So they fixed Shago's ultimate to work on any stage

His ultimate now works on any stage and yet they still go out of the way to drive home the point that he’s the only one in the game to have one. I thought the entire reason ultimates were postponed was due to technical limitations with how stages worked, clearly that issue has been resolved but they seemed insistent that they won’t be added to the game for anyone else on the stream. It wasn’t even a “we’ll see” scenario, it sounded pretty much like we should give up hope.

My question is why? Why overcome this limitation if you only intend to have one character with an ultimate? I vaguely remember it being said that it wouldn’t be worth it to revamp the system to allow for ultimates on any stage just for one character, yet they went and did it anyway. As a long-time supporter of the idea, I’m left scratching my head after this one.

I think its due to the amount of time it would take to do the entire cast. that’s 17 more Ultimate’s plus another 8 for Season 3. that’s a lot of work that they obviously don’t have scheduled right now.

I think after S3 is done that will be there next trickle effect of content like Shadows was this season.

Did they say if Shago will have a Shadow?? I missed the stream.

I just think its fishy for them to revamp this camera system to allow the move to be performed on any stage, then outright refuse to even admit the possibility that other characters will get them. Oh and yes, they said he’ll have a shadow.

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They probably went out of the way to get the ultimate working on other stages to make up for the fact that they wouldn’t be doing them for other characters.

Why do the extra effort then? They said to start with that it would only be on Shadow Tigers Lair, so why go through all the trouble just to leave it at that?

I think we will have them eventually… they love the game too…its just they are on the business side of things with Money and jobs and cash flow, ect…

Right now they are focused on meeting the March deadline for S3… that’s a big undertaking and a lot of pressure to get right since the roster isn’t as strong as S1 &2. SO it has to be extra special.

They also may be worried on the content of the Ultimate… killing your opponent is hard to do with out a lil bit of gore…which they have stated they are against.

I disagree with this. I doubt that’s the reason they couldn’t do it. something as simple as snapping a neck, or freezing someone or burning them to ash in a manner not similar to bones and stuff there’s pl;enty of ways to kill without gore in KI. But it’s a sad excuse they wouldn’t do that because of this.

If they can just do it only on their stae I am gine, but the blackening background can really REALLY help.

I’ll be surprised if we don’t see anymore ultimates going forward. Now that the system is in place, (I’m assuming) it wouldn’t take much more work than adding an extra move for each character.I would expect to see atleast some of the season 3 cast to get an ultimate. The season 1 and 2 cast might have to wait a while to get theirs though.

I won’t let this kill my hype though, Shadow Jago has always been my main, so I will still be landing ultimates like crazy :grinning:

Ultimates were probably planned before IG took over from DH. If we do get them, wouldn’t be surprised if it was for the S3 cast only.


He’s the only one with an Ultimate SO FAR. Just remember that. They most likely still have to make the Ultimates for the other characters.


That is not what they said. They said the only one “in this video game”. Not “the only one so far”, not “the only one yet”, not even “we might do more but probably not”.


Yep, it basically said “He’s the only one, so enjoy it”

I REALLY hope you’re right. but part of me feels that it is inevitable they are not even going to bother trying.

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Track record.
I agree with the above

Even if ultimates arrive, it will only be for the season 3 cast.

The blk screen I can deal with as long as you can perform an ultimate anywhere

I’m not a fan of the black screen but as you said its better than nothing. It kind of takes away from the awesome look of the different angles in the ultimate though… at least they made it “canon” though as the shadow comes from Shago and blacks out the screen like he’s pulling you into some shadow dimension.

I am a bit shocked about them saying it so clear.

No ultimates for S3.


Makes me wonder what they are spending the budget on. Are we simply getting new characters and stages?
Maybe there’s a bigger feature than Ultimates that will make us go crazy when we see it.

I’d wish to know about S3 budget. Has it gone up, down or remained the same? That may explain some decisions.

I don’t want my expectations shattered one by one.

Can you imagine it?
No ultimates
No eyedol
No new intros outros
No cinematic story mode
No new S1 retros.

What’s left for non-competitive players? it’s great that the game is balanced and patched and tournament ready, but thee’s little else for non hardcores.

That would very worst…

We won’t know that, heck we don’t even know if they’ll even DO Ultimates at all.!AL-BnkB0bgXcCAE&cid=693D5CE3CECF9BF9&id=693D5CE3CECF9BF9!25163&group=0&parId=693D5CE3CECF9BF9!25151&o=OneUp

It’s on Riptor’s stage! something’s fishy here…If they said you can only do it on Shago’s stage, but here it is…

What the hell is up with this?

In the stream they said you could do it on any stage.


I don’t ever remember them ever saying that. Still BS that only Shago can do it. They should at least try once season3 is done.