Souls Series Action RPG thread!


Dark Souls 1 “Return to Lordran” NG+ stream inbound now!

After about an hour of that Ill be jumping over to PS4 for The Last of Us DLC or maybe some Guilty Gear XRD REV 2!

Come chat or follow please!


I’ve been playing Dark Souls 1 for the first time. I had to remake my character after an “incident” but I’m pretty much caught up after 2 days. I’m trying to beat Sif right now then I’ll be heading down to Blighttown.


Hell yeah! Usually you go to Blight town first but I too went to Sif before blight town becasue thats what my book said to do. Did you fight the Hydra and go the back way or did you open the Crest door via Andre?

Im on NG+ and about to be at Capra Demon. Man the enemies hit so much harder on NG+ its crazy!


If ever go back to playing DS1 I’m going to fight Sif after beating the DLC, I need to feel the feels.


Thats where he recognizes you from saving him in the abyss.


Yeah pretty much the saddest moment in that game even though the entire series from a lore standpoint is one big tearjerking pot of sadness and despair.


I’m just fighting Sif because it’s the only thing I can do before going down to Blighttown besides exploring more of New Londo Ruins, The Catacombs, and Valley of Drakes. I also beat the Stray Demon already.

I killed the Hydra and went the back way so I could avoid the Forest Hunter covenant. I didn’t have the souls to buy the Crest of Artorias anyway. Now my character is about where my first one was before I kinda messed up and had to make a new one.


SHiit the back way it harder IMO… Id rather fight the forest cov then all those damn trees and rolling wolves or whatever they are.


Pretty sure they’re cats and I don’t find them THAT hard to beat. I just kite them to the area with trees rather than fight them out in the open area, and as soon as they do the roll attack I hide behind a tree. After I kill the 3 cats it’s smooth sailing over to Sif and Alvina.


I recommend killing the hunters in the forest, they’re great for farming so long as you take them on one on one.


Actually, if you pull them, you can run back to the stairs and stand on the grass by the cliff, and they will kill themselves by going up the stairs and trying to drop attack, but just bounce off your head and fall off the cliff.


So Im finally back into Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin… Im enjoying it! Hated this game fro a while but Ive got the hang of it now and Im a bit powered up enough to where the game is fun. Im in the Pit, Gutter/Black Gulch area.

Also bouncing back n forth from DS 2 to the Surge DLC A Walk in the Park…oh man is it awesome! Lots of new weapons and a really cool side story. Looking forward to fighting the boss in that DLC.


Funny enough, I’ve also gone back into Dark Souls 2 SotFS; I never really cared for this game too much compared to Dark Souls 1 and 3 but after recently buying and completing the DLC campaigns for Dark Souls 3 I felt like giving Dark Souls 2 another chance (I beat Dark 2’s main story months ago but never bothered with the DLCs). It’s not as bad as I remember, now I’m mainly just farming the armored giants in the early game areas since IMO they’ve always been a good way to understand/remember how different the mechanics work compared to the other games (mainly dodging and estus usage, since they are very different from Dark Souls 1 and 3).

It also helps that this game runs at a consistent 60 FPS, even on console, as the other games have a history of bad framerate drops during certain areas which can throw me off my rhythm (Blighttown from Dark Souls 1 being the worst offender of course).


Well said! Have you played the Surge?


As said before, I beat The Surge with a heavy-duty weapons build. Now I’m just trying different weapons so I can make a new file for when I eventually buy the Walk in the Park DLC (I tried twin-rigged weapons but didn’t like it, also trying different setups with implants).


My fav is the PAX blade and Fire rod staff…but Ive come to enjoy the twin blade Fire bug and the alien version from the end area.
the new fire and ice weapons are cool…a very aweosme twin blade fire weapon that I like but its 50,000 scrap to upgrade where I currently stand.


Has anyone played joe Dever’s Lone WOlf? I seen it on Switch adn IM curious if its any good? Its an action RPG in teh SOuld stye from what I could tell from the trailer.

Let me know!


From what I know its mostly a written story with battles abd lockpicking mini games mixed in.
Apparently a decent game, just beware you will be reading…a lot.


This is one of those moments where you need to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not actually dreaming.


I prob wont get this one…but Im definitely getting the Bloodborne Hunter PS4 ambio type figure.