Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th

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You’re still talking about it.



This is off topic. This is a discussion about skins and other future cosmetic content for KI. If you’re so concerned about staggers, go post in a thread about them.

Hell, didn’t you make a thread about your concerns with KI’s gameplay? Why don’t you post there? I think this one has been derailed too much as it is.


The new skins are not that good but that’s just my opinion. Enjoy them.

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This is worth pulling up to say again. Hopefully without coming off as too pompous, I feel like a lot of gamers view the dynamic as if the developers are the parent and we are the kids. And our job is to nag them enough to get what we want and if we can “lawyer” them into a trap we have won and they have to give us what we want. It doesn’t work that way.

I really believe that we are on the same team here, in that we want good stuff for KI and so do the developers. We have to recognize that the developers have needs (i.e. To make money in return for their investment) and that we can’t get the things we want unless it simultaneously meets their needs.

Regarding the skin prices, people are saying they are high. I would not argue with that. I have an imaginary cosmetics budget which is approximately how much I am comfortable contributing to the cause without feeling like I’m getting fleeced. I will buy skins - provided I like them well enough, up until that budget is exhausted. But I’m not going to drop $36 to gold plate the whole cast. Whereas if they truly made alt costumes I would raise my budget accordingly.

So yeah, I don’t want to discourage them by overreacting and I will likely pony up $4 for whatever skin pack has Glacius in it. But price/quality alignment should be more profitable. You don’t want people feeling bad about the money they spend.


Is everyone getting both Terror and Gold or is it character specific who get what.

I honestly don’t see gold Cinder looking to good tho.

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I think he posted about it because he is frustrated that there making color’s over stage’s. We are getting these gold and terror skins yet they still haven’t added stages for the characters with out them yet. That’s just my assumption though I could be wrong. Before I get in trouble about responding to the stage thing please note that this comment I just made is not off topic because I also mention the Gold and Terror Skins which are on topic.

He brought up staggers, not stages. :stuck_out_tongue:

The stages is a topic for another thread as well. One that unfortunately isn’t going to get us anything.

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Oh stuggers whoops must of mist read.

im guessing that platinum color skins would be next??? terror skins I like but the gold is just a bad as N64 KI Gold, but may work with a few characters

Since Gargos already has a gold and platinum skin I wonder if he’ll get a gold shader. lol


Shouldn’t she have the logo of the Carrington Institute behind her or something? Maybe just the PD logo. Having PERFECT DARK as her insignia just screams lazy to me…

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Yeah, those do look cool.

What do Terror skins look like?

This link should help.

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I’d pay money for actual costumes and new hair, not a color.

Meanwhile, I’m getting all this XP that just disappears because a lot of my characters are level 50.

I wonder if they ever thought that may be a better bank for payment of shadow colors

Xp could be transmuted into whatever for obtaining the content, just how we get rid of duplicate and inferior guardians


I know a few people supporting this game who are in at 200 bucks or close to it. myself included. when’s the last game game you saw that got that kind of support. even gears of war 4’s trash value for the 100 dollar deluxe edition didn’t have the sacs to ask for more. the quality of these skins are laughable and I feel we deserve better. to say these are “skins” is misleading, when it’s obvious they are recolors. I hope they get sued. lol

in relation to the, “Adam said we get accessories”, scandal.

I was wondering if u could make a sean murray meme with Adam pasted in the background promising us a bunch undelivered promises. ala no mans sky?
I’d pee myself with laughter. Dosent that one forum member bust out GiF’s hella quick?

Already made Gifs?

“We’ve heard what you, our community, has been requesting over the past 3 amazing years …while not everything can be accomplished, our ultimate goal is to deliver what you crave most.”

Ultimates are happening?! Yayyyyyy!! :slight_smile:

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