Souls Series Action RPG thread!


make sure you have started Eliene the Crows quest up int eh rafters of the sewer area where you get the Saw blade. then come back around after you have made it though Old Yharnim.


I have no clue where to go now. I just defeated blood deprived beast. Also, there is a dude with a machine gun blasting from a rooftop still out there…


Okay I threw the mad Gunner off of the tower, so that’s taken care of.
Still where to go now? Chapel?


Go back around to the Odeon CHapel… head on out to the grave yard area and up the big steps to take on Vicar EMelia in Cathedral Ward…should have fought her first before Blood starved beast.

Then go to healing church workshop which is very hard to find but its way down in the tower after the door now opens in Odeon chapel. Gerhman tells you to go here now that you have defeated bloodstarved beast.

THen go to Hemwick Charnel lane which is the wooded area off to the side of the Cathedral ward…I Believe to the right of Vicar Emiliea…maybeleft…try both lol


Oops, I missed an entire area lol. Thanks, you really know the game well!!!


I still don’t know how insight works. Do I need to consume them? Or leave in my inventory??


Higher insight will decrease your beasthood stat and lower your frenzy resistance. Insight can spent at the insight bath messengers and to summon NPC hunters and players. At certain insight thresholds the church dudes all over Cathedral Ward will get weapon buffs and new attacks, and, without spoiling anything, you will be able to see certain things in the world.


INsight allows you to see things in the game that are creepy and cool… you really dont need to see the stuff, Id save them and use them as currency for a Blood Rock. And like he said… you need it to summon NPCs. That’s about it really. THe beathood and freny doesnt really take too much of an effect to really change the game.


@JetstreamDan thanks for the explanation. I had no idea there were so many uses for insight. Very interesting mechanic.


Vicar Amelia is crazy hard. So unpredictable.
I guess I need to stay real close? Fighting from afar is not good.


Stay on her asss and use oil and fire…also saw cleaver or any serrated weapon works best on beasts. That chain weapon is going to make it really tough for you lol