So they fixed Shago's ultimate to work on any stage

I’m just kind of fed up hearing “next season”

I think you guys are getting is instinct command grab (which looks very similar) with his ultimate. I didnt really watch the match sets so im going out on a limb here, but im fairly sure it was his command grab. Really bummed about the ultimates tho, what a waste of fans hoping and expressing their asperations. total fail really.

they said basically no to SE 3 ultimates bro, “Sh jago will be the only character to have an ultimate in season 3”. Im pretty sure thats adams words exactly.

prety much how I feel. I would like to hope they actually reconsider this and try because they already solved it but now they just don’t want to do the Ultimates for all the cast? that really frustrates me to hell.

No it was “Shadow Jago is the only one with an Ultimate in this game” meaning they may not even try for the rest of cast after season 3.

Unless one of them can correct us that seems like they were clear.

I’m just teetering on the edge of despair and hope.

Their complete denial makes me think they’re just covering their asses so they can surprise us later with an official announcement because there’s no way they would be given the time and budge to fix the stages camera problems just for one “free” character that isn’t going to make them a ton of cash.

To be honest, ultimate looks kinda lame with the “fade to black” background, even if I understand why they did it.

Yeah, the perspective on the stage is part of what made it look cinematic and cool.

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yea, ima skip buying season 3 honestly and I encourage other people to vote with wallets as well. The QA on these patches are crap and it always winds up breaking some other non-related character. Not to mention there just going to make SE3 characters crap all over season 1 (non heavy hitters) even more. As of now there is no reason to drop coins for season 3. no reason at all

The big issue I think with Ultimates on every stage, they didn’t build the stages to support them. They’d have to model areas of the arenas not visible during the fights for characters to fly into. That’s why Shago’s now goes to black when he does it, to cover up the empty lack of environment. Also I’d love Ultimates for everyone, but remember they have to have animators and programmers sits and create them for every character already in the game, plus the 9 or so new characters coming. This stuff doesn’t just happen. I would like Ultimates though.

ya, im aware things are crazy expensive. i was watching twitchCon and saw a dev estimating between 30k and 40k just to animate the 3d models. I know its just not some dude photo shopping stuff. Going up against street fighter 5 as a PS4 exclusive it’s baffling as to why they arent supporting this game better. Not to mention some other PS4 brawlers. Phil Spencer constantly mentions Killer Instinct as a valuable asset, but I have yet to see how that value translates down to the end user. Im tired of dealing with broken patches ans therefore not buying season 3

Season 3 only exists because Microsoft is supporting the game. That and the PC port.

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Indeed, the clouds in the background gave Shago’s ultimate that special touch. The team says it only works on his stage, but I’m pretty sure they could find good camera angles for each stage if they tried.

Whatever the case, I’m just glad Shago is finally releasing!

Not having ultimates would be a big letdown for me. I still have hope that they will be added.

Personally, it’s not a bummer that there aren’t ultimates in season 3 so far. I really want some stage ultras from season 1 stages, particularly Spinal’s and Sadira’s stages. Technically if you don’t care for s3 outside of ultimates, you could do still play the original games (or even a MK game). That way you can experience all the glory and ultimates of the original KI. Maybe rally more people to play the originals with you instead of rallying a boycott of s3 because of one missing feature. Realistically, there is no video game ever that can satisfy every gamer out there. Even if they receive a perfect score, that doesn’t mean the game is perfect for everyone. I’m 100% sure season 3 will provide 100s of hours of pure fun to anyone on this particular forum, therefore your wallets should get ready to buy s3. Period. :wink: We should all express our opinions and satisfactions and disappointments. That’s what the forum is for. But are we really going to ignore the fact that we just got a new character to play with and/or against in the game most of us here are quite passionate about? Not to mention an incredibly impressive character! Shago is the best early Xmas present ever! Let’s enjoy the hype and enjoy the latest awesomeness for KI! Best!

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MS don’t have as much faith in KI as they claim, if they did they would go all out with the budget and allow IG enough dev time.

Instead they want to rush it and rush it cheaply

[quote=“Filemoncio, post:16, topic:3032”]
I am a bit shocked about them saying it so clear.

No ultimates for S3.


Makes me wonder what they are spending the budget on. Are we simply getting new characters and stages?Maybe there’s a bigger feature than Ultimates that will make us go crazy when we see it.

I’d wish to know about S3 budget. Has it gone up, down or remained the same? That may explain some decisions.
[/quote][quote=“Dragonps, post:35, topic:3032”]
MS don’t have as much faith in KI as they claim, if they did they would go all out with the budget and allow IG enough dev time.

Instead they want to rush it and rush it cheaply
[/quote] I thought we were done questioning the budget?! WUT?

First you guys want shago so bad now that the hype was off the walls. Now that ultimates are offically deconfirmed, half of the community goes nuts?

What did I miss?

Ultimates > new characters. Simple as that. We knew new characters are coming. We knew Shago is coming. We knew we were getting stages, etc etc.

For me, Shago hype died somewhere during the 5th month of no news straight. So the ultimate was the biggest thing on the stream for me.

Besides, we knew his moveset already, so, to me, the stream was kinda pointless

I think a lot of it has to do with timing. IG got handed off season 2 fairly quickly and decided to design stage knock offs in lieu of ultimates and we have 3 stages that do that, and its half, half, half as s’d divided by the number of currrent stages. It seems to me that IG is content tweaking the code already in the game to provide us with things like shadow labs and stats. Dont be fooled. The ultimate was a 100% programed by double helix developers and IG just hacked it in. 1 character 1 stage a month with some reworked code that crashes when u try yo use it is likely what we will get.

edit: just a quick edit to say the ideas with each character for SE2 were pretty good tho.

Ultimate won’t be coming, bummer…I guess? I’m shocked there are actually people who want ultimate over new characters…That I really am.

Ultimates are just another way to style on your opponenet along with Ultras and Stage Ultras. Give it a rest already. I really want Tusk and Kim Wu to be included into the game, they deserve it! I’d pick them over Ultimates any day.

I cant really see people who’d ether drop the game or refuse to buy season 3 just because there are no Ultimates as nothing but petty. Accept that there wont be any Ultimates for the time being as IG is focusing on more important things for season three. Things that actually affect how the game plays, things that will rejuvenate the game for another two years.

“Hur Dur, I don’t get to another superficial way to stylishly finish my opponent. Instead we get things that will lenghten the game’s lifespan and add more depth! Who wants those?!”

If Ultimates are all but confirmed, just wait and see what happens. Don’t go whining at every turn.

This post is General so don’t fly off the handle bars.


I’m the polar opposite of this this. Although we have no sign of tusk yet and thats driving me nuts.

To be frank: Ultimates are pretty silly in general. I still have no idea why people would want them back (Other then seeing tripple ultras)

And with that I bid you adieu.

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