Souls Series Action RPG thread!


I wouldn’t expect to see anything for a year. Which is unfortunate since Pt 2 was supposed to release 2017. But Ill def get it since Pt 1 is what got me into Souls type games so i will always defend LOTF.


I just played abit of LOTF…man I had forgotten how hard it is on NG+! Geezuz!!!
IM trying to get to the DLC area …I didnt have it when I made it through the first playthrough. I in the portal area on the other side of Horagrd or whatever. Ughh


I just picked up Vampyr and will be streaming it shortly!

Unfortunatley they gave me the wrong copy…I ordered XBox One and they gave me PS4. Owell glad I have a PS4 Pro! They were supposed to have a Launch night release tonight but I got there and they were not releaseing it. (Probaby due to only 5 people preordered) any way, they went ahead and sold it to me since they are cool. But in the confusion they gave me the wrong console version. No worries…streaming the game in about 15 mins, come check it out!


So no Bloodborne 2 :frowning:
Its Sekiro - Shadows DIe Twice
A From software verison of NIOH… looks great! But not Bloodborne 2 :frowning:
Not PS4 exclusive either as it was announced on the XBOX press conference as a wordl premiere!


Honestly I’m kind of glad it isn’t Bloodborne 2, I really don’t want to see From Software become a one-trick pony like so many developers that just did one successful formula and stuck with it for eternity. They should at least be given the chance to do something different from time to time, to prevent a Call of Duty type of situation.

With that said, having Activision as a publisher is an big red flag already (I still remember what they did to Platinum Games) and it is odd that this isn’t a Tenchu game like many of us thought it would be. Did they sell off or lose the Tenchu IP at some point?

Either way it looks good, a mix of stealth and Souls-style combat (maybe even character action combat, with things like the grappling hook).


I dont like that its Activision either. If I had to guess I bet Activison approached From and they went in halves on the idea. It just seems odd to be a strictly From Soft idea for a game.
It doesnt feel as exciting since we just had Nioh and Ghost of Tshumistsu (spell?) is coming as well.

Honeslty at the beginning of the trailer, for a split second, I thought is was Ghosts of Tshumishu or Nioh 2.


So Nioh 2 exists before Bloodborne 2, this is the world we live in now.


Come chekc out my Bloodborne stream if you would like to trade follows. NG+, SInister Bell invasions and Caslte Cainhurst! LETS GOOOO!
IM back to being totally addicited to Bloodborne. I recently just preordered a killer asss HUnter figure, and bought all the comics, 2-3 cover variations each, and the Official Blooodborne Artworks book. Its amaizng!!! Greatest game EVER made IMO!


So is Vampyr just the poor man’s Bloodborne with Bioware Style Dialogue Options ?


Its no where close to Bloodborne…not even similar in anyway. Only the lock on, weak, strong attack set up is similar.


Lock on mechanic for a game about fighting mobs.
Stamina System Implimented to provide a false sense of depth.
Constantly getting hit by off camera enemies.
Weak ■■■ Guns…
Can only save at specific locations.

Vampyr has more in common with bloodborne than it does with The Witcher…


So were you genuinly asking? …or just being facetious? Becasue its nothing like Bloodborne… a few mechanics are similar to most Action RPGs but besides that… its not comparable to Bloodborne at all IMO


I disagree… most Action RPGs don’t try to copy Dark Souls… Vampyr did.


Matthew Does It Again !!!

I feel like I learned something…


So it never occurred to Ashen One to try one of these ?


@R1stormrider @BigBadAndy @BoJima404 @Fwufikins
Check this out guys! Thoughts??


i havent seen any movies with him, so i dont know. if he plays the part then great, lets see how he does

i seen fan photos of mads mikkelsen as geralt floating around, and the guy who plays charles vane in black sails


He can do it.

Geralt is not exactly much of a chatacter anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem… Honestly I wish they did this sooner… I’d rather watch the Witcher than play it.


Resinstalled Dark Souls 3… Aaaaaah… Oh Sweet Sweet Health Bar… I’ve missed you so much…

LoL… seriously though. The one shots in Nioh were so bad I unequiped my Elixirs… they were just taking up space.

Just for Kicks I ran up to one of those big dudes In Ariandel and just let him hit me… just so I could remember what it felt to take damage without dying. #99Vigor


Okay its Official… Even A Baby can Beat Dark Souls

I wana see him try that in Nioh. :smiling_imp:


Wolnir is not hard… but for a 5 year old I guess so.


Good point… that being said… he did murder me a few times on my first attempt… my DPS wasn’t high enough.