Souls Series Action RPG thread!


Anytime i died to Wolnir was becasue I inhaled the poisonous gas while getting greedy trying to whack away for too long!


The greed is necessary because he can and will chased you all the way up to a dead end and he’l keep moving forward forcing you into the Gas… thats the DPS problem I was having.


@FallofSeraphs76 saw an ad you’ll be really happy to see when browsing YouTube:


Oh cool! THanks! Ill watch this as soon as I get home!


Perhaps now they can try to find their own identity… LMAO !!! Nah thats never gonna happen… Cyber Souls all the way…


Wait wait wait… So Sekiro: Shadow Lie Twice isn’t going to be an RPG ? I heard its got no stats or loot or nothing…


Nope! It has no stats, no armor, no character design…notta.
You do get new and different trick weapons for the left hand. And also talk of availability to use the sword that is on his back in the pictures.
There are bonfires, health items, and totem items that are like your “bullets” for your trick arm.
there is a jump button and all sorts of different ways to change your combo once you start mashing R1.
Lots of great videos explaining he details…id say Vaati’s is the best.


Dude the Surge 2 looks amazing! I cant wait!!! I need to get back to that game,I never finsihed the DLC. Ughh too many games to play!


Wait like seriously no Levelling up and Junk loot scattered everywhere ? :grinning:

You’re not toying with me right ? Cause I’ve been burned before. :grimacing:


There are trick weapons and items to read into like a normal souls game… but no armor or different main hand weapons. Thats all I know is what Ive heard in the videos.


Colour Me Intrigued…

Okay I’m on the Hype Train… lol… out of all the developers I expected to try something like this… I wouldn’t have put From Software anywhere on that list…


To be fair, it’s not like FromSoft’s first game was an RPG- wait…
Jokes aside, they made 5 Souls-type games, they probably burned out long ago and want to do something more action-oriented (aside from Armored Core of course).

Speaking of which, I heard on the Steam forums they are actually making more DLC for The Surge 1. Have you heard anything about this yourself? I’m surprised they haven’t completely changed focus on the Surge 2 at this point.

And on that note, The Surge 2 looks good so far but I wonder how varied the environments will be this time around. It made sense for the first game that you were in factories most of the time, but now they don’t get that luxury (especially since it will have a focus on open-world areas if I remember correctly).


All I can say is: “Its about god ■■■■ time !!!”


A lot of DLC has slowly came out not too long ago but it was weapons and armor. No new areas.
2 should be mainly out doors from what Ive seen and heard. But who knows? Yes the area atheistics need an upgrade, it started to get bland in some areas in 1.


I just seen the teaser fro the new DLC fro Surge 1. its “The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented”. Its a western saloon, showdown themed area. Something about Creos most wicked testing area or something. Looks like maybe a West World type idea within the company’s grounds.


I just saw it right now, it’s only about 25 seconds long but it confirms they aren’t done with the first game just yet. I wonder if they’ll put a ranged weapon in the DLC, as a teaser for what they’ll do with ranged weapons in The Surge 2? Either way seems interesting but oddly themed, CREO World made sense in the given context but this DLC teaser felt less serious overall.


I would think you are correct with ranged weapons! I didnt even think about that…well besides the drone. How can you have a western showdown and not some sort of gun?

I would assume that in 2, the ppl that have survived have branched out beyond mere fork lift parts and work related parts that double as a weapon… to new, outsid the work place element upgrades that are TRUE weapons for offense and defense out in the wild. That is exciting to me.


New Sekiro gameplay video! @Lulekani



10 Perfect Just Guards in a row in 4 seconds… if I can’t pull it off I’m going to be really ■■■■■■ off.

Remember… in Metal Gear Rising… when you had to parry 20 times or die trying… that was annoying… but it was only annoying because of The Awkward Input… the parry window was generous but the button combination was cumbersome…

Have they figured out if you need to face torwards the enemy to guard like Souls or get full 360º Guard like Nioh ?


Not sure… didnt even know Nioh was 360 to be honest. If I had to guess it will be like all other From soft games.