exclusives suck. If not for KI…I might not have an XBOX as my primary system.


I have a ps4 really only use it for bloodborne though. Wait can demon souls be bought on ps4?


No…but you could do the PS now japan if you want it that bad. But I just mean for everything else. Bloodborne, Horizon, God of war, Uncharted, Until dawn, Nier automata, and all the others that are exclusive


No offense, but for sanity’s sake it’s better to not keep such hopes up. I mean I waited years for a Demon’s Souls port on PS4 and got nothing, and not even Bloodborne would ever make that empty feeling go away (because Dark Souls sure didn’t).

I thought you liked KI…
Jokes aside, if it wasn’t for exclusives I probably would have stayed a PC-only user, Xbox has KI and several games on backwards compatible support. But PS4 only has Bloodborne to interest me, which is strange since I used to care a lot for Sony exclusives back in the PS1/PS2 era. I guess Demon’s Souls spoiled me that badly to make me feel this way towards the Playstation brand.

Back on the topic of Souls-style games, has been any recent news on The Surge 2? Last I heard it’s going to have a character creator and take place in more urban environments. I hope it’s good, The Surge 1 was a massive step up from Lords of the Fallen and I really am curious to see how Deck13 improves on that formula.


Nothing on Surge 2 since they had the little announcement… but I def cant wait for that and I really want a LOTF 2…wish they would announce yes or no on that one.


Doesn’t The Surge exist because they didn’t want to do a Lords of the Fallen 2? That was why they went to a different publisher if I recall. With that said if they made a LotF sequel that played more like The Surge I would have no problem with that, since I felt The Surge was a proper refinement of LotF’s mechanics and gameplay flow.

I am curious how they will re-balance certain things like the drone helper though, I’m not sure how you used the drone in The Surge 1 but I personally felt little to no reason to ever bother with it (outside of using the basic laser to draw enemies away from their groups). Their approach to tank builds could see improvement too, since in the first game it basically equated to “equip multiple health implants for massive HP” as armor alone wasn’t good enough for certain encounters.


Well LOTF had 2 developers…Deck 13 and CI Games.

CI Games wanted to go into a different direction that Deck 13 so Deck 13 left and made the Surge. No what direction was what I dont know… was it Deck 13 that wanted to go sci-fi? Or was it CI games that wanted to go something totally different and Deck 13 left and made a game with the same base as LOTF but different atmosphere?

Either way I still want a story based follow up of LOTF…I love that game and it is responsible for getting me into the Soul Series. SO much potential in the world of LOTF


The drone?? What??? Dude the Yellow drone that does the hard knock down on your enemy is beast!!! the laser is ok, the electro shield can be useful in certain situations… the cool down drone i didnt use much though.
Now i haven’t used the 2 new drones much in the DLC…I cant even remember what they are.

the drones are the shiiitt!!