Souls Series Action RPG thread!


Fun !!! Can’t wait to get shot in The Back. :smiley:

Thats because it wasn’t all that useful… if the attack is coming from behind the camera then you would have no reason to be blocking since you don’t know its coming… and even if you did it… blocking is useless anyway since your guard gets shattered so easily.

You know what I haven’t seen yet ?

Cramped Spaces… I’m guessing since they went through the trouble of making The Grappling Hook they designed the levels around it and place lots of verticality and lots of hook points to zip around the area. So now the camera won’t ricochet off The Walls like in Dark Souls.


There are a few shots of him up in the ceiling and the camera angle changes. But yes, very few shots of corridors and caves. Still a long wait till March…:frowning:


All I know is these videos of game play and new trailers are making me crazy to want to lay this game NOW! I cant believe we have to wait till March 22nd! OMG thats a long ways out!


YEP !!! Thats why I’m trying to find other distractions. I’l lose my mind if I keep thinking about it.


Don’t you hate it when you’re reading an interview and they ask the most obvious and boring questions…

Come On Man, DETAILS !!!


Have you tried “Sinner”? Its had so much potential and I’m just so frustrated with it. It looks great, its controls well… its what Dark SOuls remastered should have looked like IMO. But… its way too ■■■■■■ hard and is Boss rush mode only… you pick a tombstone, and fight that boss. You just die over and over and over…like wrecked… perfects… and its not fun. That’s unfortunate because I wanted to like it so bad. Owell another Souls type game bites the dust… the lsat one that sucked that I was hyped for was Necropolis…ughh…I uninstalled that piece of ■■■■! lol


Hmmmmm sinner ey ?

  • Challenge yourself against eight distinct, brutal bosses

  • Sacrifice strength and stats in Sinner’s “level-down” gameplay

  • Equip a plethora of unlockable weapons and items to adapt to your weaknesses

  • Master Sinner’s hard-but-fair combat

  • Bring peace to a tortured soul in a dark and harrowing tale with multiple endings

  • Take on new challenges in a variety of game modes for replayability

It generally never a good sign when you hear the words “Skill Based RPG”… in my Experience theres literally no such thing… again… not counting Games developed by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor & Pyre). Another obvious red flag is “Hard But Fair” in the description. LoL… if you have to remind people that the game is fair then its probably not. Furi is fair… its so fair it doesn’t need a reminder saying that its fair… you just know its fair when playing it.

Anyway the thats generally how I avoid those types of games without having to play them… They always misunderstood what the point of the SoulsBorne games are and what made them so compelling.


Well this post is late to the party in more ways than one.

But I finally decided to give Bloodborne another try. And I must say, I’m definitely enjoying it more than my first go!
There’s a lot I like so far. The design of the weapons, the horror themed world, the mechanic where you can revenge hit to regain health, the fact that repostes are essentially Mortal Kombat fatalities… Lots of good stuff that I’m sure everyone else already knew. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a lot more trouble with standard enemies than bosses thus far. Apart from Mr G the Ax wielding Hat Boy I haven’t died more than once to a boss yet which is nice but … Weird. All the big beasties have been 1 and done, but I have a feeling the human bosses will be a pain in the butt (looking at you, Lady Maria).

Currently dota STR build as per my usual. Got the Kirkhammer and Boomhammer but I want to try my hand at getting that Buzzsaw weapon in the DLC.


Awesome! If I had to guess, since you aren’t dying often… you must be pretty up to par on the tips and tricks, where to go and what to do instead of going in 100% blind. BUt hey whatever makes it fun right!?
Boomhammer is picked up in the DLC so Im guessing you are already a pretty good ways into the game unless you cut ahead to get the weapons and then came back. I promise you wont 1 shot Lawrence or Ludwig unless you overlevel before fighting them.

Make sure you do the CHalice dungeons 1 ata time as you go past each boss. Get a chalice in main game, knock out that chaice. Rise up in the chalice dungeons same time as main game. Other wise you go to the chalice dungeons WAY overleveled and its not fun at all…it will be to easy and bring.

