Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th

Yay I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing in between the lines. I thought that post was rather cheeky

In b4 coincidental choice of words

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I won’t believe it until I see it. @rukizzel LOVES to troll us, almost as much as ED Boon does (though Boon’s trolling is at a Grandmaster level). Sorry Rukizzel.

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I know right? Lmao such a weird idea. O_o

So has it been confirmed that you can buy these skins with KI Gold? I meant to check last night but didn’t.

Oh come on! A day AFTER my birthday?! :joy::joy::joy:

It’s character specific right now.

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Please explain your definition of a skin versus a recolor. Otherwise stop saying these aren’t skins. They certainly look like skins to me, as opposed to alternate outfits. People keep saying the horror skins are “recolors” of color 9 but if you look at Mira the textures for her face are different, not just differently colored. So it ISNT just a recolor. The same is true for the smoke effects associated with the mimic and shadow skins. Those aren’t just recolors. They are different.

Also, as someone who has spent a ton of money on the game, please stop saying you paid $200 as if that were relevant to this discussion. Whatever you paid for you already got. If you don’t think you got good value for your money that’s too bad. The game has been released seasonally over three + years now. It is absolutely NOT the same as paying $200 today to get the game and associated content, and even then you have not needed to pay more than $70 to get all of the non cosmetic content for the game, ever. So knock it off.

As far as “I hope they get sued,” for what? Selling cosmetic accessories? You can’t be sued for not making things that every entitled idiot in the internet thinks you should.


I was talking to crazy LCD. he said that he’d love to throw money at it to support the game. to which I replied that the community as been supporting the game financially. I never said any of the things you are accusing me of saying. how about u stop butting in people’s conversations? how about you stop putting words in people’s mouths? honestly? don’t tell me what to say or how to say it. don’t tell me how to feel or process information. don’t tell me my money is worthless and feel free not to be a C, in an A and B conversation. intact please feel free to never reply to anything I post lol.

But this means the rest of the cast is open to get these in the future right? Riiiight? :wink:

OOH! And since there aren’t other skins currently finished, does this mean we can provide hints of the sort of things we’d like to see?

Just give Glacius two more skins and I’m satisfied :slight_smile:

Glacius’ colors are all great, so I don’t really care what it is :wink:

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If you want to have a private conversation between two people do it through a private message. Anyone has the right to read or respond to something you say in a public thread.

I do feel free to never reply to anything you post - but thanks for confirming my free will. I feel equally free to respond to it. You have similar choices.

I read this response and interpret it to mean:

  1. You don’t have any defensible definition of a skin versus a recolor, you are just making stuff up to complain.
  2. You didn’t actually read what you wrote.

I didn’t accuse you of anything. I read your post and wrote a response. Here are the things you said in your last post, paraphrased but in order: I have spent a lot of money supporting this game. Even terrible value games like GoW4 don’t have the nerve ask for as much money as I have spent on KI. These new KI skins are “laughable” and we deserve better. They aren’t even skins and I hope they get sued, lol.

When you say these things in this order, you are making an argument that the money you have spent on the game entitles you to better new content, and that it is wrong for the devs to ask for this amount of money for these skins. It’s not an accusation to actually read what you wrote. Sorry you don’t like it.


you say I’m making stuff up to complain about yet there are countless threads and posts about the “skin” terminology. it’s misleading period. I think u just burry your head in the sand, nitpick every comment to death because you don’t have anything substantial to add conversationally. I read almost every post and I’d say it’s about 60% of folks feel the same way I do. but I make stuff up to complain about? ur clearly a MS drone paid to discredit and dissuade people for speaking their minds. anyone can clearly scroll up the page and see my two posts, only to come to the conclusion that your full of $h:-/

Just answer the question please. What is your definition of a skin vs. a recolor. I want to know why it’s misleading.

In most games a skin vs a color is the same thing, in KI they’re using the wrong terms I feel.

Player colors are the standard 1-9+ but what we call skins should be called shaders. As Adam put it back in the Shadow Lords stream a few months back. A shader implies that its shading and recoloring things as a whole, like what the mimics, shadows and gold skins do. Though honestly they could have just tacked them on in the colors menu because they behave the same way, they’re just tucked in yet another sub-menu that doesn’t need to be there.

As for the Terror skins, or “recolors” I think they to should just be listed in the normal colors category. Moreso than the other 3 types of “skins” we have there since the terror skins are almost complete recolored versions of the color 9s for Fulgore, Mira and Riptor. Sure there might be some minor changes but the other 80% or so is the exact same thing in a different color, if not “recolor” they’re basically reworkings and are heavily based on the color 9 designs, just like how mimic Gargos is his color 9 with more green and stink smoke.

A recolored Glacius 9 with a different flavor filling would be nice.

I still haven’t been able to check…

The devs haven’t said, so we don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong, I like these skins - well the gold ones. I don’t mind additional skins and while they are a bit high in price, they help support the community which is good.

However, I really hope that alternative outfits and accessories will eventually be added, because colors became the same, no matter how beautiful they look.