Souls Series Action RPG thread!


I have it downloaded on PS and XB. Going to test them both out!


Any luck from From Software? BTW are you playing God of War?


Bandai Namco has had some Souls community streamers/YouTubers play Code Vein (aka Anime Souls) and they each got about 10-15min of footage to share.

Here’s FightinCowboy:

Here’s LobosJR:


I seen this last week. They have a set up and some convention where you can play and area and get to the boss. Everyone got like 15 mins or so. A lot of ppl couldnt beat the boss!
The game looks great! im def getting it!


This just happened on Wednesday. These guys got invited to Bandai Namco’s office to do a stream for Dark Souls Remastered and get some playtime with Code Vein.


RIght…its the same preview build though. You can only play a certain area up to that boss. Looks great! Need a release date already!


I wasn’t aware of that. I bet we’ll get something at E3 for CodeVein. What I want is more of Shadows Die Twice. I really hope it’s a Tenchu game.


YEah just youtube 15 mins og gampleay fro COde Vein. You will see the Bandai convention or whatever with everyone able to play it and the Vampire demon boss. PRetty bad ■■■!


So, I finally finished both The Surge’s DLC and Nioh’s main campaign over this past week. The Surge’s DLC campaign was a nice but short piece of extra content, not really worth it unless discounted IMO but still a good amount of time was spent on it over the course of a weekend. Overall I found The Surge as a solid game, I’m more interested in the sequel now since they did confirm stuff like a character creator and multiplayer (from what I remember from the Steam forums a long time back) and I’m curious how they handle those aspects.

Nioh on the other hand: In all of my years of gaming I have never had a more pure case of an emotional 180 toward a game. I started out unimpressed, then for a while I even grew to despise the game because of how easy it is to get stomped (compared to other Souls-style games), but over the last few days I finally found a build that was not only viable for the campaign, but was actually fun to use as well. Like with Dark Souls 2, I’m not happy it took so many months to reach this point, but I’m still glad I gave the game so many chances like I did. It eventually became worth the $40 I paid for it.

With that said I do have a few questions about Nioh:

  1. Is the Season Pass worth it? I bought the Dark Souls 3 Season Pass during a sale for $10 and still felt I overpaid for it. I would prefer to not have a repeat of that.

  2. How does the online mode work in Nioh exactly? As of now I don’t have a PS Plus subscription yet despite this I accidentally pressed R3 on the world map at one point and online mode still went through. I’m so used to the Dark Souls method of “You don’t have PS Plus/XBL Gold so you can’t even see messages/bloodstains”, so the fact that Nioh didn’t give me an error message for pressing R3 honestly confused me. Is it just that anyone can do online mode to see/fight player graves?


Nioh graves are not online… those are NPC version of real players. But they do have online summon bowls to help each other and invade, ect…

I never played it online so I cant really comment on it.

I havent done the DLC either even though I have it. Im pretty sure you could just google it or youtube it to find out if its worth it. But its a lot of content I know that.


Problem is I have a physical copy of the game, I honestly thought I stumbled into some bug that let me be online without PS+ (again, Souls games don’t let you be online without subscription period). Last thing is need is a bug getting me in trouble with Sony, that’s why I asked about it (I remember all sorts of stories over the years where people got in trouble because of some game-breaking bug they found in a game). Though in hindsight I doubt Sony would let an oversight like that happen with a game they directly funded, nowadays at least.

In the case of DLC, DS2 and DS3 also had a lot of DLC content but the actual quality was mixed; I hated the first DLC in DS2, but enjoyed the other 2 campaigns a good deal, and DS3’s DLC was overall a worse version of DS2’s extra content in almost every way. Considering the Nioh Season Pass costs about the game as DS3’s Season Pass, I felt asking was a better option than going on Youtube and spoiling everything by mistake (I saw almost nothing of Nioh before I bought it).


yeah I wish I could tell you, maybe try a Nioh FB group? Ask them if its worth it. But they will all prob say yes anyways lol

I loved DS 3 DLC… it was awesome!


Anyone playing Dark Souls remastered on XBox? IM stremaing now…quick stream to get the game started up. Any ideas on a character build? I usually go Quality with pyro and Battle axe but I want to do somehtign different…out of my comfort zone.


So is DS Remastered a good port overall? And does it actually include the DLC campaign? I remember checking the Xbox store one time and it basically said that pre-ordering the game would get you the Artorias DLC, and any interest I had died right then and there (didn’t help this release is $40 either). Honestly I’ll probably still buy it (at least on a sale) since the old versions of DS1 ran poorly but I at least want to know what I’m jumping into.


All versions contain the DLC… there is no pre order bonus, no stipulations…notta. You get everything in one purchase.

It looks and feels GREAT! Im impressed and the graphics are so sharp and detailed. Now of course that can be abad thing in some ways becasuse of some of the low graphic textures like the ground and walls, but there are many more plants, flowers, grass blades ect that seem to pop now.

You can change covenants at the bofire, you can hold up on your tool belt to quickly warp to Estus, there isa larger PVP arena, I think like 6 players or something. It way better than the Xbox 360 BC port…way better.
I also played both PS4 and XbX beta test and IMO it looks best on XbX no doubt.

I say get it no nostalgia sake, the collection and the ability to play while the player base is huge and very active. THere were 20 summon signs just at the UNdead BUrg bonfire plus Gravelord Nito signs EVERYWHERE!!
I never got that on the XB360 BC port. I got invaded 3 times in an hour just before Taurus Demon.


Well that’s good to know about the DLC, not sure why it said that on the Xbox store that one time. Maybe Namco was intending to sell it separately at one point, but didn’t want to risk backlash? Or maybe an error on MS’s part?

Either way, it’s good to know it’s a good port on console (apparently PC version is having issues, sadly no surprise there). Really hope the userbase stays consistent, I have a feeling once the hype dies down it’ll go down significantly. And that says nothing of the soon to be released Switch port, which can go either way in terms of appeal (depending on port quality, and possibly Switches being broken out of rage).

Honestly speaking though, I have no reason to care for Dark Souls right now as I was able to finally get a used PS3 with a copy of Demon’s Souls. Just like with Dead Space 1, I can finally put this chapter of my life to rest once and for all.


Im on the 2nd area of Demon SOuls…I havent played ig in a couple weeks though…I got wrapped up into DS3, BB, DS1 and AC Origins the last 2 weeks…I just have too much to play, I cant stay with one game. lol


Check this out! lol


Lords of the Fallen 2!!! Looks like it will be a while but at least its finally in motion.


This is actually unexpected, but the real question is what direction will they take the game. The first game had the whole “this game takes place in a different timeline than what the intro showed” aspect so they can go anywhere at this point. Also, obligatory “new developer, new worries” post.

…seriously though, it’s been years since the first LotF came out, and after seeing so many “long-awaited sequels” fall flat on their face I can’t deny that I have little faith for this game as of right now. I at least want to see an in-depth showing of their combat mechanics before I can truly start caring, as both Nioh and The Surge did things to set them apart from the Fromsoft Souls games.