If you dont do it on the first go through, try it on the 2nd playthrough FResh play through…not NG+


Finally after so many years I got BLOODBORNE. :smile:


Well hope you enjoy it, unlike Nioh Bloodborne stops punching the player in the face once they get a handle on the mechanics. Also while the Chalice Dungeons can be useful, even on my first playthrough I didn’t need it to beat the game (though the items you can get there can help on the harder sections, and especially for min-maxing). Just like the other Souls games there are farming areas if you don’t like the random dungeons, so in a new game at least you have no danger of being stonewalled by the endgame content if you skip the Chalices altogether (I never bother with NG+ in Souls games, so I can’t comment on that).

Also if you’ve played Dark Souls 3 you might be better used to the speed of Bloodborne, since DS3 is only somewhat slower by comparison.


Greatest game of all time…beside Red Dead 2 :wink: Let me know if you have any questions Im a Bloodborne fanatic. Coincidentally wearing a BB shirt and hoodie right now and the mailman just dropped off my new Dark SOuls 3 design works book…OMG its EPIC!


Bought the Japanese version and I was hoping that it had an English text option (at least to download foreign language packs). Not for cutscenes but for the in-game mechanics and menus. Too bad such an option is not available in the Japanese version :frowning: I probably can get around but I will miss out on the lore/story/ items/weapon explanations a lot. I knew there was a risk buying the Japanese version ( RDR2 's jpn version has full English options) but sadly the gamble didn’t pay off.

@FallofSeraphs76 thanks, I am sure I have questions

@TallerGorilla95 been a fan since demon souls and I don’t mind the slow pace. Good to know that the pace is faster than DS3. But if I had the English version, playing BB would go a lot faster lol (I live in Tokyo so no choice…)


Selected Threaded Cane as my starting weapon. Figured that it is time for a new type of weapon after using so many axes and huge swords in other Souls games…

Game is awesome. Now playing while simultaneously watching my favorite streamer do a walkthrough (Christopher Odd) so it’s less of a hustle to translate stuff by myself.


Ooohhhh threaded cane to start? Oh man good luck. You tool the most challenging start as its the weakest weapon. lol… good luck!


As long as he doesn’t stay exclusively on whip mode he should be fine. Besides there are good Skill-based weapons later on, so going that route won’t be a complete pain the first time through.

Also if he wants to try a Strength/Arcane hybrid build in the future, he could try the Tonitrus. It’s available fairly early on and with the right gems you can get massive damage against enemies weak against Bolt attacks; mainly because instead of transforming, Tonitrus gets the ability to buff Bolt element without ever needing Bolt Paper (and although the charge only lasts five seconds each cast, you can do it forever). It has big downsides though: Mainly extremely short reach, low durability, and the fact that you have to devote points into 2 separate stats to get any real damage (again, Strength and Arcane).

I wouldn’t recommend it for the first time, but since you have experience with the previous Souls games you might be able to get somewhere with it in later playthroughs.


I can always create a new character if it gets too hard :wink: But like I said, I want something different than again playing a tank build. I have always used Strength as my main attribute in these games… time to try something new, not something “hard”, something new :smile:

@TallerGorilla95 thanks for the recommendation. I will probably ask you two more questions :wink:


This game is awesome so far, but then everybody knew that already :smile: defeated the second boss: the big bad wolf, Gascoigne. He really gave me problems. I ended up getting him stuck behind a tree and statue while he was in his second form. I poured grease over him and lit his $&# up with a two Molotovs. :laughing:


Hell yeah!! Did you use the music box when he transforms to calm him down a bit? Also did you get eh broach over on the roof top to give to the kid at the window?
Gaisgone has always been a tough boss… dude hits like a truck! Make sure to make your way back to that area after the next boss so you continue a specific story line.


Yes, used the music box then ran away like a little bi@$# lol.
I was so panicking that I couldn’t remember how to use items lol :laughing:

Okay I will go back after defeating the third boss.