Sonic 25th Anniversary stream (7/22)

Even though the series is near death and most of you guys have probably quit caring about it a long time ago, the devs have said that “If you have ever been a fan of Sonic, you NEED to watch this stream”.

New announcements, Live performance by Crush 40, and who knows what else?

The stream starts at 6pm Pacific, but even now, 7 HOURS before the start, the Twitch chat is lit right now.

In a good way or a bad way?

So far a very good way! Ive only seen 1 troll, and everyone is having a great time making jokes back and forth. Very friendly

Post a link in the OP.

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Don’t normally watch streams, but I was a MASSIVE sonic fan back around the time Generations came out. It was a very fun game. What was discussed on this stream?

The stream starts in over 4 hours lol.

In other words, nothing yet.

Oh, stupid me! XD I didn’t see the time in the OP’s post and I jumped the gun.

Damn it stream. I’m watching it on Youtube.

Hot damn the stream didn’t start yet but there is some wicked good music happening

Yeah. A lot of nostalgia in here.

The stream is running late and crashing a lot though, so I’m a bit worried.

I don’t know what I’m feeling.

I think I feel sick.

And sad.

I’m going to need time to process this.

I don’t know how much of a sonic fan I’m going to be from here on out.

You’re actually disappointed!? Really!?

I don’t know about you but I was hyped beyond belief. Sure SA3 would’ve been nice but we got some pretty cool stuff.

Yeah, things didn’t seem that bad.
Sonic Mania and Sonic 2k17 both looked interesting.

Assuming the speculation that 2k17 takes place on mobius with the freedom frighters, then I’m as psyched as I can get for a sonic game… which isn’t that much still cause its hard to have faith in sonic team without repeating the vicious cycle. But my point remains!

Sonic Mania looks awesome. I’d love to see SA3, but this is really good too!

After some processing, I think I’ll be fine.

I really want to play sonic mania.

And the 2k17 looks like it could be interesting, because I think I have an idea where they might be going with it.

But to hear that I have to wait at least 5 more years for SA3 really is a stab in the heart.

They REALLY themed the entire event to look like an SA3 announcement. Almost every graphic, song, video clip, and poster hinted to the announcement being SA related. They even had a huge mural that looked like a modern Chao Garden! ALL of that preparation and themeing for nothing? That’s what gets me the most.


They put a ton of hype around the announcement. They specifically said things to make it look an SA3 announcement. They said “if you’ve ever been a sonic fan in your life, you NEED to watch the stream.” But none of the announcements seemed important enough to receive that kind of foreshadowing.

Not every Sonic fan likes the Adventure games. Honestly we had a grab bag of classic/adventure/unleashed/new, and getting classic and unleashed style was a pretty safe pick.

Sweet zombie jesus a new 2d sonic. I can’t wait!. Hopefully it’ll be bigger than the usual 7ish zones.

Also a 3d one. I loved generations. Can’t wait to see more on this

Sonic Mania is the first time I’ve been hype about Sonic stuff since Sonic & Knuckles dropped on Genesis. I played a handful of the 3D games since, only really enjoyed the one for Dreamcast with playable Amy Rose. Shadow was Sonic with guns, which was just wasn’t on the level with Ratchet & Clank, and there was probably a bazillion games in between that went right past me cuz I wasn’t paying attention.

But Sonic Mania can have my money. If there isn’t a stage on par with Casino Nights (which is the most fun a person can have with a 2D platformer!!) I will be disappointed, but I won’t complain. Sonic is 2D again, what’s to complain about!?

The new studioplosis zone looks like a casino zone. But there will be more zones from the games.

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