So they fixed Shago's ultimate to work on any stage

What about the millions of dollars of people who have bought the ultra editons? our money doesnt count?

Who creates a gofundme for a game that is making millions?

The base “bare bones” game is 1 character, 1 stage, 1 ultra, animations for all 6 buttons in air and on ground (maybe stage finisher). bare bones means to me at least, that all it does is fill out the current roster.

In a way I feel these “suggestion forums” slit our own throats cause the DEVS take our suggestions into practice, and execute the idea. only later to say, "hey look, Some obscure conversation about Sh jago having his own move set is developed and released. ya, they listened to the community, but only listened to what they wanted to hear and not to the vast, vast majority.

Fulgores hype beam cancel? who the frick uses that? It still takes all the meter just for it to cancel? it makes no sense. This is obviously another topic, but goes to show that in the interests of moving forward quickly, it hurts other “unfinished characters”. Most of the cast is pretty solid but fulgores zoning game got seriously nerfed for the sake of Hype beam cancel?

I can go on and list how long aganos was broken but it detracts from the point i was trying to make (which is kinda fuzzy) lol

Ultimate Combos are just an expected feature of a Killer Instinct game. They are like Mortal Kombat without Fatalities or multiple types of finishers (Friendships, Babalities). The fans want that stuff. It’s because that stuff is fun to people and they get a kick out of doing it to the loser. It’s just an expectation by the customers.

No ultimates…Well at least put in Humiliations…Please!!!

I would rather see humilations over nothing at all

Speak for yourself

I do most of the time actually. lol.

But that came out pretty bad didn’t it…

back when I pumped quarters into this game in the mid 90’s, it was Ultimate Combo>Ultra>then the regular finisher on flashing danger.

But the ultimate Combo was well…ultimate, ultras were just second rate anyways too bad no one had this insight earlier.

So Keits tweeted this:
"Also very perplexed today by people who dissect an answer while ignoring the context given to it by the question. Wild wild world"
Chance we misinterpreted the answer about Ultimates?

Its hard to misinterpret it when they have been pretty straight forward with dashing our hopes every time we ask for ultimates. Every time we beg we either get no answer or we get “Maybe next season” however this time it was pretty clear.

Q: “Does that mean Ultimates are confirmed for everyone in season 3?”

A: “Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate.”

Followed by: “Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate in this video game.”

Pretty cut and dry response right there. I mean what context would we be missing? Unless they’re just purposefully lying about it outright to misdirect us.

The only thing I’ll say about that is this: What context? The only context that I know of is “Does Shago confirm Ultimates for S3” with the answer of “Shago is the only character in this video game with an ultimate”.

I’ve been watching that specific part over and over, and I will say, their reactions to the stream chat’s reaction was one of deliberate antagonization. Like they knew what chat was going to say and react with, but they did it anyway, just to see and have a laugh. “Oh god the salt” in the background from the guy who was watching chat, then the laughter of everyone on the panel.

I’ve had time to relax, and even out my head a little, and I’m pretty sure that was a non-answer, instead of a confirmation one way or the other.

lying in video games weather by the DEV or publisher can cause serious trust issues with content holders. Just look at all the crap pre-order and season passes get. Saying there will be ultimates and theres not, opens the door to class action law suits. Saying no and then saying yes, dosent. On the issue of trust, its usually a policy to say “no comment” when things are kept secret.

Yeah, saying “We’re not going to talk about that right now” would have sufficed. Though I think saying yes would have just revved up the hype for season 3. As it is now those of us lusting for ultimates are kind of left in limbo feeling ignored and neglected.

MS don’t have as much faith in KI as they claim, if they did they would go all out with the budget and allow IG enough dev time.

Enough of this sensationalistic “faith” nonsense. :expressionless:

Here’s something that MS could have done to show how little faith they have in KI:

Ended it after season 1 with little or no post-release balance patches.

Although, here’s a thought experiment:

If it turns out that MS IG were in fact sandbagging the announcement of full cast Ultimates support, would you recant the statement?

Q: “Does that mean Ultimates are confirmed for everyone in season 3?”

A: “Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate.”

Followed by: “Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate in this video game.”

If they later released or finished S3 with other characters having Ultimates the answers given above would still all >technically< be true because even after we receive Shadow Jago, until we get those potential other characters with Ultimates, he will >technically< be the only character in this video game with an Ultimate.

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My brain really hurts now but that helps. Thanks.

Yeah, that’s true but if you’re right they’re just going out of their way to jerk us around and cause drama.

I agree with OP. A little confusing, and heartbreaking.

However, they never said Shago was the only character with a ‘Devastation’ or ‘Annihilation’ move (I believe both terms were used at different times), so that could be something. But not getting my hopes up.


For the last time, the new characters are coming, they are NOT a concern or anything to worry about. People are unsure of the fate of Ultimates some are on a fringe others are sure they’re are gone and others think they’re just trolling but honestly that stuff you want, Kim, Tusk, they’re coming.

I’m not upset nessicerily that Ultimates won’t be a thing in S3. I’m upset that they are not even coming, AT ALL! even after Kim and Tusk and all the new stuff in season3 is done with.

Tusk is in it, I wouldn’t worry. Of course he’s in, I wouldn’t let that drive you nuts at all. At least what you’re expecting in season3 is being met. At least you have a main attraction for season3.

sums up one of my feelins.

That’s way to vague to know for sure.

That’s why I find this so conflicting.

I would agree, if this is suppose to be a prank it was not a very good one. I even wonder if they were aware how that woul go on the forums.

a good illustration of how I feel. I really have hardly anything to look forward to in season3.

I really, REALLY hope you are right.

I again reinstate that if that was just to troll us and we MAY be getting Ultimates later down the road it was a sure as hell good way to light the forums up with it.

those of us who wan ultimates aren’t worried about new characters or Tusk and Kim wu since they will be in either way, if Tusk and Kim Wu suddenly were deconfirmed then my attention would turn to helping the tusk and Kim fans get them back on here.

So Is ay again do not fear the fate of Tusk and Kim wu they are confirmed. Kim is 100 percent confirmed and Tusk, well its obvious he will be in.

Your very quick to assume we don’t want this. They should focus on new characters and other things first (including the inevitable debut of accessories, gameplay aspects, and of course new characters. You have nothing to worry about.

Just add ultimates for everyone after season 3 gets all of this in.

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Nobody wants Ultimates “over” new characters. They’re a basic feature that people have been begging for over the course of two entire seasons of the game. Not a single person has said they want them at the cost of new characters, they want them in addition to the new stuff.